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									Games suitable for 10-11’s
(Meteorite storm) Hit the bottle: Equipment: One plastic bottle and two juggling balls Two teams facing each other, numbered 1- whatever. With number ones starting at different ends. A bottle is standing in the middle between the two teams. A chair is at either end, with a small juggling type ball. When a number is called, the two players must stand up, got to the chair allocated to their team and tray and knock the ball over by hitting it, if they miss, they collect the ball and try again. They cannot throw unless they are on the chair. First team to knock it down wins. Highest scoring team wins. Jousting Equipment: Two serving spoons and two tennis balls Again in two teams, facing each other. In the middle are two big spoon and tennis balls. They aim of the game is to keep up your ball on the spoon for the longest as the first person who’s ball hits the floor loses. Again shout out number randomly, and the team with the highest number of points wins.

Dog and bone Equipment: Two rolled up newspapers The children are seated in equal teams facing each other and given numbers 1-… In the middle between the two teams is a rolled up newspaper. When a number is called out the two children must get up, the aim of the game is to get the bone and return to your seat. Once one person has picked it up the other player must try and tag the opponent before they sit down in order to stop then getting points. Knight, Cavalier and Horseman Equipment: Music The music plays and the people dance, when the music stops, one of three words is shouted out. Knight, one person gets down on one knee, and their partner must sit on the their lap. Horseman: one person gets down on all fours and the partner sits on their back. Cavalier: Either one most piggy back the other, or must pick them up like a baby. They must become a statue, rather than getting the last person out, points can be awarded for the best one, or the person who was quickest, Or points could be awarded to the last pair, and the aim of the game is to have the least amount of points at the end.

Key game 2 Equipment: A set of keys for each circle The children sit in a circle and one person goes out of the room. A bunch of keys or other noisy item is placed into the hands of one person, all the children hands are behind their backs. The children have to keep their arms moving from side to side, passing the keys as they do so. The person comes back into the room and has to stand in the middle of the circle and work out where the keys are.

Winking game: Equipment: A circle of chairs The children get into pairs and get a chair, one person sits on the chair and the other stand behind them with their hands by their side. One person has no partner and is standing behind an empty chair. The person with no partner wants one and has to try and get someone else to come and sit on his or her chair, by winking at someone sitting on a chair. The person behind the chair must watch carefully, if someone winks at their partner they must grab them by the shoulders to stop them moving. If the person winked at is grabbed, the winker must choose someone else to steal. After people have had a go, swap over those standing and those sitting Playdough Pictionary Equipment: Tubs of playdough, enough for each group As with drawing pictionary, the children are in four or more teams, one person is chosen as the first sculptor, who comes to the leader in the middle. They are all given an object which they must make with the playdough, They cannot speak, but may use the object in a way that it would be used to demonstrate what it is. When someone in the team has guessed another person comes up to get the next item that must be made. The winning team is the first person to go through the list of 10 items. A leader must be with each group to ensure that they are playing fairly. Balloon games Equipment: 10(approx) blown up balloon The children sit in two teams facing each other about a metre or so apart. At first one balloon is put into the middle at the aim of the game is get the balloon to land on the floor behind your opponents. Bottoms must not leave the floor and points are deducted if this happens. As they get more used to the game add, 2, 3, 4, etc… balloons to make it harder.

Chocolate game Equipment: Knife, fork, plate, chocolate bar, hat, scarf, gloves Best done in smaller groups. You need a hat, scarf, and gloves plus a plate with chocolate on, and a knife and fork. A dice is also needed. The children roll the dice round the circle, if they roll a six they must put on the hat, scarf and gloves and begin eating the chocolate with the knife and fork, until someone else rolls a six… Pea game Equipment: Dried peas, straws and two plates per team You have a plate of peas at one end, where the teams are lined up. At the other end of the hall are empty saucers in line with each team. The idea is that taking it in terms they have to suck up the pea on the straw and carry it to the other end. The winner is the team that does it first. Cat and mouse Equipment: None The children stand in rows, even lengths. (e.g. 4 fours of 6) They all must face the same direction, and hold their hands out to the side so that their fingertips are touching the fingertips of the person on either side of them. Shout turn, and they must do a 90-degree turn clockwise to face the side wall, making sure that their fingertips are touching the fingertips of the person on either side of them. Then choose a cat and a mouse. The cat must catch the mouse. They must stay within the maze of the arms, and the person in charge shouts turn as often as they like, so that the clear passages change from running horizontally to vertically. When the mouse is caught, a new cat and mouse are chosen and the old cat and mouse take their place in the grid. Tissue whirlwind Equipment: Some mansize tissues Children gather in groups of about six. They are given a tissue. When the command airborne is given, the group leader throws the tissue in the air. Without any part of their body touching the tissue, they must keep it in the air, simply by blowing Ready for space Equipment: Bin bags, newspaper, foil and selotape In groups the children are given old newspapers and sticky tape. They must choose one person to prepare for space. By securing them in a space outfit. They can make hats, trousers and tops, but the person must be completely covered etc, for the face area. When the person is dressed there will be judges to see who is most ready for space.

Dodge Ball Equipment: A sponge ball The children all stand on one side of the hall, and there are two leaders on, standing either side of the line in the middle of the hall. One has a ball. They call out a category, such as everyone wearing trainers. All those wearing trainers must run from one side of the room to the other as the leaders try and hit them below the knee with the sponge ball. If you are hit you are out. Alternative scoring, if you are hit you get a point, the person with the least number of points at the end wins.

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