2002 ACCORDION DREAMS - 57 minut by fjzhxb

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									2002 ACCORDION DREAMS - 57 minutes 2000 USA Producer/ Director: Hector Galan A delightful look at squeezebox trailblazers that defined Texas Mexican Music. The arrival of the European button accordion to Texas and its merging with traditional Mexican songs gave birth to an explosive new sound. From lively polkas to smooth waltzes, "Accordion Dreams" captures an exhilarating musical style that is rapidly gaining fans worldwide. Galan Productions Marty Aguayo 5524 Bee Caves Road, Suite B-5 Austin, TX 78746 512-327-1333 galan@galaninc.com ADRIFT - 55 minutes 2002 USA Producers: Tracy Heather Strain and Tom Curran Director: Tom Curran A first person account of loss in an Irish-American family as the filmmaker revisits his childhood to trace how he and his siblings dealt with the early death of their father and the complex range of emotions involved in living up to their late father's expectations of success. Night Train Pictures, Inc. Tom Curran 535 Albany Street, 2nd Floor Boston, MA 02118 617-426-8231 ALL FOR ONE: THE SPIRIT OF THE RACE - 56 minutes 2001 USA Producer/ Director: Dominique Derrenger An intimate view inside the intensely competitive world of collegiate rowing, the oldest intercollegiate sport in the world. "All For One" follows legendary coach Stephen Gladstone and his crew team in their quest to rebuild the once dominant rowing program at the University of California. Dynamique Pictures Dominique

456 12 N. Gardner Street Hollywood, CA 90036 323-653-3278 ALLFORONE@PACBELL.NET http://www.allforonemovie.com AMERICAN NIGHTMARE: 71 minutes 2002 USA Producers: Paula Jalfon, Colin MacCabe and Johnathan Sehring Director: Adam Simon Examines the rise and fall of the modern horror film, including interviews with Wes Craven and John Carpenter. Independent Film Channel Kelly Sorrells IFC Southern Regional Office Dallas, TX 817-430-3589 kpsorrells@rainbow-media.com ARISMAN: FACING THE AUDIENCE: 83 minutes 2002 USA Producer/Director: Tony Silver Marshall Arisman paints auras. In startling contrast to his luminous angels, humans and animals are Arisman's depictions of the world's violence and terror. His images of gut-wrenching power and wicked humor have graced the covers of "Time," "Newsweek," and "Rolling Stone." Arisman, the artist and laid-back teacher, has inspired generations of painters, illustrators, filmmakers and photographers. Public Art Films, Inc. Tony Silver 2753 Nichols Canyon Road Los Angeles, CA 90046 323-850-5455 Silsgrill@aol.com http://www.arismandocufilm.com

THE BACKYARD: 80 minutes 2002 USA Producer/ Director: Paul Hough A compelling, visceral look at a subculture that most Americans and many wrestling fans in particular would prefer to not exist, that of backyard wrestling. Paul Hough 1850 Whitley Avenue #203 Hollywood, CA 90028 323-466-1969 backyardfilm@aol.com http://www.thebackyardfilm.com BIKE LIKE U MEAN IT - 46 minutes 2002 USA Producer: Susan Kirr Director: Rusty Martin A portrait of Austin, Texas' bike people - those who ride bikes for transportation, eschewing cars. "Bike Like U Mean it" is also a film about those who are working at the fringes, pushing the envelope and trying to envision a future with no traffic, pollution or road rage. Conspiracy Films, Inc. Susan Kirr 403 Lisa Drive Austin, TX 78733 512-263-7586 Email: mailto:runsarisk@aol.com BULLYDANCE - 10 minutes 2000 USA Producer: National Film Board of Canada Director: Janet Perlman A delightful and provocative animated film gives insight on dealing creatively with bullies. Bullfrog Films John Hoskyns-Abrahall P.O. BOX 149 Oley, PA 19547

610/779-8226 info@bullfrogfilms.com http://www.bullfrogfilms.com CAREFULLY TAUGHT - 4 minutes 2002 USA Producers: Jay Rosenblatt and Cavett Zahedi Director: Valerie Soe A short essay responding to the blind patriotic fervor following September 11th, illuminated by Hollywood visions of the American dream. Oxygen Productions Valerie Soe 262 Gates Street San Francisco, CA 94110 415-255-8891 vsoe@sfsu.edu CHANGE UP - 47 minutes 2002 USA Producer/ Directors: Loren Mendell/Tiller Russell From the Dominican Republic come two teenage baseball players, best friends competing against each other to live the American dream. One will get signed by a professional team for close to a million dollars, the other may never leave the Dominican Republic. "Change Up" is their story. Angry Young Ranch Loren Mendell/Tiller Russell 1811 Whitley Avenue, Suite 902 Hollywood, CA 90028 (323) 993-7175 lorengatang@yahoo.com CHOKA!'GET LOST!' - 50 minutes 2001 ENGLAND Produce/ Director: Tanvir Bush Follows a day in the life of a group of street kids living on the streets of downtown Lusaka, Zambia. "Choka!" shows life from the perspective of these children who manage to survive with their separate personalities, humor and humanity intact.

Ambush Productions Ruth Hartley 3 Akeman Street Cambridge, CB4 3HE 01223 515154 ruth.hartley@ntlworld.com COLOR ADJUSTMENT - 88 minutes 1991 USA Producers: Marlon Riggs / Vivian Kleiman Director: Marlon Riggs An engaging and perceptive survey of Black America as represented by American television, from the demeaning stereotypes of "Amos 'n' Andy" to the subtler, more insidious ones of "The Cosby Show." California Newsreel Steve Guy 149 Ninth Street, # 420 San Francisco, CA 94103 415-621-6196 contact@newsreel.org A CONVERSATION WITH HARIS - 6 minutes 2001 USA Producer/ Director: Shelia M. Sofian A six minute animated interview with Haris, an eleven-year old Bosnian immigrant to the United States. Haris recounts his experiences of the Bosnian war and the tragedy it inflicted on his family, he speaks with a raw honesty about the devastation. The painted animation gives the images an organic, tactile quality. Shelia M. Sofian 1444 N. Hill Avenue Pasadena, CA 91104 626-398-3590 sofafilms@earthlink.net COOL & CRAZY - 90 minutes 2001 USA

Producer/ Director: Knut Erik Jensen An unusual and disarming documentary about the exotic and colorful Berlevag Male Choir, an ensemble of thirty strong-hearted and stout-voiced fisherman in a remote village in the frigid wastes of Norway. First Run Features Amy Adrion 153 Waverly Place New York, NY 10014 212-243-0600 amy@firstrunfeatures.com CRIME SCENE CLEANER - 50 minutes 2002 USA Producer: Vincent Villanueva Director: Joseph Bullman When someone dies in the state of California, there is no government agency to clean up what is left behind. This gap in the market has led to a new breed of entrepreneur, crime scene cleaners. Joseph Bullman 832 N. Orange Drive Los Angeles, CA 90038 323-469-5769 jbullman@earthlink.net CULTURE JAM: HIJACKING COMMERCIAL CULTURE - 57 minutes 2001 CANADA Producers: Jill Sharpe and Lynn Booth Director: Jill Sharpe A new breed of revolutionary stands poised along our information highways waging war on logos and symbols. They're "Culture Jammers" and their mission is to artfully reclaim our mental environment and cause a bit of brand damage to corporate mind share. Right to Jam Productions Inc. Kim Lloyd #450 - 380 West 1st Avenue Vancouver, BC V5Y 3TY 604-874-9498

kim@makebelievemedia.com http://www.culturejamthefilm.com DADDY & PAPA - 57 minutes 2002 USA Producer/ Director: Johnny Symons Explores personal, cultural and political impact of gay men who are making a decision that is both traditional and revolutionary: to raise kids. Persistent Visions Johnny Symons P.O. Box 3486 Berkeley, CA 94703 510-653-8763 daddies@ix.netcom.com www.daddyandpapa.com DAUGHTER FROM DANANG - 80 minutes 2000 USA Producer/ Directors: Gail Dolgin and Vicente Franco A Vietnamese mother and an Amerasian daughter are reunited after twenty-two years. Both have dreamed of a joyful reunion, but their hopes are shattered as cultural differences and the years of separation take their toll. Interfaze Productions Gail Dolgin 2600 Tenth St., Suite 411 Berkeley, CA 94710 510-548-3699 gd.interfaze@mindspring.com DAVID HOCKNEY'S SECRET KNOWLEDGE - 75 minutes 2001 UNITED KINGDOM Producer/ Directors: Randall Wright Internationally famous artist David Hockney tells the story of his discovery that artists used cameras four- hundred years before the birth of photography to capture "reality". BBC Television Wood Lane

London, W12 7RJ 020-8992-8772 randallfilms@aol.com www.bbc.co.uk THE DISENCHANTED FOREST - 52 minutes 2002 USA Producer: Alchemy Films Director: Sarita Siegel Deep in the Bornean rainforest, a Russian primate psychologist is broaching new territory in the quest to understand orangutan intelligence and psychology. Like humans, orangutans have "culture." They create a rich and complex society of elders and peers, providing the young with critical knowledge for survival in the rainforest. When they are taken out of their habitat or when it is destroyed, their culture is disabled. Bullfrog Films, Inc. John Hoskyns Abrahall P.O. Box 149 Oley, PA 19547 610-779-8226 john@bullfrogfilms.com www.bullfrogfilms.com DOWNSIDE UP - 56 minutes 2002 USA Producer/ Director: Nancy Kelly What happens when an impoverished, working-class town decides that its only hope for survival lies within the world of contemporary art? "Downside Up" explores whether something as ephemeral as contemporary art can breathe life into a dying city. Mother Lode Productions Nancy Kelly 121 Greenbrae Boardwalk Greenbrae, CA 94904 415-925-4336 downsideupthemovie@earthlink.net DRIVE-IN MOVIE MEMORIES - 57 minutes 2001 USA

Producer/ Directors: Don and Susan Sanders A stirring celebration of America's greatest icon of youth, freedom and the automobile. "Drive-in Movie Memories" is an entertaining salute to the golden era of al fresco movie going. Outdoor Productions Don and Susan Sanders 3109 Drexel Dallas, TX 75205 214-521-0787 mailto:don@americandrivein.com DUST TO DUST - 93 minutes 2002 USA Producers: Michael Brown adn Kevin Brown Director: Michael Brown In a small northwest Montana town, more than two-hundred people have died from a silent, insidious killer, linked to asbestos-laced dust from a former mine. Hundreds more have been diagnosed with potentially fatal lung abnormalities. It's been called the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. Michael Brown Productions, Inc. Michael Brown 1730 W. Randel Mill Road, Suite 140 Arlington, TX 76012 EXODUS - 38 minutes 2000 ENGLAND Producer: Ron McCullagh Director: Dollan Cannell Follows migrants from West African countries as they set out to breach the walls of fortress Europe. They face death in a desert journey across the Sahara before an equally hazardous voyage across the sea to Spain. The refugees willingly risk their lives in hopes of building a new future for themselves. Insight News Television George Walfrum 28 Old Town London, SW4 OLB

00-44-207-738-8344 insight@insightnewstv.com THE FORGOTTEN EXPEDITION - 56 minutes 2002 USA Producer: Larry Foley Videographer/Editor: Dale Carpenter The story of William Dunbar and George Hunter, explorers of the southern part of the Louisiana Purchase, overshadowed by the enigmatic Lewis and Clark. Dunbar and Hunter's voyage was to be called the grand expedition, but a tribe of fearsome Indians caused President Jefferson anxiety about the safety of the explorers, so their expedition was scaled back and has been long forgotten. AETN Larry Foley Walter J. Lemke Department of Journalism 116 Kimpel Hall Fayetteville, AR 72701 501-575-6307 lfoley@mail.uark.edu GEORGIE GIRL - 52 minutes 2001 NEW ZEALAND Producer/ Director: Annie Goldson/ Peter Wells Born George Beyer, one-time prostitute turned politician Georgie Beyer was elected to New Zealand's parliament in 1999, becoming the world's first transsexual to hold a national office. Women Make Movies Marta Sanchez 462 Broadway, 5th floor New York, NY 10013 212-925-0606 x 320 marta@wmm.com www.wmm.com GIGANTIC: A TALE OF TWO JOHNS - 102 minutes 2002 USA Producer: Shirley Moyers Director: AJ Schnack

A comprehensive chronicle of the twenty-year history of the Brooklyn-based pop rock band They Might Be Giants. This unique musical entity is one of the few acts that play both on National Public Radio and Comedy Central. Bonfire Films of America Shirley Moyers 4655 Kingswell Avenue #213 Los Angeles, CA 90027 323-953-6815 shirley_moyers@giganticfilm.com www.giganticfilm.com GOD'S HAND IS CLOSED - 58 minutes 2000 SWEDEN Producer: Bo Ohlen Directors: Bo Ohlen and David Silva Two peasant women living in the rocky mountains of Cape Verde are best friends and offer each other support and comfort when the rains, azaguas, have not come to their homeland for three years. Bo Ohlen Film Bo Ohlen Kungstensg 65 Stockholm, S-113 29 46-8--31-41-71 booehlen@hotmail.com THE GOOD WAR AND THOSE WHO REFUSED TO FIGHT IT - 56 minutes 2001 USA Produce/ Directors: Judith Ehrlich and Rick Tejada-Flores The story of the conscientious objectors to World War II. Pacifists, whose beliefs led them to sacrifice for their country but refuse to kill. Paradigm Productions Judith Ehrlich 2600 Tenth St. #429 Berkeley, CA 94710

510-843-0789 jie@paradigmproductions.com GREAT BALLS OF FIRE - 7 minutes 2002 USA Producer/ Directors: Leon Grodski and Pearl Gluck A homeless man speaks out about the World Trade Center tragedy like a barometer of the times in this ad-monologue. The Sushi Bar Leon Grodski P.O. Box 1070 New York, NY 10009 646-345-5969 thesushibar@msn.com A HEALING PLACE: BREAST CANCER SURVIVORS - 57 minutes 1999 USA Producers: Jeanne Scott and Roseann Larson Director: Devin Scott An interview driven documentary that unveils six women's personal journeys of courage, challenge and determination when faced with an unexpected life altering circumstance. American Dream Cinema Jeanne Scott 9482 Terrywood Road Santee, CA 92701 Phone: 619-449-7848 americandream@home.com HEAVEN ABOVE ME - 74 minutes 2000 Denmark Producer: Jeno Farkas Directors: Jeno Farkas, Fritz Hartz Two Danish filmmakers spend over a year with a homeless man named Uffe who has been living on the streets of Copenhagen for more than twenty years. Uffe spends his time pushing an overloaded shopping trolley, earning his living by gathering and selling bottles. When a photo from Uffe's school days turns up, the filmmakers begin to research his background and confront him with information they learn about his past.

Danish Film Institute Anne Marie Kurstein Gothersgade 55 Copenhagen K, DK - 1123 45-3374-3400 kurstein@dfi.dk http://www.dfi.dk HELL HOUSE - 85 minutes 2001 USA Producer: Zachary Mortensen Director: George Ratliff Despite the title, "Hellhouse" isn't late-night horror fare. It's a documentary about a Texas Christian school that stages an elaborate show every Halloween to dramatize such road-todamnation evils such as drugs, abortion and AIDS. Seventh Art Releasing Matt Henderson 7551 Sunset Boulevard #104 Los Angeles, CA 90046 323-845-1455/ Georges # - 917 304 0898 matt@7thart.com IF I COULD - 114 minutes 2001 USA Producers: Patti O. White, Michael Miller, David G. Dizenfeld and Lee Anderson/David Ewing Director: Patti Obrow White The story of a young woman confronting the ghosts of her troubled past in an effort to save her 12-year old son from falling prey to the same demons that nearly destroyed her. "If I Could" is a film about contemporary America. Through the intimacy of the camera lens, this film provides a bold and insightful look and one of the most important and complicated relationships, that of parent and child. Filmsters Lee Anderson P.O. Box 4876 Annapolis, Maryland 21403

410-263-3023 filmsters@aol.com IF YOU LIVED HERE, YOU'D BE HOME BY NOW - 15 minutes 2001 USA Producer/ Director: Diane Bonder Examines the divisiveness over land, the relationship of public and private space in small town America, and the concept of home. Diane Bonder 703 Union Street Brooklyn, NY 11215 718-783-6303 dabonder@earthlink.net IN THE LINE OF FIRE - 25 minutes 2001 USA Producer/ Director: Patricia Naylor Exposes the harsh reality of covering news from the Middle East. While people around the world follow the conflict from the comfort of their living rooms, the journalists taking the pictures often become the targets of Israeli soldiers. This documentary uncovers remarkable footage of the shootings taken by cameramen who have been injured. Filmakers Library Andrea Traubner 124 East 40th Street, Suite 901 New York, NY 10016 212-808-4980 9722-673-0228 andy@filmakers.com/ patricia_naylor@yahoo.com http://www.filmakers.com KINKY FRIEDMAN - PROUD TO BE AN ASSHOLE FROM EL PASO - 53 minutes Producers: Simone de Vries and Martin Lagester Director: Simone de Vries A Dutch documentary on Kinky Friedman, a Jewish/Texan considered by many to be a politically incorrect country singer turned mystery writer. This film provides a look at the man behind the image through the eyes of friends such as Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett and Bill Clinton.

Lagester Film BV Jacques Spaans St. Olofssteeg 8-a Amsterdam, 1012 AK 31-206-273374 info@lagesteefilm.nl LA TROPICAL - 96 minutes 2001 USA Producer/Director: David Turnley A tapestry of contemporary life in Cuba set against the backdrop of one of Havana's oldest AfroCuban music and dance halls, La Tropical. Captured in stunning black-and-white, the sensual imagery, exuberant spirit and outstanding soundtrack of contemporary and traditional Cuban music shows the true Cuban soul. David Turnley 23 West 10th Street #3F New York, NY 10011 212-995-0152/ 212 995-0152 dturnley@nyc.rr.com LALEE'S KIN: THE LEGACY OF COTTON - 89 minutes 2001 USA Producer: Susan Froemke Directors: Susan Froemke and Deborah Dickson Academy Award Nominee: Explores the painful legacy of slavery and sharecropping in the Mississippi Delta. Maysles Films, Inc. Susan Froemke 250 West 54th Street, PH New York, NY 10019 212-582-6050 LARRY v. LOCKNEY - 56:40 minutes 2002 USA Producer(s): Mark Birnbaum and Jim Schermbeck Director(s): Mark Birnbaum and Jim Schermbeck

When a small West Texas town begins mandatory drug testing of their 6th through 12th grades, a third generation cotton farmer is the only one out of 2,000 residents to say, "Not my son." Teaming with the ACLU, he sues the school board for his son's Fourth Amendment rights. Mark Birnbaum Productions Mark Birnbaum 13221 Purple Sage Dallas, TX 75240 972.239.2360 mark.birnbaum@pobox.com http://www.markbirnbaum.com L'CHAYIM, COMRADE STALIN! - 89 minutes 2002 USA Producer: Elizabeth Schwartz Director: Yale Strom The fabled Jewish Autonomous Region of Siberia exists today and the filmmaker takes us on a journey to discover what compelled middle and working class Jews from the West to pull up stakes and move to what was, at best, a primitive region. Black Stream Films Elizabeth Schwartz 350 Cabrini Blvd. #2G New York, NY 10040 212-781-9192 stromhome@aol.com THE LEGACY OF ROSINA LHEVINNE - 64 minutes 2002 USA Producer/ Director: Salome Ramras Arkatov A revealing and compelling portrait of pianist/master teacher Rosina Lhevinne who's career blossomed from age 65 to 96 as she molded many world celebrated musicians including James Levine, John Williams and Van Cliburn. Arkatov Productions Salome Ramras Arkatov 10480 Charing Cross Road, j Los Angeles, CA 90024

310-470-8401 salomearkatov@hotmail.com LIFE, AUTUMN (Zizn' Osen) - 35 minutes 1998 Germany/Russia Producer: Ulrich Miller Directors: Marat Magambetov / Sergej Loznitsa A wry look at the simple amusements of everyday life in an ancient Russian village, somewhere near Smolensk, a day's journey and a world apart from Moscow. pop tutu film / Swedish Film Institute Johanna Straub / Ulla Aspgren Peterssteinweg 13 Leipzig, 4107 49 -341- 6895838 mailto:dnetsales@t-online.de http://www.d-net-sales.com LIFESTYLES OF THE POOR AND UNKNOWN - 46:35 minutes 2000 USA Producer/ Director: Nancy Fliesler This stereotype-shattering documentary gets inside the lives, minds and dreams of a developmentally disabled married couple living and working in New York City. The couple's story, filmed by a sister, reveals contrasting, sometimes irreverant perspectives on their particular life situation. Nansona Productions Nancy Fliesler 19 Lewis Avenue Arlington, MA 02474 781-495-0349 nansona1-1@hotmail.com LIFETIME GUARANTEE: PHRANC'S ADVENTURES IN PLASTIC - 58 minutes 2001 USA Producers: Lisa Udelson and Eric d'Arberoff Director: Lisa Udelson Phranc may be an unusual name for a woman, but Phranc is no ordinary, androgynously handsome, Jewish ex-punk-rocking lesbian, oh no, she is also one of America's best Tupperware

salesladies. We witness Phranc's hilarious, musically-driven Tupperware parties, her struggle to manage the financial aspects of her endeavor, and her discovery of a friendly and supportive "Tupper World." Roadside Attractions Chad Mortary 427 North Canon Drive #216 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 Phone: 310-860-1692 chadm@roadsideattractions.com http://www.roadsideattractions.com LOOP DREAMS - 79 minutes 2000 USA Producers: Harvey Hubbell V and Andie Haas Director: Harvey Hubble V When three wildly ambitious but so-far unsuccessful producers asked documentary-maker Harvey Hubbell V to work on their low-budget movie, he agreed - if they'd let him make a documentary about it. "Loop Dreams" is the zany but endearing result, a funny, sexy, unflinching look at the world of low budget filmmaking. Captured Time Productions Yvonne Reelick - Production Co-ordinator 55 Hutchinson Pkwy Litchfield, CT 06759 860-567-0675 captime@snet.net http://www.loopdreams.com LOVE IN AN ELEVATOR - 17 minutes 2001 USA Producer/Director: Thea St. Omer The story of a Catholic man, 86, and a Jewish woman, 85, both partially paralyzed and confined to wheelchairs, who are dating each other while living in a New York City nursing home. Thea St. Omer P.O. Box #672 Bronx, NY 10467

212-414-7739 theastomer@yahoo.com LUCY TSAK TSAK - 3 minutes 2000 USA Producer/Director: Andrey Paounov 67 slates tell the life and times of lucy and her 30 years in the film business. This film presents a last chance at fame for bits and pieces of film, which would have otherwise ended up in the editor's trash bin. Paounov Kinoproduckt Kim Spurlock/Andrey Paounov 166 7th Avenue #4 Brooklyn, NY 11215 718-499-6188 fishplane@yahoo.com MAI'S AMERICA - 72 minutes 2002 USA Producers: Marlo Poras and David Sutherland Director: Marlo Poras A spunky, mini-skirted daughter of Ho Chi Minh's revolution leaves cosmopolitan Hanoi on a high school exchange program. Anticipating Hollywood, Mai crash lands in rural Mississippi, where her relationships with white Pentecostal and black Baptist host families, self-proclaimed rednecks, transvestites, and South Vietnamese immigrants challenge her long-held ideas about herself, her freedom, about America and Vietnam. Marlo Poras Productions Marlo Poras 19 Tally Ho Lane Framingham, MA 01701 508-875-5505 marloporas@aol.com MAKING UP TIME WITH DAD - 14 minutes 2001 USA Producer/Director: Serena Moy Feeling the need to have another son in a Chinese family, Chuck Lim and his daughter, the filmmaker, are disconnected. "Making Up Time With Dad" shows how the filmmaker ultimately learns that their father/daughter relationship is deeper and more meaningful than she perceived.

Serena Moy 4440 N. California Chicago, IL 60625 773-206-0785 beaner9997@aol.com MULE SKINNER BLUES - 93 minutes 2001 USA Producer: Victoria Ford Director: Stephen Earnhart A funny and compassionate look at people trying to create art against all odds. "Mule Skinner Blues" focuses on a recovering alcoholic and showman who pursues his dream of making an Ed Wood-ian horror film with an eclectic assortment of his trailer park friends. Steel Carrot Productions Stephen Earnhart 250 West 49th Street #301 New York, NY 10019 212-246-6850 StCarrot@aol.com http://www.MuleSkinnerBlues-Movie.com MURDER ON A SUNDAY MORNING - 111 minutes 2001 France Producer: Denis Poncet Director: Jean-Xavier de Lestrade Academy Award Winner: A candid and revealing look at the U.S. justice system at work. "Murder on a Sunday Morning" exposes the racial bias and abuse of power behind the arrest and trial of the African-American youth recently accused of murder. This film provides a fascinating insider's perspective on a classic case of mistaken identity. Maha Productions/Pathe Doc Karina 53 Boulevard Martial Valin Paris, 75015 33148075790 mahaprod@maha.fr

MY MOTHER INDIA - 52 minutes 2001 Australia Producer: Penny McDonald Director: Safina Uberoi What begins as a quirky and humorous documentary about an eccentric, multicultural upbringing unfolds into a complex commentary on the social, political and religious events of the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 which tore a family apart. "My Mother India" is a powerful tale of love and hate, exile and belonging, loss of identity and return of faith. Chili FIlms Penny McDonald 101 Eton Rd Lindfield, NSW 2070 61-2-9413-8678 NAJI AL-ALI: AN ARTIST WITH A VISION - 52 minutes 1999 USA Producer/Director: Kasim Abid Known as the Palestinian Malcom X, Naji Al -Ali is still the most popular artist in the Arab world, loved for his defense of the ordinary people and for his criticism of repression and despotism. The lates Palestinian cartoonist produced thousands of cartoons satirizing the powers that be in the Middle East, and paid the ultimate price for his "offensive" expression - his life. First Run/Icarus Films Tom Hyland 32 Court Street, 21st Floor Brooklyn, NY 11201 212-488-8900 tom@frif.com http://www.frif.com NUESTRA COMUNIDAD: LATINOS IN NORTH CAROLINA - 59 minutes 2001 USA Producer/Directors: Joanne Hershfield and Penny Simpson Director(s): Joanne Hershfield and Penny Simpson North Carolina's Latino population increased over 400% between 1990 and 2000. "Nuestra Communidad" examines issues facing Latinos as a growing population group in the emerging "New South", showing how Latino immigrants' notions of home, family and community impact a state steeped in Southern notions of culture and identity.

New South Productions Joanne Hersfield Raliegh, NC 27613 (919) 361-4882 / (919) 881-0139 newsouth@nc.rr.com http://www.newsouthproductions.com OYSTERS - 3 minutes 2002 USA Producer/Director: Bert Shapiro A fast paced journey from open sea to open mouth, rhythmically edited to specially composed music. "Oysters" will delight the aficionado and leave the unitiated wondering, "What am I missing?" Pheasant's Eye Productions Bert Shapiro 186 Cafferty Rd Pipersville, PA 18947 215-297-8795 berts@ComCAT.com PARTNERS OF THE HEART - 58 minutes 2002 USA Producer/Director: Andrea Kalin Against the backdrop of segregation, a black carpenter's apprentice with a genius for surgery and a white surgeon who dared to defy medical gospel, together changed the course of medical history. Partners of the Heart is the story of how broken racial barriers and an uncommon intellectual synergy led to one of the first heart surgeries, a daring operation that saved thousands of children afflicted with a congenital heart defect called "Blue Baby Syndrome." Spark Media, Inc. Andrea Kalin 192- 1 Street NW Suite 601 Washington, DC 20036 202-463-6154 andrea@sparkmedia.org http://www.partnersoftheheart.com

PHOTOS TO SEND - 89 minutes 2001 USA Producer/Director: Dierdre Lynch In 1954, world-renowned photographer Dorothea Lange traveled to Country Clare, Ireland on assignment for LIFE Magazine. She took 2,400 photographs, creating a lasting record of a rural way of life that would soon disappear. This film retraces her footsteps, visiting the same people who Lange met nearly half a century ago. Four Leaf Productions Dierdre Lynch 500 Beale Street #427 San Francisco, CA 94105 415-512-8053 phototosend@yahoo.com http://www.photosend.com PLAYING FOR REAL - 55 minutes 2001 USA Producer/Director: Josh Aronson Director(s): Josh Aronson An intimate look at the extraordinary difficulties of creating a career in big time classical music. "Playing for Real" follows two prodigious unknown musicians at the start of their performing careers. Aronson Film Associates Josh Aronson 35 East 20th Street, 2nd Floor New York, NY 10003 212-253-6941 josharon@aol.com PopACTION - 15 minutes 2002 USA Producer: Karen Bernstein Directors: Karen Bernstein/Ellen Spiro An experimental biography about renegade choreographer Elizabeth Streb, told through the quiet poetry of Streb's inner thoughts juxtaposed against the extreme physicality of her dancer's actions. Mobilus Media, LLC

Karen Bernstein P.O. Box 685318 Austin, TX 78768 512-912-9999 kbmobilus@hotmail.com PORRAIMOS: EUROPE'S GYPSIES IN THE HOLOCAUST - 57 minutes 2002 USA Producer/Director: Alexandra M. Isles Exposes how the pseudo-science of eugenics was used to persecute not only Jews, but also Gypsies. To the Nazis, Gypsies' dark skin and nomadic ways made them "lives unworthy of life." Porraimos, means the devouring in Romani, this film chronicles the Gypsy Holocaust. Chalice Well Productions Alexandra M. Isles 1133 Park Avenue New York, NY 10128 212-860-2225 isles@mindspring.com PROMISES - 106 minutes 2001 USA Producer/Directors: Justine Shapiro and B.Z. Goldberg 2002 Academy Award Nominee: "Promises" follows the filmmaker's journey as he travels to Palestinian communities and settlements in the West Bank, mostly places he had never ventured before, and to the familiar neighborhoods of Jerusalem. He meets seven Palestinian and Israeli children, between the ages of nine and thirteen, who share their experiences, fears about the present and dreams for the future. Cowboy Pictures Heath Shapiro 1442A Walnut St Berkeley, CA 94709 510-525-8998 X. 4 promises@pobox.com http://www.promisesproject.org RANCHO CALIFORNIA - 65 minutes 2002 USA

Producer/Director: John T. Caldwell An unsettling look at the racial politics of indigenous migrant worker camps located among gated designer-home communities in suburban Southern California. Agora Telefilm John T. Caldwell 5860 Los Santos Drive Long Beach, CA 90815 562-431-7119 john@tft.ucla.edu RAPE IS... - 34 minutes 2002 USA Producer/Directors: Margaret Lazarus and Renner Wunderlich Rape Is..." expands the narrow ways we think about sexual violence and powerfully exposes that it is not a sporadic and rare occurrence, but a human rights violation and an under reported criminal outrage that affects millions of women, children and men. Cambridge Documentary Films, Inc. Margaret Lazarus 35 Cedar Road Belmont, MA 02478 617-484-3993 ri@cambridgedocumentaryfilms.org RARE EDITION - 26 minutes 2002 USA Producers: James Nash Alford, Charlie Alison and Katy Widder Meet the Dickson Street Bookshop; its owners, staff and some of the regulars. Ozark Film Society James Nash Alford One West Mountain Fayetteville, AR 72701 479-521-8700 jnalford@swbell.net

RAVEL'S BRAIN - 52 minutes 2000 USA Producer: Rhombus Media Director: Larry Weinsten A musical/visual tone poem at once tragic and celebrative in its mood. This film portrays the inner being of a great artist who was rendered incapable of communicating with the outside world. Bullfrog Films John Hoskyns-Abrahall P.O. Box 149 Oley, PA 19547 610-779-826 john@bullfrog.com REFRIGERATOR MOTHERS - 54 minutes 2002 USA Producers: J.J. Hanley / Gordon Quinn Director: David E. Simpson It is America of the 1950's and 1960's, when a woman's most important contribution to society is generally considered to be her ability to raise happy, well-adjusted children. But for the mother whose child is diagnosed with autism, her life's purpose will soon become a twisted nightmare. Looking for help and support, she encounters instead a medical establishment that blames her child's bizarre behaviors on her supposedly frigid and detached mothering, receiving a devastating label of "refrigerator mother". Kartemquin Educational Films J.J. Hanley 1901 W. Wellington Chicago, IL 60657 847-256-7966 jjh@megsinet.net www.kartempuin.com REVOLUTION OS - 85 minutes 2001 USA Producer: J.T.S. Moore Director: J.T.S. Moore Reveals the inside story of the hackers who took on Microsoft and created Linux and the Open Source movement. "Revolution OS" depicts an unusual group of characters that are three-parts

libertarian, two parts communist, and one-part bad garage band. Seventh Art Releashing Matt Henderson 10990 Rochester Ave, #312 Los Angeles, CA 90024 Phone: 310-473-7601 jtsmoore@pacificnet.net www.revolution-os.com THE RISE AND FALL OF JIM CROW - 53 minutes 2002 USA Producers: Richard Wormser, Bill Jersey, Sam Pollard Director: Richard Wormser Tells the dramatic story of the African-American struggle for freedom during the era of segregation. Richard Wormser 1697 Broadway, Suite 901 New York, NY 10019 rwormser@aol.com SENORITA EXTRAVIADA, MISSING YOUNG WOMAN - 74 minutes 2001 USA Producer: Lourdes Portillo Director: Lourdes Portillo Senorita Extraviada" unfolds like the unsolved mystery that it examines, the kidnapping, rape and murder of 230 young women in Juarez, Mexico. Visually poetic, yet unflinching in its gaze, this film unravels the layers of complicity that have allowed these brutal murders to continue. Women Make Movies Marta Sanchez 462 Broadway, 5th Floor New York, NY 10013 Phone: 212-925-0606 x 320 marta@wmm.com www.wmm.com

SHADES OF GRAY - 73 minutes 2001 USA Producer: Edward Stencel Director: Tim DePaepe Shades of Gray" illustrates how homosexual women and men are very much a part of the moral fiber that comprises the strong social fabric of America's heartland. Seventh Art Releasing Matt Henderson 7551 Sunset Boulevard #104 Los Angeles, CA 90046 323-845-1455 matt@7thart.com SHALOM Y'ALL - 60 minutes 2002 USA Producer: Susan Levitas Director: Brian Bain A film about Jews in the American South as seen through the eyes of a native son and the cultural cousins he encounters on a 4200-mile journey from Texas to Tennessee. Traveling the same roads his grandfather drove as a hat salesman, including a brief stop in Hot Springs, the filmmaker discovers a vibrant culture blending the Old World with the New South. Shalom Y'all Films Susan Levitas 7116 Prytania Street New Orleans, LA 70118 504-866-0708 sdlevitas@aol.com www.shalomall.com SING! - 36 minutes 2001 USA Producer: Jessica Sanders Director: Freida Lee Mock Academy Award Short Nominee: How do croaky- voiced eight-year olds become amazing singers? "Sing!" tells the story of how a community group, amid severe cuts in the arts, is able to develop a children's chorus that Esa-Pekka Salonen says is the best he has ever heard.

American Film Foundation Freida Lee Mock 530 Wilshire Boulevard, Suite 201 Santa Monica, CA 90401 310-459-2116 SISTER HELEN - 90 minutes 2001 USA Producer/Directors: Rob Fruchtman and Rebecca Cammisa An intimate view of the life of a 69-year old Benedictine nun who runs an independent home for recovering addicts. "Sister Helen" is an absorbing story of a self-imposed spiritual calling and penance, along with her household of hardened men whose lives have been ravaged by chemical dependency. Distributor: R&R Films Rob Fruchtman/Rebecca Cammisa 46 West 75 Street - Suite #7 New York, NY 10023 917-669-9322 robfru@aol.com SOME REAL HEAT - 54 minutes 2001 USA Producer/Director: Stepahnie Jordan Uncovering both the myth and reality of the dangerous career as a female firefighter, "Some Real Heat" intimately delves into the strength and character that distinguishes these women as true modern day heroes. Women Make Movies Marta Sanchez 462 Broadway, 5th floor New York, NY 10013 212-925-0606 x 320 marta@wmm.com www.wmm.com SPELLBOUND - 98 minutes 2002 USA

Producers: Jeff Blitz and Sean Welch Director: Jeff Blitz From the hardscrabble plains of Texas to the manicured lawns of Connecticut, from the redneck Ozark countryside to the troubled Washington D.C. projects, "Spellbound" chronicles the journeys of eight American teenagers who set out to win the National Spelling Bee. Jeff Blitz 1149 S. Spaulding Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90019 323-931-0314 blitzmachine@yahoo.com STEKLARSI BLUES/ GLAZIER BLUES - 13 minutes 2001 Slovenia Producer: Ida Weiss Director: Harry Rag As if in a different time, neither past nor future, workers in the glass-factory of Hrastnik, Slovenia are surrounded by noise, steam and hypnotic rhythms of never-stopping machinery. It's like a voyage in a spaceship, guided by a quiet queen of glass. Bela Film Ida Weiss Beljaska 32, 1000 Ljubljana Slovenia 38615156020 tanika.sajatovic@film-sklad.si STILL LIFE: THE HUMANITY OF ANATOMY - 26 minutes 2002 USA Producers: ttweak and Dr. Tom Cole Director: ttweak A humanist exploration of the unstated but powerful relationship between medical student dissectors and their cadavers. Students share the fear, guilt, gratitude and awe of their dissection experience. By probing the imaginative "shadow traffic" between the living and the dead, "Still Life" offers audiences a unique opportunity to probe the depths of their own humanity. ttweak Diana Wolfe 4910 Main Street

Houston, TX 77002 713-942-0722 ttweak@ttweak.com STRANGE FRUIT - 57 minutes 2002 USA Producer/Director: Joel Katz Unique in the annuls of American music, Strange Fruit is arguably one of the most important protest songs ever written. A bitter and harrowing description of a lynching, the song became well-known through a 1939 Billie Holiday rendition. This film explores the song's history and its contemporary resonance's and reverberations. California Newsreel 149 Ninth Street San Francisco, CA 94103 415-621-6169 contact@newsreel.com SVITJOD 2000 - 11 minutes 2000 Sweden Producer/Directors: Marten Nilsson and David Flamholc Why are there so few people in Sweden.....and wouldn't it be nice if more foreigners moved in? Svenska Filminstitute Ulla Aspgren Box 27126 Stockholm, SE-102 52 46 86 651 145 ulla.aspgren@sfi.se THE SWELL LIFE - 23 minutes 2001 USA Producers: Sabrina Rubin and John Burgess Director: Darren D. McInerney Threats, vandalism and assault.....over waves? This film looks beyond surfing's idyllic face. Darren D. McInerney 607 Main Street #2

El Segundo, CA 90245 310-640-8242 darrenmci@earthlink.net www.theswelllifedoc.com SWINGIN' TIMBER - 29 minutes 2001 USA Producer/Director: David D. Dawson Claybrook, Arkansas no longer exists, but in the 1930's it was home to a black semi-professional baseball team that often beat some of the best Negro League teams around. "Swingin' Timber" tells the story of the Claybrook Tigers and the team's owner, John C. Claybrook, an illiterate teenage runaway who became one of the most successful African-American businessmen in the region. David D. Dawson 1756 M/ Rayvoew Drove Fayetteville, AR 72703 501-575-3307 daved@uark.edu THOTH - 40 minutes 2002 USA Producer: Lynn Appelle Director: Sarah Kernochan Academy Award Shorts Winner: A street musician of mixed-race origins wants to help heal the disunity of all people through his performance of a one-man opera. Amateur Rabbit, Inc. Sarah Kernochan P.O. Box 391 South Salem, NY 10590 212-595-0782 profrabbit@hotmail.com T-SHIRT TRAVELS - 56 minutes 2001 USA Producer/Director: Shantha Bloemen Explores how a continent rich with natural resources and human potential has become the dumping ground for old clothes and discarded goods. In sharing the struggle of a population that finds itself growing poorer and poorer, "T-shirt Travels" uncovers the enduring spirit and and

resilience of these people to survive. Shantha Bloemen 206 Ninth Ave. Apt 4N8 NY, NY 10011 917-549-6456 www.tshirttravels.com THE ULTIMATE DOCUMENTARY - 26 minutes 2002 USA Producers: Jasin Eric Perlman and Christpher J. Prouty Director: Chris Perkel If the 1960's were an era that revolved around new ethics, they were also a period circling for new athletics. The Peace and Love Generation created a new sport with a different spin on team rivalry and fair play called "Ultimate Frisbee". Ultimate is a unique game whose players believe the game's "spirit" soars above all other contemporary sports with its noble reliance upon the honesty and compromise among individual players, in place of referees. Today it has evolved into a hardcore competitive endeavor. Chris Perkel 10141/2 N. Coronado Street Los Angeles, CA 90026 213-483-9559 perkel@usc.edu AN UNLIKELY FRIENDSHIP - 43 minutes 2002 USA Producers: Diane Bloom, Jim Sander, Davis Stillson and Stephen Hawthorne Director: Diane Bloom A riveting account of the remarkable relationship between an outspoken black woman activist and an embittered Klansman. The story of the unexpected alliance and life-long friendship between the two antagonists is moving, comic and inspiring. Diane L. Bloom 114 Mendel Drive Chapel Hill, NC 27514 919-929-8941 dianebloom@mindspring.com THE VOICE OF THE PROPHET - 8 minutes 2001 USA

Producer/Director: Robert Edwards An interview with the head of security for Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, filmed in his office on the 44th floor of the World Trade Center in 1998. The same man was killed in the September 11th attack on the WTC, after saving the lives of thousand of his co-workers. In this interview he all but predicts the events that led to the September 11th attack and the war on terrorism that followed. Robert Edwards 80 Elizabeth Street #6E New York, NY 10013 212-965-0502 rsed@concentric.net VON TRIER'S 100 EYES - 56 minutes 2000 Denmark Producer/Director: Katza Forbert Peterson A visual explanation of the method Lars von Trier utilized to film a dance scene for "Dancer in the Dark," his film that was awarded the Palme d'Or at Cannes 2000. Danish Film Institute Anne-Marie Kurstein Gothershade 55 Copenhagen K, DK-1123 45-3374-3400 dfi@dfi.dk www.dfi.dk WAR PHOTOGRAPHER - 96 minutes 2001 USA Producer/Director: Christian Frei Academy Award Nominee: In one of the world's countless crisis areas, surrounded by suffering, death, violence and chaos, photographer James Nachtwey searches for the picture he thinks he can publish. A film about a committed, shy man, who is considered one of the bravest and most important war photographers of our time. First Run/Icarus Films Tom Hyland 32 Court Street, 21st Floor Brooklyn, NY 11201

212-488-8900 tom@frif.com www.frif.com YESTERDAY AND TODAY - 11 minutes 2002 USA Producer/Director: Igor Chepusov A view of New York before, during and after September 11th from an independent production group....showing their views and moods in light of the tragedy. Igor Chepusov 265 Village Circle Drive Fort Lee, NJ 07024 201-585-1935

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