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why are we doing this


why are we doing this

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full-time and summer analysts
About the Asia Region
Goldman Sachs is a global investment banking, securities and investment management firm. We provide a wide range of services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes corporations, institutional investors, governments, non-profit organizations and individuals. Our headquarters is in New York and we maintain significant offices in London, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Hong Kong and other financial centers around the world. Asia provides some of the most exciting and dynamic opportunities in business, particularly with the dramatic growth of China’s economy. Goldman Sachs has been setting the standard for innovation, performance and service in the investment banking, securities and investment management industry in the region for over 30 years. With offices in all the major Asian financial centers and a unique platform in China, Goldman Sachs offers longterm intellectually stimulating careers to individuals with energy and vision. Goldman Sachs in Asia ex-Japan has its headquarters in Hong Kong and six additional offices in Beijing, Mumbai, Singapore, Taipei, Seoul and Shanghai. Throughout Asia and the rest of the world, Goldman Sachs is a place where ideas and creativity flourish and where your efforts can drive real and lasting change. Join us to acquire new skills, apply them to some of the world’s most interesting business challenges and learn from experience. To learn more about Asia opportunities, visit the Locations section of our web site.

How to Apply:  Visit our website at www.gs.com/careers  Create an applicant account “Internship, New analyst or New Associate Applicants” Note: If you already had an online account with us, you can use the same account to apply for 2010 positions.  Please complete all requested information and under Position Preference please follow the below steps: 1) Select your division preference(s) 2) Select your sub-division preference(s) 3) Select your location preference(s)  Upload Resume/CV: Attach a 1-page English resume and Chinese resume in PDF/MS-WORD format  Online full-time application deadline: November 1, 2009  Online summer internship application deadline: November 29, 2009  Selected candidates will be contacted for interviews in November for full-time openings, and December for summer openings

Full-time positions (for students graduating in 2010):       Finance Global Investment Research Investment Banking Division Operations Securities Technology

Summer Internship positions (for students graduating in 2011):        Finance Global Investment Research Investment Banking Division Investment Management Division Operations Securities Technology

full-time and summer analysts
Frequently Asked Questions
How long after I submit my application will I hear from Goldman Sachs Asia? After you complete your online application, you will receive immediate email confirmation of the receipt of your application. Those candidates whose applications best meet our requirements will receive an email from the recruiting team to schedule a phone interview in November for full-time positions, and December for summer internship positions. Will my interviews be with the divisions I preference on my online application? Not necessarily. You may be considered for the divisions you selected, but you may also be invited for an interview with a division you did not apply for. We have found that our firmwide recruitment process benefits many candidates since they are considered for all divisions they are suited for, rather than just those that are best known. What is your policy on recruiting graduates who require a work a work permit? All our hiring decisions are driven by business needs. As we move into new and emerging markets or expand our presence in markets where we have a franchise, we clearly need the skills of those who have experience with the culture and/or language of our clients. Should you require an employment visa to work in Asia, we will work with you to process your employment visa and any visa requirements for your family, during your assignment in the region. How can I prepare for my interview with Goldman Sachs Asia? Visit our website to learn more about our opportunities. We strongly encourage you to visit the Divisions section of our website to learn more about our business divisions. These snapshots provide an inside look into the activities of each of our businesses. They also detail the skills necessary to be successful and the opportunities that exist for you. What kind of people are you seeking to recruit? We recruit from all academic backgrounds at the Bachelors, Masters, MBA and PhD levels. Many of our people have traditional finance backgrounds or business degrees but we also have people with degrees in science, engineering, technology, the humanities or the arts. Is an Asian language required to work in Asia? Fluency in Chinese and English may enhance your application. More importantly, we are looking for candidates with a commitment to the region and an understanding of the cultural differences. Do I need to attach a copy of my Chinese resume when I submit an online application? This is not mandatory, but if you have a copy of your resume written in Chinese it would be useful to us as a reference. What is the interview process? In the Asia region, we begin our interview process with a 15minute preliminary phone interview (please note you may be selected for interviews with more than one division). The interview will focus primarily on your overall interest in the financial services industry. Following the phone interview, selected candidates will be invited to participate in further interviews. Throughout the process we will consider your skills, experiences and divisional preferences to determine if you may be a suitable match for one of our hiring divisions. What training will I receive as a full-time employee? Through Goldman Sachs University you will find an expansive curriculum designed to help you excel in your commercial endeavors and build a strong career with the firm. When you join us, you’ll participate in an intensive introductory firmwide training program where you’ll learn about our business, our culture and our people. In addition to firmwide training, graduates are enrolled in an overseas divisional training program. This is designed to provide you with the product knowledge, technical skills and systems training you will need to do your job within your chosen division. It is also intended to help you forge a global network of contacts. Goldman Sachs University offers continuing education courses which are provided to all employees to enhance personal and professional development. For more information on summer analyst opportunities with Goldman Sachs, please contact aejcampus-china@gs.com.

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