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					Higginsneuk Burns Club “Victoria Inn” (Instituted 1942-Federated 1943)
Higginsneuk Burns Club Meeting Dated 5th Mrch 2006 (Belated Feburary meeting) Meeting opened at 1400hrs and closed at 1500hrs The Club President Mr. Jim Johnstone opened the meeting welcoming the members present who numbered 13 Apologies were received from the following>Jim Buist, Jim Cairney, Merv Duff Willie McDaid, Drew Fullerton, Jim Porter, Ian McKenna Previous Minutes The club treasurer then read the minutes from the previous meeting Matters arising from previous minutes> The question of whether the accordion player Kenny should be invited free of charge to the club trip was discussed by the members present who it was decide as Kenny had let us down previously he should not be invited to the club trip.

Proposed by> Douglas Smith Seconded by > Rab Way That the previous minutes having been read be recorded as a true record Carried Correspondence Letters received> 1. Letter of thanks from Mr David Duffus 2. Letter of thanks from Mrs Duffus thanking us for the flowers and saying she wished everyone was as thoughtful especially on “Valentines Day.” 3. £300 donation from Innovene Manufacturing Scotland via David Duffus. Letters sent> 1, Letter of thanks to Mrs. Jane Brown for honoring us with her Immortal Memory as principle speaker on the mixed night. Also confirming our intention to have the club trip to Dumfries on the 6th of May. 2006. Finally apologizing for club member Mr. William Gardiners behavior on the night of the supper. 3. Letter to the Sharp sisters Jennifer and Allison for their contribution to the mixed night and inviting them to return next year. 4. Letter to Craig Martin thanking him for his support and hoping Reata enjoyed herself. 5. Letter to Nan Cowan booking the hall for next year 24th Feb 2007.

Treasurers Report The cub treasurer Mr. Robert Smith gave a brief financial account of club funds. Explaining due to monies still to be received he would give a more accurate account of club Funds at the March meeting. Presidents Remarks The Club President then led a debate which led into AOB AOB. The Club President led a debate on the following 1. Mixed Night (wash-up) a) The Sharp sisters being excellent and being invited again next year. b) Vice President Mr Eddie Trayner asked why a £10 levy was place on members to attend the trip to Dumfries this year. The club Treasurer Mr Robert Smith explained that this was to guarantee attendance at the trip and was refundable to members who turned up for the trip >no show lose the £10. c) Club member Bill Duff brought up the fact the seating was tight on the night. Bill’s point was taken on board and will be accounted for next year. The problem this year was a table for 30 was requested and catered for by laying the whole hall out to suit. d) Club member Douglas Smith’s jacket was removed from the hall by persons unknown. Nobody present could throw any light on this after discussion. e) The length of time spent addressing “Absent Friends” and the “Reply from the Lassies” was decided by club members as being top long and should be a couple of minutes. This should also be considered when rendering the “Immortal Memory” especially at the mixed night. Not meaning Jane Brown who was excellent but others we have had in the past who shall remain nameless. f) The was made aware that the bar on the nigh provided by Mr Gordon Smith just about broke even on the night due to attendees bringing there own drink to the event. This will be addressed next year it will be clearly stated on the tickets that no drink may be carried into the function. This discussion generated the flowing proposal Proposed by> Douglas Smith Seconded by> Bill Duff That Mr Gordon Smith is offered £100 in compensation for the problems on the night. g) The club secretary then requested the members present to allow Mrs Jane Brown to become an honorary member of the Higginsneuk Burns Club after a debate it was decided this should not be offered to Jane as it could open the floodgates to women becoming members. However it was decided to present Jane with a plaque for her support for the club. 2. Club Trip a) The forthcoming visit to Ellisland farm was discussed by the members present and something special will be organized for the day. The cost of entry will be £2 50p. It was also suggested that a piper and or an accordion player be invited to the trip. 3. Disicpline

It was brought to the attention of the management committee of the club that club member Mr William Gardiner “Willie the Bus” had spoken out of turn to the “Principle Speaker” at the mixed night Madam President of the Dunfries Ladies Burns Club No 1 Mrs Jane Brown. A quorum was set up after the meeting consisting of President Vice President Treasurar Secretary and Club Committee member Mr Robert Way who after hearing evidence from Past President Mr Jim Campbell and Club Member Mr Willie Gardiner admitting responsibility for the reported events on the mixed night dealt with the matter. There being no further competent business to discuss the meeting closed at 1505hrs. Signed………………Mr. James Johnstone Club President Signed………………Mr. Paul Titley Club Secretary The person responsible for writing these minutes.

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