from the head of school biss student shines at national spelling bee

					From the Head of School
Last week BISS held its first Model United Nations (MUN) conference involving nearly all of the secondary school. We were honoured to have Dr Dibaba Abdetta, Deputy Chief of Mission at the Ethiopian Embassy as the keynote speaker at the opening ceremony. Dr Abdetta encouraged the MUN delegations to continue their involvement in the issues before them, their active participation and partnership and thereby increase public values in the entire community. He also reminded us of the words of Sir Herbert Read ‘that great changes in the destiny of mankind can be effected only in the minds of children’ .Our BISS students took on the challenges of their various roles with serious purpose and prepared their responses to the issues related to 1) Human Rights, of early childhood care and education and the protection of indigenous peoples; 2) ECOSOC issues such as rural developments and its role in reducing poverty, for protecting and maintaining water resources. 3) Political issues related to agricultural policies and the exploitation of Africa by industrialized nations. We hope that this MUN conference will become an annual event at BISS. Three professors from Drake University visited the school on May 26 and shared their performance techniques with our students. Our Sports Awards took place on May 27. A number of students were recognized for their contribution to the many sports teams that we field each year. Grade 12 student Robert Krabek was awarded Sportsman of the Year and the Sportswoman of the Year honor went to Grade 12 student Megumi Tanaka. With just 9 days to go in the school year we have a number of end of year events coming up. We hope to see you at the PTA dinner on June 10, Grade 5 Graduation on June 15, and other events as listed on the final page of broadcast Mrs Anne Fowles Head of School

Volume 11, Issue 32 5 June, 2009

BISS Student Shines at National Spelling Bee
Jacky Qiao, a 7th grade BISS student, competed last month in the Scripps National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C., USA. Jacky made history as the first representative of China in the competition, and was selected to attend after winning the Chinese national spelling tournament in Shanghai earlier this spring. For more information and photos, please see Page 3 of this issue of The Broadcast.

PRINCIPAL MATTERS - Secondary School News
This week the teachers of students from Grades 6 to 12 will be entering the final grades of the year. The reports will be handed out on Thursday June 18 after the end of year assembly. My congratulations go to the many students who will receive excellent grades. As parents I would ask you to pay particular attention to your child’s effort grades. Effort grades below a ++ or + are not really acceptable and indicate that your son or daughter is not working with the appropriate diligence. All parents are of course invited to our end of year assembly, and I hope to see you there. It will take place in the annexe at 10:45 on Thursday 18th. It will be an opportunity to share in the successes our students have had during the year and to have some fun. We will also bid farewell to the teachers who will be leaving BISS for ventures new, but more of that in the next edition of Broadcast. It is a while since I recommended a website to you. To those who don’t yet know then it is well worth a visit. This site rates a wide variety of urban legends and common beliefs as true, false, having multiple truth values, undetermined truth, or unclassifiable veracity. As an enquiry based learner if you can’t resolve an argument Snopes will be able to help. Let me know what you think. As I perused it I found myself saying ‘wow, I never knew that’. Mr Raymond Williams Secondary School Principal

Elementary School News
I was glad that there was a good audience for last Friday’s assembly because it was one of our best! Ms Koziol was our MC and she did a great job of getting the audience warmed up for the items to follow. We were not disappointed as the videos that Mr E and Miss Fairy produced drew well-deserved applause from everyone. We really are fortunate to have Miss Fairy working at the school because she produces excellent visual records of all the major school events.Grade Two presented some of their creative poetry and then the Chinese staff took over for the highlight of morning;The Dragon Boat Festival story. Lots of laughs and action completed a very memorable assembly. The Grade 4/5 Swimming Competition was held last Tuesday and we were able to see first hand the improvement that our swimmers have made! Mr E has done a great job of improving the children’s technique and stamina and we witnessed some great swimming! Our Grade 5 students participated in the opening ceremony of the BISS Model United Nations programme last week. This is an important initiative at the school and hopefully many of our Grade 5 students will participate in the programme when they join the MYP. There is no better way that I’ve seen to give the children hands on experience in how this imprtant world body operates.

Dates to remember: Tuesday 16th June Wednesday June 17th Thursday June 18th Gr 5 Graduation ES BISS Idol School Finishes (Half Day)

Mr Wayne Demnar Elementary School Principal


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BISS Student Shines at National Spelling Bee in Washington D.C.
At last week’s Scripps National Spelling Bee held in Washington DC, seventh grader Jacky Qiao represented BISS as the first-ever China participant in the 84 year history of the competition. As an international competitor in the US national event, Jacky outlasted half of the competition advancing to the third round where he was finally eliminated - quite an impressive feat given English is Jacky’s second language. The event was nationally televised in the US and was covered by numerous international media outlets. Mr Antonio Matos BISS Admissions and Marketing

SGA Golf Academy - Call for Admission
2009 Junior Golfers Summer Camp A total of three (2-week) camps are available between mid-June and August. Each camp features 24 hours of coach tuition by SGA’s professional, international golf coaches. Apart from learning and improving their skills at the game, your children will have the opportunity to make new friends from among other young golfers living in Beijing within a relaxed, green, and multi-lingual sports environment. Ages: 6 and over Price: RMB 6800 / person / camp Service Hotline: 400-650-5169 / (010)6507-7389. E-mail:

Mr Antonio Matos BISS Admissions and Marketing

‘Viva Las Vegas!’ - BISS 2009 Prom Continues Successful Tradition
On the evening of Saturday, May 23, the BISS Student Council produced the third annual Senior Prom at the new Hilton Hotel in Wangfujing. The theme for this year’s prom, selected by students, was “Viva Las Vegas” and the student-created decor fit perfectly. Graduates and fellow students joined their families and teachers for a formal buffet dinner and farewell speeches. This was followed by a dance featuring student DJs and many humorous moments. Please see the pictures here and on the next page. Many thanks to all the students in Student Council who organised this year’s prom, and also to all who attended.

Mr Jackson Garland Student Council Adviser


June 5, 2009

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BISS Prom 2009 Photos (con’t.)

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