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Ultrasonic Cleaner

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Range of Application: This ultrasonic leaner can be used in dental laboratories, eyeglasses stores, jewelry shops, watch and clock shops, and maintenance shops. Please read this manual carefully before operating. Please keep this manual for reference.

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Cover Window Tank Digital display Working indicator On Set Off Plug Maximum water level Minimum water level

Specifications: Item Model Dimensions Volume Ultrasonic wave frequency Voltage Power Ultrasonic Cleaner CD-4800 230 x 180 x 160 (mm) 1,400ml 42kHz AC 220V - 240V / 50Hz 70W

Cleaning time Net weight

5 Programs: 180s-280s-380s-480s-90s 1.75kg Spectacles and watches Commodities

Range of application:

Jewelries Necklaces Rings Earrings Bracelets Stationary

Spectacles and watches Spectacles Sunglasses Watch chains Waterproof watches Small metal parts

Electric shaver blades Shaver blades Dentures Combs Silverware

Pen tips Printer ink boxes Stamps

Parts from watches Ancient coins Oil nozzles

Metal silverware

Open the lid, fill in water. (The machine may be damaged if power is turned on before fill in water.)

Put objects into the water. (The parts of the objects which are being cleaned should be under water, the water level should be between the "Max" and "Min" lines.

Connect the machine to the power supply.

Press Set button to set the timer. The timer is digitally controlled. The regular cleaning time is 180s which is displayed after the cleaner is connected to the power supply. Each time the Set button is pressed, the cleaning time will switch among 180s, 280s, 380s, 480s and 90s. The cleaning time depends on the size of the object. Press On, the machine starts to work, the red indicator lights up at the same time. The time on the display will count down, it indicates the time left for the cleaning process. (While the machine is working, it will make a buzz sound, this is considered normal.) When the timer counts down to 0, the cleaning process is finished and the red indicator is off. To start another cleaning process, repeat the steps above. To stop the machine in a cleaning process, press Off. Press On again to continue the last unfinished process. Press Set to set the timer.

After using the machine, disconnect the power cord, remove the objects from the tank and wipe it dry.

Three Cleaning Methods
Regular Clean Method Use regular water. Soak parts or the whole object in water, the water level should be between the maximum and minimum lines. Strong Clean Method If the object is difficult to clean, users can put 15ml to 20ml of detergent in the tank. This will help dirt to decompose thus enhance the cleaning result by about 20%. Note: Users can use this method to clean an object for several times for better results.

Partial Clean Method Users can clean longer objects part by part.

Principle of operation:

Water bubbles will be produced under the ultrasonic waves.

Under the effect of the ultrasonic waves, the bubbles will explode which helps the dirt to decompose.

The decomposed dirt then left the object and go into the water.

After using the ultrasonic cleaner, cut off the power and empty the tank. (Please do not keep the water in the tank for too long)

Wipe the inside of the tank and the housing dry with a piece of cloth. (Do not wash the cleaner directly with water to avoid accidents)

After using the ultrasonic cleaner, keep it in a dry and shaded place.

Safety Precautions

Only specialists are allowed to dismantle and repair the machine.

Before filling water into the tank do not connect it to the power supply, the water level must not exceed the maximum line to avoid overflow.

Do not touch the power cord with wet hands to avoid accidents.

Please use this machine according to the manual and do not use spare parts that are not provided by the manufacturer.

Please do not add grinding agents or erosive substances into the tank.

Do not wash this machine directly under water to avoid accidents.

Please do not left the machine on unguarded.

Please do not use this machine if the power cord is damaged, if the machine is soaked in water accidentally, please contact the company.

Safety tips (Please read the following tips carefully before operating.)

Disconnect the machine from the power supply after using.

Please store it in a safe place away from water.

Please do not spill water on the machine.

If the machine drops into water, disconnect it from the power supply immediately, do not touch it directly with hands.

The machine should be kept away from heat; it should be kept on a dry and flat surface.

Do not keep the power connected after using.

Do not put the machine in water or other liquids.

In the cleaning process, loosely mounted objects may fall off. Please do not use it with objects made of cotton, leather or wood which may fade color. Please do not use it with watches or electronic objects which are not waterproof. Do not use it with handicrafts like shells or hawksbills spectacles.

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