CYNGOR TREF LLWCHWR LLWCHWR TOWN COUNCIL Minutes of the meeting of the FUNCTION SUB-COMMITTEE held on 5 October 2009


Councillor S. E. Davies (Chairman) Councillors A. I. Evans, D. A. Evans, D. Evans, S. M. Evans, Wendy Evans, William Evans, I. James, A. Veck and P. M. Williams. (Welfare Hall, Loughor: 8.45pm – 9.20 pm)


APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE There were apologies for absence from Councillors E. Davies and C. E. Watters. DECLARATIONS OF INTEREST There were no declarations of interests. MINUTES It was RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on the 7th September 2009 be confirmed as a correct record. MATTERS ARISING There were no matters arising from the minutes. CLERK’S REPORT (a) Cawl a Chan 2010 It was NOTED that the date for the Cawl a Chan was the 5th March 2010 and that the Loughor Town Band had been requested to play. (b) Mayor’s Annual Buffet and Dance It was reported that the 12th February 2010 would clash with the Lord Mayor’s Charity Ball and that an alternative date should be sought for the Buffet and Dance. The best date would be the 19th February since the 26th February was too close to the date for the Cawl a Chan It was RESOLVED that (i) the Clerk contact the Loughor Workingmen’s Club to book Friday 19th February 2010; and (ii) Councillor A I Evans arrange to book the entertainer. (c) Mayor’s Strawberry Tea It was NOTED that a further £30.00 in ticket money had been received. It was RESOLVED that Councillor Wendy Evans be paid £7.43 in respect of flowers purchased for the function.






(d) 75th Anniversary of the Opening of the Hall Concert – 30th October 2009 It was NOTED that (i) the Swansea Accordion Orchestra had been booked at a cost of £120.00; (ii) Posters had been prepared and put up; (iii) The Choir would be “Voices in Harmony” and the Soloist would be Bill Bennett; (iv) Glasses have been ordered; (v) tickets have been printed; (vi) Edwina Hart AM had accepted an invitation to attend the function; (vii) a programme was in course of preparation but more information was required; It was RESOLVED that (i) the Accordion Orchestra be requested to play for 30 minutes in each half of the function and the supporting acts fro 15 minutes each in each half; (ii) members be supplied with tickets to sell; (iii) the programme be handed out on the door; (iv) the raffle would be organised by Councillors A I Evans, A Veck and P M Williams; (v) Councillors William Evans and C E Watters would be on the door; (vi) Councillors M G Dennis and R V Smith be requested to provide information for the programme; (vii) The Hall would be set out for the function after the Produce Market finished; (viii) Members would need to be at the Hall by 6.00pm on the evening of the function; (ix) Councillor A Veck would organise edible items for the tables. (e) Local Produce Market (i) It was NOTED that the market on the 25th September 2009 had been well attended but the range of stall was very disappointing. The charge to stallholders had been waived. The kitchen takings amounted to £30.75 while the expenditure was £13.63 giving a profit of £17.13. Councillors J Bowen and William Evans would require posters and fliers for the next market which would be held on 30th October 2009. ……………………. Chairman



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