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									curriculum vitae
matti kallio instruments education
(born 1976 in helsinki)

Piano and keyboards, 2- and 5-row button accordion, tin whistles, Irish flute, percussion, didgeridoo and vocals.

Graduated from the Kallio High School of Performing Arts (1995). Student in the Sibelius-Academy, department of music education (1996-), piano teacher: Markku “Max” Tabell. Accordion teachers: e.g. Maria Kalaniemi and Merja Ikkelä. Folk music courses in Haapavesi (1999-2002). Accordion teachers: Jackie Daly, Mairtin O’Connor and Karen Tweed. Eastern Helsinki Music School (1985-91), graduated. Accordion and piano teacher: Terez Szalay. Pop-Jazz Conservatory of Oulunkylä (1991-95), piano teacher: Reijo Anttila.

solo performances bands

Numerous performances as a solo artist / musician in Finland, Iceland, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

As a member: Anna Eriksson (2001) Performances around Finland. Hector (2004-) Recordings and performances in Finland. Kilta (2005-) Irish traditional music band, performances in Finland. Jaakko Löytty & Murhehuone (2005-) Recording and performances in Finland. New Delhi Prophets (1999-) Performances in Finland, in e.g. the Pori Jazz festival 1999-2000. Perilliset (1996-) Irish traditional music band, recordings and performances in Finland and Estonia. Punos (2003-) Folk music band, performing its own European music. Sammuneet Tähdet (1997-) Performances in Finland.

Sibyl Vane (1996-2002) Recordings and performances in Finland and Ireland. Soup De Loop (1997) Performances in Finland. Suomalainen Messu (1998-2000) Recording and performances in Finland. Red Rum (2002-2003) Irish traditional music band, performances in Finland and Iceland. As a guest member: Gebardi (2002-) Performances in Finland. Hoedown (2002-2003) Country and roots -style band, performances in Finland. Tutti-orkesteri, ex-Mukaralla (2003-) Children’s music band, concerts around Finland. Vesa-Matti Loiri (2003-2004) Concerts around Finland. Värttinä (2002-2004) Concerts and performances around Europe.

have accompanied the following singers
Eija Ahvo Friman Susanna Haavisto Maarit Hurmerinta Petri Laaksonen Lea Laven Marion Rung Matti Salminen Kari Tapio


Music for the play Kala-Tirri by Kyllikki Mäntylä (music co-written with Reijo Aittakumpu), Karjalainen näyttämö -theatre (1997) Repertoire for the Irish music band Perilliset (1998-). Music for the Berthold Brecht play Mr Puntila and His Man Matti, Reykjavik City Theatre (2003). Nominated for Griman, the Icelandic Theatre Society award for best theatre music of the year. Repertoire for the folk music band Punos (2003-). Music for Akseli Tuomivaara’s short film Pure Life (2004). Music for the radio campaign Meidän Mökki (2005), co-writer. Won the Grand Prix in the Kaiku-competition held by the Finnish Association of Marketing Communication Agencies and rab Finland Ltd.


Repertoire for the a cappella group Rajaton (2000-) Repertoire for the a cappella group Club 45 (2005-). Repertoire for the a cappella group Kampin Kukot (2004). Children’s music cd Urpo ja Turpo (1998). Joseph Dowling’s solo cd (2006).


Les Miserables musical, Helsinki City Theatre (1998-2000), role of Combeferre and ensemble. Mr Puntila and His Man Matti Reykjavik City Theatre, Iceland (2003), composer, musician and conductor. Ihmisiä hyvinvointivaltiossa Finnish National Theatre (2004-2005), musician and conductor. Mamma betalar (orig. Blind Fiddler), Lilla Teatern in Helsinki (2006), musician.


Fire Eater (orig. Tulennielijä), dir. by Pirjo Honkasalo (1998), vocals on the soundtrack. Badding dir. by Markku Pölönen (1999), vocals on the soundtrack. Hayflower and Quiltshoe (orig. Heinähattu ja Vilttitossu), dir. by Kaisa Rastimo (2002), tin whistles and accordion on the soundtrack. Haaveiden kehä dir. by Matti Ijäs (2002), accordion on the soundtrack. Pure Life (orig. Puhdas Elämä), a short film dir. by Akseli Tuomivaara (2004), composer and vocals on the soundtrack.


Kallio High School of Performing Arts (1999-2000, 2003-2004), part-time music teacher. Piano and accordion pupils (1991-).


Member of Chamber Choir Kampin Laulu (1996-2001). Recordings and performances in e.g. Ireland, Taiwan and Australia. Member of the Voices of Europe (1999-2000). Performances around Europe, e.g. with Björk in Iceland. Member of the Sibelius Academy Vocal Ensemble (2004-2005).

studio musician and producer
Please see discography at:

other working experience

Recording and mixing engineer at Studio Kivi, Helsinki (1995-1996). Radio dj at Classic FM Finland (1999).

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