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TERM 3 - SUMMER 9 MAY 2008
Dear Parents, Students, Staff and Friends of Harrow, This week we consider the terrible loss of life and the suffering that follows the cyclone that devastated much of lowland Myanmar this week. It is difficult to understand the impact of such natural disasters or of war if we have not experienced such things ourselves. Yet our common humanity rests upon the test that we can try to understand the suffering of others and in so doing will want to offer relief in whatever way we can. As we did at the time of the terrible earthquake that hit Pakistan and Northern India in 2005, the school will again be raising funds to make an appropriate charity contribution to donate. Each individual form in the School will plan its own fundraising. A charity donation box will be arranged at our forthcoming Garden Party and the proceeds from the Masquerade Ball raffle will also contribute to the fundraising. Earlier this week I was in London interviewing for staff and I am pleased to report that we have filled all vacancies and we are fully prepared for the growth expected in both the new Primary School and the Secondary School for the next academic year. Sports day was a great success last week. Please enjoy the full report in this week’s newsletter. Next weekend our Board of Governors meet before the Garden Party on Saturday. We hope the weather will be favourable and that all families will be able to come. All students are expected to attend and School uniform should be worn. This week we announced the appointment of the Head Boy and Head Girl and their Deputies to begin duties now and take on full responsibility at the start of the next academic year. Head Boy Head Girl Deputies Abe Chikaka Gwenneth Li Jennifer Chen Samantha Hu Ryo Koblitz

News from the Head Master Academic Matters Miss J Ranson, Director of Studies Library Matters Mrs P Hodgson P.E. & Sport Mr R Watson, Director of Sport 10 Questions With... Staff Profile

UK Maths Challenge Health & Safety - EV71 Update China Studies Visit Sailing Week Announcement Masqerade Ball - reminder Oliver! The Musical

Head Master: Mr Matthew Benjamin Farthing


Deputy Headmaster: Mr Jack Pennell deputyheadmaster@harrowbeijing.cn Director of Studies: Miss Joann Ranson jranson@harrowbeijing.cn Admissions: Mrs Branka Farthing admissions@harrowbeijing.cn Communications: Mr Paul Eldon peldon@harrowbeijing.cn
No. 5, 4th Block, Anzhenxili, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100029, China Phone: (8610) 64448900 Fax: (8610) 64453870 Email: enquiries@harrowbeijing.cn Web: www.harrowbeijing.cn

Families will also be aware of the outbreaks of the foot and mouth illness and we urge all families to ensure that the most sensible preventative measures are taken in terms of encouraging high standards of personal hygiene to safeguard against contagion of this and the many other illnesses that we are vulnerable to. Stet fortuna domus


Originally it was thought that this disease was just in 3-4 provinces in China and had not spread to Beijing. However our understanding is that actually there are over 1400 reported cases of hand, foot and mouth in Beijing. Generally at Harrow we are raising awareness with students and teachers, reinforcing the hand washing routines and reminding children to not share food, drinks or utensils, as well as asking teachers to refer any children with fever etc to the school doctor. More detailed information is available in the attached text sent to the American community in Beijing by the US Embassy. Mr Pennell Our team of six dedicated girls, led by Itu, despite her bandaged hands and recent operation were quietly determined. Lily also had her arm in plaster and a sling but these handicaps had not stopped them reading. They had read and studied twenty books since last autumn and concentrated hard as they tried to recall the various incidents and events mentioned in the questions as Angela Cleeton, the question master fired them off in the same format, “in which book did?” The contestants had to be correct in both title and author to secure the maximum points for each question; wrong answers gave the opposite team a chance to gain bonus points. In the end it was this factor that knocked Harrow into second place as BCIS scored extra marks from WAB to take them into the lead. Both of the other schools also had more players so could substitute different team members in each round. The range of books included ‘Shadow of the Minotaur’ by Alan Gibbons, “Tins” by Alex Shearer, “Holes” by Louis Sachar and ‘Artemis Fowl” by Eoin Colfer, and others, all of which are in the school library. B.O.B is recognized as a leading literary competition amongst schools, it takes part in Hong Kong and throughout Asia. We very much hope that we can take part in it again next year and invite some boys to join in and that more schools will also become involved in Beijing and further afield. Many thanks to Mr Stamp for leading the event and congratulations to Itu, Abby, Lily, Amy, Becky and Monique.

Study Leave Study Leave for Year 11 and Lower Sixth students begins on Monday. Students in these year groups will not be required to come into school to attend normal lessons as of these dates, unless required by teaching staff, because they will be involved in the public examination programme. Some Departments will wish to continue normal lessons and there will be other possible commitments for several students, such as Garden Party rehearsals and music practices. If students are required in school, for these arrangements and in any case for all public exams, they must come to school in full uniform (not home clothes). If not required, students may stay at home to revise for their exams, with parental permission, and are of course welcome to come into school at any time to see staff, use the Library or other school resources and to seek help as they require it. KS3 and Year 10 Examinations Internal Examinations for students in Years 7 - 10 begin on Monday 26th May and end on Tuesday 3rd June. Students will be given an examination timetable closer to the date but are advised to begin revising now. Important dates: 12th May Study Leave for Lower Sixth begins 18th May Garden Party 26th May Study Leave for Upper Sixth begins Internal Examinations for Years 7-10 begin 21st June Speech Day

Notice of Cancellation
We are sorry to report that not enough students signed up to join the UK Universities Visit planned for the summer and are therefore required to cancel the trip. Mr Murchie

Library Matters
At long last the final round of Battle of the Books took place this week, between Western Academy of Beijing, Beijing City International School and Harrow International School Beijing. It was kindly hosted by WAB and took place under the hot arc lights on stage in their ‘BLU” theatre, but unfortunately there was no audience to add to the atmosphere. The three teams were familiar with the procedure and had competed twice before in practice rounds, which were both won by our team.

In the last issue we gave you this problem from the Junior Maths challenge: How many of the statements below are true? None of these statements is true. Exactly one of these statements is true. Exactly two of the se statements are true. All of these statements are true. A 0 B 1 C 2 D 3 E 4

Intestinal Virus (EV71) Information
Parents may have read in the press (or seen on the news) reports about the incidence of this virus within China.

The correct answer is B. At most one of these statements is true, as they are mutually contradictory. The second statement is true and there is exactly one true statement. Mr Henderson


overpowering Shanghai team who took gold. The Harrow boys were rewarded with a very well deserved silver after a long, tiring and unforgiving three days.

17th - 19thApril ACAMIS U20 Boys’ and Girls’ 7-a-side football tournament, Dulwich College Beijing

The 3rd China Studies Visit
By Verity Williams (Year 11) On the 28th of April, the Year Eleven Mandarin classes left school with empty stomachs, desperately craving the delights of the Baxi ice-cream factory they were visiting. The aim of the trip was to show the students the “East-meets-West” aspects of Beijing.

Sports Day
After a few days of rain and generally unpleasant weather, the sky cleared. Although it was quite warm, it was extremely windy and blustery all day long. However, this failed to dampen the spirits of both students and staff. Dressed in their new House colours, covered with face paint and flying the new banners, everyone was ready for the big day ahead. A complete day of sports followed with football, badminton, table-tennis and chess before the break, followed by junior basketball and senior softball just prior to lunch. The newly established Houses were evenly matched and throughout the morning, the scores fluctuated, with no team able to make any real headway away from the others.

Although we are not accredited with the ACAMIS organization (Association of China and Mongolia International Schools), the hosts Dulwich needed to fill a space for a team that withdrew from the competition. We accepted and the date nicely coincided with the end of season three and almost the whole competitive year for sports. There were seven teams entered, namely: Dulwich (A & B teams), Harrow, British International School Shanghai, YCIS Shanghai, Qingdao International School and KAS Taiwan. The schools varied in size from 90 – 600 students in their high schools, so it was going to be tough. With both Lily Spencer and Kristina Buchtova being injured and Sayaka not returning after the Easter break, Eve Nambahu and Anna Hiraoka stepped in at the last minute to fill the squad. Under difficult circumstances, the girls battled through the three days beating both QISS and BISS and again beating QISS in the play offs to finish 6th. They eventually found their form and most successful formation in the final game, but they were still suffering from the loss of key players and did not have time to really gel. The boys won 4 and drew 1 of their opening 5 games including a win over the huge BIS Shanghai team. YCIS were just too strong and they beat us easily in failing light. The boys then faced Dulwich A team again in the play-offs, a team that we had drawn against the previous day. After another 45 minute deadlock, it was captain Kei who calmly slotted the last penalty home to put us through to the semis. We met YCIS again in the semi-finals and a change in formation took out their key players and we disrupted their game. It was only by a touch of class from Abe Chikaka, finding the net in the last 10 seconds of play, that Harrow found themselves in the final. In the final, we were down two players and were simply overcome by the physically

Confucius Victorious

In the afternoon, the whole school sat ringside of the improvised cone marked track to watch the last and most exciting of all the events. It was during the third set of track events that one House began to really flourish and by the time the relays had finished, there were rumblings as to who had clinched final victory. How fitting that it was the House leader himself, James “The Dragon” Timmis, who blew away the opposition in the 800m and sealed 1st place for Kong Zi. Overall Standings 1st 2nd 3rd 4th Kong Zi Curie Churchill Ju Ching

Most Outstanding Male Athlete Christophe Henon Most Outstanding Female Athlete Nadia Teague

Mr Zhou our bleach-white-coated guide gave us a “brief” history of ice-cream and its origins. This presentation tested our “Chinglish” skills as he explained that BaXi ice-cream uses the “finest ingredients” such as the “best milk in Beijing” to create their American brand ice-cream. From this we moved on to the body of the factory where all the students enjoyed peering down at the factory workers through large panes of glass. The economists among our group noted the labour intensity of the factory as most of the machinery was manually operated. The first stage of the ice-cream process is to mix milk, (“only the best” - Mr Zhou added again) cream and milk powder in huge metal vats. For four to six hours these vats then heat the mixture to 87˚c to kill any bacteria. It is then pumped either into bags with are then put into boxes and sold to companies such as KFC and McDonalds. Or it is flavoured and packed to make BaXi products. After this tour we headed back to the bright orange and blue dining room for a question and answer interview with Mr Zhou in which we were told, -when asked if ice-cream was healthy - “±ùä¿ÁèÊÇ·³£½¡µÄ !” (“Ice-cream is very healthy!”) which would explain why the BaXi company sells 4000-5000 tons of icecream per year. He also delighted in telling us that the well-known Haagen-Daz Daz brand of ice-cream contains 16% fat whereas BaXi contains only 10%. The excursion ended with free samples of ice-cream being - their two classics, French Vanilla and Tiramisu as well as a wild berry ice-lolly.




During the last week of this term our students have the opportunity to participate in a Sailing Camp. A letter has been sent out already, but there is a copy of that letter attached to this newsletter along with a leaflet that describes the venue in greater detail. The sailing camp is open to all students at the school, but places are limited. Preference will be given to those students who return the slip first. At the time of writing I look forward to welcoming Mr. Rick Pointon into the school to participate in this week’s assembly and tell us more about the sailing centre. Mr. Wells

Peter Henderson Mathematics 1. Why did you decide to teach maths? They didn’t have any vacancies with Morrissey’s band. 2. You’re locked in a lavatory for the day. What three things do you have with you? Some toilet paper would be useful, a good book and the name of the person who locked me in. 3. Childhood hobby? Canoeing 4. Childhood role model? Rolf Harris 5. Favorite subject at school? Music 6. If you could go back to a moment in your life what would it be, and why? The moment just before you sent me these questions, my life seemed to take a bizarre turn form this point on. 7. First impressions of Harrow? Nice coffee machine - I love the hats. 8. What is your ideal weather? I’d like to wake up to a snow covered landscape then follow that with beautiful hot sunshine so I can laze by the beach in the afternoon. 9. What book did you last read? I Love Dollars by Zhu Wen. Very good and funny – Kafka meets J.D. Salinger in late 20th Century China. 10. Final Words... Don’t let the sun blast your shadow Don’t let the milk float ride your mind They’re so natural - religiously unkind (David Bowie)

Novadnieks and Anna-Agata Denzenova (Year 10) join Mrs Murchie, Mr Eldon and Dr Shen in a production backed by China CITIC Bank and starring Michael Sterling – an accomplished actor from London’s West End who has previously played the role of Jean Valjean in Sir Cameron Mackintosh’s Les Miserables, and the title role of the Phantom in Lord Andrew Lloyd-Webber’s Phantom of the Opera. Tickets are selling fast so if you would like to book and support those in our community please either email oliver@beijingifc.org or contact the Music Department on ext 637.

24th May Kerry Centre Hotel

Upcoming (Monday 12th - Sunday 18th May 2008) Monday 12th May A level Examinations Begin Year 11 and Lower Sixth Study Leave Dudley Challenge (Years 7/8) Tuesday 13th May Dudley Challenge (Years 7/8) Battle of the Books Final @ WAB Wednesday 14th May Dudley Challenge (Years 7/8) Friday 16th May Assembly Saturday 17th May Governors’ Meeting Garden Party Rehearsal Sunday 18th May Garden Party

WARNING - tickets have very nearly all sold out for the annual Harrow Ball. Contact Mr Eldon in the Communications Office if you would like to join us for this highlight of the school social calendar.

Oliver! The Musical
On Thursday 29th – Saturday 31st May a number of students and staff will take place in the International Festival Chorus production of Oliver! by Lionel Bart at the People’s Liberation Army Opera House (½â ·Å¾ü¸èçÔº ). Crystal Lam (Year 7), Alex

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