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Fact sheets of the village locations and college information are found in this section. Please keep reading for further information. The table included in this section outlines the village allocations by sports and nations. The first row shows the name of the village and the second row indicates which sports will reside there. To view your allocations, find the row with your country code and then read across the shaded cells to find your sport. There will be three clusters of Villages across Sydney. • University of Sydney Village Sites • Western Sydney Cluster – UWS Blacktown, Hawkesbury, Kingswood & Valentine Sports Park. • North West Cluster – Macquarie University Village, St Ignatius & Southern Cross College

Village menus and competition venue meals will be prepared based on the Australian Institute of Sport’s dietary guidelines. If any athlete or team official has dietary restrictions due to allergies, religious practices and/or cultural preferences please complete the Dietary Advice Form (see appendix) and return it by 19 November 2008.

Whilst AYOF Village Duty Managers will be on site for the duration of your stay at the village, please understand that as Team Manager, you assume primary responsibility for the conduct of your athletes as per the 2009 AYOF Participation Agreement.

If your team, or parts thereof, are arriving prior to 13 January 2008 and requires assistance in finding accommodation please advise via email to Jennifer Anson by 31 October 2008.

Each Village site will have a dedicated drop off and pick up zone (this will be pointed out to teams on their arrival and also marked on the village map). At larger villages AYOF Load Zone Staff will be allocated to this area ensuring transport arrives and departs in an efficient manner.

Transport schedules will be posted at the Village Services Centre (VSC) on a daily basis Athletes and Team Officials located at each College will have access to the following transport services: (a) (b) Airport and Central Station bus transfers for arrival and departure. Dedicated bus services to and from their respective competition venue for training and competition purposes. Dedicated bus services to and from the Opening Ceremony.


Should an athlete or team official miss a bus they will be instructed to go to the VSC where alternate transport arrangement can be made. For more information regarding transport please refer to the Transport Services (Section 6)

There will be laundry facilities, washing machine and dryer, available at each Village Site. Rates on the cost of washing will vary between sites, for more specific information regarding your Village please refer to your specific Village Brief. The Village Services Centre will provide washing powder free of charge to all teams.

We will advise Team Managers of room configurations by 19 November including floor plans of allocated rooms. The final room allocations will be the responsibility of each Team Manager and gender splits may need to be taken into consideration. Team Managers will be provided with a blank room list on arrival to the Village which must be filled in and returned to Village Duty Managers at the VSC within 12 hours of arrival.

On arrival all guest will receive a Village Guide that will contain information regarding the Village. It will have a Village map of all facilities, information regarding the Village Services Centre, Transport drop off and pick up zone, recreational facilities and much more.

The Village Fact Sheets will be given to Team Managers on arrival. The Fact Sheets will be specific to each Village and contain more detailed information regarding the village, as well as Medical information and contact phone numbers for Village Duty Managers. Fact Sheets will be constantly updated in the lead up to the AYOF as new information is made available. To download the most up to date version of each Village Fact Sheet, please visit Zeus.

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