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word 2007 level 2


word 2007 level 2

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									                                             Word 2007 - Level 2
                              In this course, students create complex documents in Microsoft® Office Word 2007
                              documents and build personalized efficiency tools in Microsoft® Word 2007. (Second

            公司介绍              【At Course Completion:】
                              Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: - manage lists. -
     美 国 艾 威 总 部 设 在 NEW      customize tables and charts. - customize formatting with styles and themes. - modify
JERSEY,是北美排行第一的著名培            pictures in a document. - create customized graphic elements. - insert content using
训机构,设有 4 大分校,数十个培训点           Quick Parts. - control text flow. - use templates to automate document creation. -
遍布北美、西欧和东亚。它以培养国              perform mail merges. - use macros to automate common tasks.
际化的中高端信息人才为己任,专注              【Who Should Attend】
于国际前沿的计算机新技术研发,信              This course was designed for persons who can create and modify standard business
息科技新兴行业的开拓教育,它和微              documents in Microsoft® Word 2007, and who need to learn how to use Microsoft®
软、甲古文、IBM、SUN 等前沿的计           Word 2007 to create or modify complex business documents as well as customized
算机尖端企业建立了全球高端教育建              Word efficiency tools. It will be helpful for persons preparing for the Microsoft Office
设框架;艾威的合作伙伴包括是微               Specialist exams for Microsoft® Word 2007.
软、甲骨文、思科学术学院、SUN 美            【Duration】
国试验中心等;艾威也是美国 PMI 协           1 DAYS
                              Lesson 1: Managing Lists
                              Sort a List
                              Renumber a List
                              Customize Lists

                              Lesson 2: Customizing Tables and Charts
                              Sort Table Data
                              Control Cell Layout
                              Perform Calculations in a Table
                              Create Charts

                              Lesson 3: Customizing Formatting with Styles and Themes
                              Create or Modify a Text Style
                              Create a Custom List or Table Style
                              Apply Default and Customized Document Themes

                              Lesson 4: Modifying Pictures
地址:中国.上海黄浦区黄河路 355 号
                              Resize a Picture
                              Adjust Picture Appearance Settings
电话:+1 908-222-2833 美国         Wrap Text Around a Picture
      + 400-888-5228   中国
                              Lesson 5: Creating Customized Graphic Elements       Create Text Boxes and Pull Quotes
网址:    Draw Shapes
                              Add WordArt and Other Special Effects to Text
                              Create Complex Illustrations with SmartArt

                              Lesson 6: Inserting Content Using Quick Parts
                              Insert Building Blocks
                              Create Building Blocks
                              Modify Building Blocks
                              Insert Fields Using Quick Parts

Lesson 7: Controlling Text Flow
Control Paragraph Flow
Insert Section Breaks
Insert Columns
Link Text Boxes to Control Text Flow

Lesson 8: Using Templates to Automate Document Creation
Create a Document Based on a Template
Create a Template

Lesson 9: Automating Mail Merges
Perform a Mail Merge
Mail Merge Envelopes and Labels
Use Word to Create a Data Source

Lesson 10: Using Macros to Automate Tasks
Perform a Task Automatically Using a Macro
Create a Macro

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