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exhibition package


exhibition package

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									IEEE International Nanoelectronics Exhibition 2008
You are sincerely invited to join in the biggest Nanoelectronics vent in China!

Join leading researchers, scientists, engineers, architects, designers and other nanotechnology professionals from around the world at NEC08, one of the largest nanotechnology conference and exhibition.

Co-located with:
IEEE International Nanoelectronics Conference

IEEE East China Normal University


March 25th -27th, 2008

Riverfront Business Hotel, Shanghai, China

It is your opportunities to promote the art, science, and engineering aspects of nanotechnology before the key persons you want!
?Present your company at a reasonable cost to a broad audience ?Make business contacts ?Inform yourself about state-of-the-art technologies for new marketing strategies ?Cultivate business relations to colleagues and decision makers for innovative activities ?Prepare yourself for the increasing growth of the nano- market

Exhibition Invitation
For company interested in the exhibition, kindly send the logo, homepage, full name of your company in English (and in Chinese if it is available) to shanghai nanophotonics & electronics forum secretariat.

About NEC08— IEEE International Nanoelectronics Conference 2008
Nanoelectronics 2008, is one of most important conferences organized by IEEE. About 500 high-qualified delegates from all over the world attend NEC every two years. Most of them are top professionals in all of the technical and business disciplines related to nanotechnology research, design, manufacturing, applications, marketing and sales. NEC08 is the first Nanoelectronics conference to be held in Chinese Mainland.

Package & Cost
Standard Shell Scheme booth (3m*3m):USD1,000/unit Indoor Raw space (Minimum 18m2):USD110/m2

Payment should be made upon application (Before 15th March 2008) Payments must be made payable by T/T to: Account Number: 315927-00001058329 Company Name : Shanghai Optoelectronics Trade Association (SOTA) Bank: Bank of Shanghai Zhang Jiang Branch

Service covered by the cost
Space 24 hour security Cleaning of public area 3 show directories and free invitation.

Application Deadline
10th March 2008

Application & Confirmation
Please send the application form by fax to +86-21-50808617 or reserve you booth on www.nanoshanghai.org Space Allocation: On First come first serve basis

Contact us
Address: Rm.B205, No.518, Bibo Road, Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park, Shanghai 201203, P.R.China Tel:86-21-50808617 Fax:86-21-50805486 Contact person: Michelle Wang Rong

²ÎÕ¹ÉêÇëÊé Application Form
Name of Company ¹«Ë¾Ãû³Æ ) £º (ÖÐ Name of Company ¹«Ë¾Ãû³Æ ) £º (Ó¢ Address µØÖ· )£º (ÖÐ Address µØÖ· )£º (Ó¢ Person in Charge ÁªÂçÈË ¡¢ ) £º (ÖÐ Ó¢ E-Mail£º Phone µç»° £º Exhibit Items չƷÄÚÈÝ £º PC ÓÊ±à £º Fax ´«Õæ £º

Booth Number ̯λºÅÂë £º չƷ·¶Î§ ? Ñ¡ £º Çë ? ÄÉÃײÄÁÏ Material ? ÄÉÃ×É豸 Equipment ²Îչ̯λÊý¼°·ÑÓà £º 1. ±ê׼̯λ Standard Booth RMB£¤ USD$ / 2. ¿ÕµØ̯λ Raw Space RMB£¤ USD$ Indoor / ¹«Ë¾Õ ¸ºÔðÈËÕ & Signature: / Seal x x = RMB£¤ USD$$ / = RMB£¤ USD$ / ? ÄÉÃ×Æ÷¼þ ? Ïà¹Øelated products R ? ÄÉÃײâÊÔÉ豸 Test-Equipment ? ÆäËü Other

ÈÕÆÚ Date:

Äê (Y)

ÔÂ (M)

ÈÕ (D)

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