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This activity allows children to share their understanding of emotions in a 4-page linear format. Participants may then share and compare this information, finding similarities and differences.        matt board (any color(s); two pieces per participant; cut to be the cover for the white paper) white paper (legal size) black felt tip pens color pencil or fine-point color markers glue sticks Freymann, S. & Elffers, J. (1999). How are you peeling? Foods with moods. New York: Scholastic. Prompts: on small slips of paper type or print short statements that the children can illustrate. Choose 6-8 statements and make as many copies as there are children in the class. Some examples: Yikes! I’m scared; Wow! This is exciting; This makes me smile; Argh! I’m angry; Hmmm? This makes me puzzled; Hurray! This makes me happy, etc.) Read How are you peeling? Explain that the children will choose phrases typed on little strips of paper and create illustrations to go with them. Read each prompt aloud, pausing between to ask for suggestions on possible illustrations. For example, “Yum! I love it” can be illustrated with a favorite food. Let children share and compare their likes and preferences. Read the prompt through again, this time having students raise hands for the ones they choose. They may choose four-one for each page of their book. Distribute the long white paper, one sheet to each and demonstrate the fold. Start by folding the paper in half end to end. Then turn back one open edge, line up to the fold and crease. Flip the paper over and turn back the other open edge to the fold and crease. Some people will need help with this accordion fold. Have children glue one prompt to each page. Prompts may be augmented by the children’s writing. Hand out the black felt -tip pens and have children draw using only the pens. When the drawings are complete, distribute colored pencils or markers to complete the drawings. When the pages are complete, let the student rub glue on the back of the front and back pages and attach a piece of matt board to each for the covers. The cover(s) may be decorated now with words or drawings.


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