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unit 1 unit 2


unit 1 unit 2

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									Unit 1
Ⅰ.Complete the following dialogue:
  Complete               dialogue:

    Dick is introducing himself to a new colleague, Tony Bla ir , who has just joined the company.

    Dick: Hello! Wehaven’t met yet. My name is Dick Hill.

    Tony: __________________________

    Dick: Are you joining the Sales Department?

    Tony: __________________________

    Dick: Oh, so we will be working together, then well, you’ll like the staff in this department,

         The manager is introducing Tony Blair to Bill, another employee.

    Manager: Good morning, Bill. I’d like you to meet our new advertising manager, Tony Bla ir.

    Bill: I’m very pleased to meet you Mr. Bla ir.

    Tony: __________________________

   Bill: And you can ca ll me Bill. I’m in the advertising department, too. So we’ll be seeing a lot
   of each other.

  Choose one of the follow ing situations or other one to make up a short conversation with your

 1. You take a new friend to your dormitory for the first time, you introduce your friend to your

 2. You work in an office. A new person has just joined the staff. You introduce the new person to
    the other colleagues in your department.

 3. You work for a company. You and others are visiting a factory for business meeting. You
    introduce them to the manager of the factory.
  Ⅲ.According to the frequent expressions, put the following sentences into English:

 1. 请问,您是澳大利亚来的布莱尔先生吗?

 2. 很高兴,终于见到您了。

 3. 我替您拿行李好吗?

 4. 我希望您能见一下老板。

 5. 我们的经理张先生前来迎接您。

Unit 2
 1. Role---Play: with your partner, make an introduction according to the following

      Company: Computer corporation, one of the largest internationa l companies.

      Established: 1990

      Headoffice: Beijing

      Plants and branch offices: major cities a ll over the world

      Major products: computer, printer, photocopier, etc.

      Employees: 40,000

      Estimated total sa les: US $50 billion
2.    According to the frequent expressions, put the following sentences into English:

 1. 我们的产品主要出口到欧洲和南美市场。

 2. 我们公司专营建材的进口。

 3. 我们是东亚地区最大的建材进口商之一。

 4. 公司创建于 1989 年,现在国内外有二十个分公司。

 5. 公司是中国有名的明星企业之一。

Unit 3
 1. Complete the following dialogue:
      A: I learned from the ads that you manufacture and sell this product. (A shows B a picture of a

      B: Yes, we do. _________________________________________________.


      A: Good.

      B: W ell then, _________________________________________________?


      A: I’d like to know something more about the product. Such as the materials, the design and
      the sales.

      B: Here is a catalogue and a list. We have many varieties. The product is made of 85% chain
      stores in other countries as well. It’s a popular item this year.

      A: Really! Oh, what about the quality?

      B: Absolutely reliable. ________________________ (质量可靠,优良) ,

      ______________________________ (手感柔软光滑) It’s this year’s latest design.
     A: Thank you. You’ve been most helpful.

     B: My pleasure. I can assure you that you’ll find ____________________

      _______________ (我们的产品的前景非常好)。
Ⅱ . According to the frequent expressions, put the following sentences into
1.   它具有多种功能的特征,是高档商品。

2.   这是今年出口的最新机型。

3.   我可以先看一下样品吗?

4.   我肯定你会对我们的产品感兴趣的。

5.   由于对大家健康有益,它越来越受欢迎。

Unit 4
Ⅰ. Complete the following dialogue:
1.   I just tried calling Mr. Zheng’s office. ____________________(但是电话占线)。

2.   Hello , it’s me again. ________________(但是我还是拨不通郑先生的分机)。

3.   Can I speakwith Mr. Zheng?


4.   __________ Mr. Zheng in?

5.   Can I ____ with Mr. Zheng, please?

6.   Wou ldyou like to______ a message?

7.   Can I _______ a message?

8.   I'll______ him the message.

9.   My ca lls aren’t getting _______( 打不 通)。

10. Let me_________________(替你转接到他的部门)。
Make up a short conversation with your partner. You dia l a wrong number. What will happen and
how should you deal with this situation?

Unit 5
Ⅰ.Role---Play: Work in groups. Some important customers are coming to your
company. Plan a Chinese food menu for them. You should have a starter, a main
course and a dessert. Then explain your menu and describe it using the
expression below to someone from another group.
                             a local speciality.
                             very popular here.
                    It’s     a kind of vegetable / fruit.
                             a (bit ) like…
                             fairly hot / quite rich / very sweet / salty / spicy / sour / bitter

     Ⅱ.Complete the following dialogue:
      A: Wou ldyou like to have, Mr. Smith?

      B: Oh, I’d like to ______ some Chinese food. Can you ______ me where we should go?

      A: Chengdu Restaurant serves Chinese food very well. But I’m not sure which style

      B: I have no ______ about Chinese food.

      A: I think Mapo beancurd and shredded meat in chilli sauce are quite special, but the taste of
      most Sichuan dishes is _______ and _______.

      B: Oh, really? I like hot food.

      A: Wou ldyou _______ anything to _______?

      B: Yes, A _______ of Mao Tai.

      A: Great.

      B: Thank for your _______.

      A: My pleasure.
Ⅲ . According to the frequent expressions, put the following sentences into
1.    让我们一起上酒吧去,好不好?

2.    你不妨尝尝绍兴黄酒。

3.    粤菜清淡,川菜又麻又辣。

4.    请举杯,为我们的友谊和健康干杯!

5.    中国宴席丰盛常常使客人惊叹不已。

Unit 6
1. Complete the following dialogue:
      A: What’s your arrangement for this weekend?

      B: Oh, I have no idea for it. Do you have some plans?
   A: ----------------------------------- (你愿意和我一起去郊区观光吗?)

   B: Of course. How long can we get there?

   A: About two ours to get there by bus.

   B: Oh, not far away. ------------------------------- (我们早上什么时候出发呢?)

   A: At 9 o’clock.

   B: Ok, I will make it.
2. Role---Play:
   Imagining that you are the manager of the Public Relations Department in your company,now
   you are introducing the related-business arrangements to your guest just coming from New
   York. During your introduction, you should explain the deta ils of today arrangement to him /

Unit 7
 1. Complete the following dialogue:
   1. It’s nice to see a ll of you here again.__________(我们可以开始了吗)?

   ____________________(很高兴欢迎我们的新人来参加这次会议). I guess you have met
   everyone already.We are happy to have you with us.

   _____ ___ (诚如各位所知), we are here to decide the issues to be discussed at our upcoming
   sales conference. I have a list of a ll the issues that you a ll have submitted to me, and we will
   be discussing which ones are the most important. I a sure we will have a fruitf ul discussion.

   ______________(让我们很快看看议程) . There are only three items. The first item is :
   review of a ll the issues. The second item is : selection of the most important issues. And the
   final item is : deciding which issues are to be on the first day of the conference, and which
   issues are to be on the secondday of the conference.

   _____________(让我们预定在中午结束)so that we can a l have lunch together.

 2. A: I agree with Fred. Barney’s department has got to make some cutbacks. The department
    spends too much unnecessary money. That money…

   B: ___________ (这里我可以说句话吗) ?

   A:________________ (让我把话讲完) .

 3. A: According to my experience, the soft colors are more popular than the brig ht colors.

   B:____________ (我百分之百的同意) . The brig ht colors never sell as well.

 2. According to the frequent expressions, put the following sentences into
     1. 我们开始讨论正题吧。

     2. 我想先对各位表达欢迎之意。

     3. 我召开这场会议是为了让我们有机会讨论新产品的推出(launch)。

     4. 让我们看看议程.我们将会讨论三个主题。

     5. 这场会议应该会在午餐时间前结束。

Unit 8
1. According to the frequent expressions, put the following sentences into English:

1.    会议到此告一个段落。

2.    今天到此为止吧。

3.    谢谢大家的合作与贡献。

4.    细节部分我们可以下次在谈。

5.    我们明天由此继续进行。
II Write out a closing including the three points.

Unit 9

Ⅰ.Answer the following questions:
  Answer               questions:
      1. What are the functions of a business letter?
      2. We often hear people say the three C’s. What are they?

Unit 10
Ⅰ.Answer the question
   Answer        question:
  1. what is the advantages of fax in business communication?
  2. Translate the following Fax into Chinese:

                                    FAX MESSAGE
TO: PHONIEXSOFTWARE CO. LTD                              DATE:23 DEC 2005
ATTN: JACK                                               REF NO: E86331
FROM :MARY MASTERS                                      FAX: 54332221
TEL: 66543456                                           TEL:54332224
FAX:66523455                                             NO.OF PAGES:2
Jack, I can’t reach on the phone, would you please ca ll me back tonight? I will be in the office
  then. It’s about the invoice you faxed me yesterday..

Unit 11

Ⅰ.Answer the following questions:

   1. what is the structure of a email message?
   2. what is the advantages of email compared with a traditional mail?

   3.write an email in English according to the following information.

XXX 先生:




                                 XXX 敬上

Unit 12
Ⅰ.Questions for discussion:
  1. What is commercial information? Give some examples.
  2. What is the value of commercial information?
  3. Why is it necessary to update and revise commercial information regularly?

Unit 13
Ⅰ.Discuss the following questions:
   1. Except what mentioned in the chapter, do you know other approaches to the
       information sources?

   2. In your opinion, is it necessary to know the approaches to the information
    sources? Why?
Ⅱ.Translate the following sentences into Chinese:
 1. Through them, reliable information is quite possible to be acquired.
     2. Although seldom open to public, the information is, however, decisive for an
        enterprise to make a sound judgment and respond quickly to the market.
     3. Besides, the radio, typical of flexibility and novelty, is another important
        information source.

Unit 14
I. Answer the following questions:
1.    How many types of information mentioned in the chapter? How to collect them?

2.    Can you explain one of the strategies in the chapter?

3.    What principles should be aware of when we collect information?
II. Translate the following sentences into Chinese:
1.    The strategies of the information collect ing vary according to the types of information, which
      are divided into static and dynamic information, open and restricted information

2.    it is necessary for the collectors to exercise their initiative.

3.    but also a lot of valuable information will be shadowedin the useless and false one.

4.    completeness means the similar information scattered in various fields should be searchedand
      put together.

5.    consecutiveness refers to that the same information should be tracked down at dif ferent time
      and stage.

Unit 15
Ⅰ.Questions for discussion:
1.    What is the purpose of processing commercial information?

2.    What are the principles in the processing of commercial information?

3.    Retell the main steps of processing commercial information.

4.    What should we do in order to protect our information system?

5.    How can we secure the facticity of commercial information?

Unit 16

Ⅰ .Questions for discussion:
     1. What are the basic requirements in the process of transmitting commercial
  2. What are the different ways to transmit commercial information? Tell the
     differences and give some specific examples for each of them.
  3. If you are in charge of an enterprise, how will you deliver your information?
  4. What is the use of the Internet in the process of transmitting commercial
     information? Give some specific examples.
Unit 17
Ⅰ. Answer the following questions according to the text.

     1.    What are the 4Ps?
     2.    What should marketing deal with?
     3.    How should you write a marketing plan?

 .    Match the Chinese meanings in Column B to the English ones in Column A.
            A                                  B
1. marketing mix                            a.费用预算
2. marketing plan                           b.每月销售计划
 3.advertising campaign                     c.目标市场
 4.analyse the information                 d.广告活动
 5.fix the objectives                      e.确定目标
 6.planned sales by month                  f.营销组合 market                            g.市场划分
 8.segmentation                              h.分析信息
 9.expense budget                           i.营销计划

Ⅲ. Practices
  Write a marketing plan for your own to-be-set up company.

Unit 18

Ⅰ. Answer the following questions according to the text.
1.Which factors can affect business?
2.What does marketing research include?
3.What is the common process of making a questionnaire?

Ⅱ. Match the Chinese meanings in Column B to the English ones in Column A.
 .                                                               ColumnA.
        A                                        B
1.availability of labor                       a.原始资料
2.primary data                                b.市场调查机构
3.sales records                               c.国家经济状况
4.governmental tax                            d.传达发现的情况
5.labor costs                                  e.政府税收
6.the state of the economy                       f.劳动力成本
7.availability of raw materials                  g.获得原材料的难易程度
8.convey the discovery and meaning               h.收集信息
9.gathering information                          i.获得劳动力的难易程度 research agencies                       j.内在数据
11.internal data                                  k.外在数据

Ⅲ. Practices
   Project a questionnaire for a department store in Chengdu.

Unit 19
Ⅰ. Answer the following questions according to the text.
1. What is the relationship between a brand and its price?
2. Can you suggest the strategy of pricing a brand?
3. Do you agree that marketing by brands is the highest level of marketing?
4. What famous brands do you know?

 .   Match the Chinese meanings in Column B to the English ones in Column A.
                       A                                   B
        1.Small profits but quick turn over        a.三星
        2.long price but limited sale              b.奇瑞 QQ
        3.Samsung                                   c.通用电气
        4.Rolls-Royce                              d.薄利多销
        5.chery                                     e.劳斯来斯
      6.McDonald’s                                 f.高价限销
        7.GE                                        g.奥迪
        9.Audi                                       i.家乐福
        10.trademark                                 j.西门子
        11.Panasonic                                 k.松下
        12.SIEMENS                                    l.麦当劳
Ⅲ. Practices
    List more brands you know and their prices.

Unit 20

 .    Answer the following questions according to the text.
1. Which are the basic channel members?
2. What does marketing channel mean?
3. What are the three levels of distribution?
4. What is the number of transactions through middleman?
Ⅱ. Match the Chinese meanings in Column B to the English ones in Column A.
   .                                                             ColumnA.
               A                                    B
1.retailer                                       a.保险渠道
2.manufacturer                                   b.中间商
3.wholesaler                                    c. 赢得忠实的顾客
4. intermediary                                 d.价值链
5. insurance market                              e.适应市场情况
6. gain the loyalty of customers                  f.减少交易次数
7. value chain                                 g.建立成功的分销渠道
8. adapt to the market situation                    h.革新分销渠道
9. reduce the numbers of transactions               i.零售商
10. innovate the distribution channels              j. 制造商
11.establish successful distribution channel          k.批发商

Ⅲ. Practices
     Project a distribution channel for Chery.

Unit 21
Ⅰ.Answer the following questions according to the text.
1. What is the fundamental formation of advertisement?
2.What determines the advertisers choose a means of media?
3.Do you think promotion is necessary for a company?
Ⅱ. Match the Chinese meanings in Column B to the English ones in Column A.
   .                                                             ColumnA.
                     A                                 B
   1.exhibitions and trade fairs             a.识别标记
   2.the media of advertising                 b.插图
   3.headlines                                c.编排
   4.identification marks                     d.展览与商品交易会
   5.nonverbal part                          e.广告的媒介
   6.illustrations                            f.销售现场广告
   7.layout                                    g.宣传
   8.Coupon                                     h.证券
   9.premium                                    i.标题
   10.point-of-purchase advertising             j.奖券
   11.Propaganda                                k.非语言部分
Ⅲ. Practices
   Write a piece of advertisement for your new hair style.
Unit 22
Ⅰ. Answer the following questions according to the text.
1.Why is goodservice to the customer very important?
2. Can you suggest some rules of customer care?
3.Which good images do you know? Can you cite out some?
Ⅱ. Match the Chinese meanings in Column B to the English ones in Column A.
  .                                                              ColumnA.
            A                                      B

  1.after-sale services                           a. 场所
     2.location                                      b. 产品形象
     3.internal image                               c. 带头
     4.establish trust                              d. 货物
     5.satisfy consumer needs                      e. 男子汉的象征
     6.the campaign of price                        f. 售后服务
     7.product images                               g. 促销活动
     8.a symbol of true men                         h. 建立信誉
     9.the feeling of being the God                 i. 内在形象
     10.merchandise                                   j. 做上帝的感觉
     11.promotional activities                      k. 满足消费者的需求
     12.take the lead                                l. 价格战
Ⅲ. Practices
     1.Visit one successful retailer and determine its target market. Determine what
appearance or image the retailer has created to satisfy its customers’ needs..
     2. Research a famous company whose after-sale service is excellent. Try to write a
report about that.

Unit 23
Ⅰ.Put the following into Chinese.
   Put                     Chinese.
  1. A corporation organized under the law of Germany.
  2. The buyer and seller must conclude a contract.
  3. The contract is to be signed up by you two parties.
  4. The sellers is going to deliver what is sold out to buyer.
  5. The buyer shall settle the payment for what is purchased.

Unit 24
Ⅰ.The following are offer invitations(willingness to negotiate)not offers. Please
give the reasons to each.
  1. Advertisements of goods for sale in a newspaper
  2. Requests for tenders for work to be done
  3. Goods displayed in a shop window
Unit 25
Ⅰ.Put the following into English.
     1. 报盘
     2. 法人
     3. 要约邀请
     4. 被普遍认为(公认)合理的
     5. 邮电方式发出时,撤回必须在接受之前或接受发出只同一日到达。
Ⅱ.Discuss whether or not a contract has been formed in the following case.
    Nick writes to Sandy offering to sell his graphite shafted driver for $100, indicating
that he will keep the offer open for a week. Sandy writes accepting the offer 2 days
later, but Nick has changed his mind and writes withdrawing the offer. Two letters cross
in the post.

Unit 26
Ⅰ.Put the following into English
     1 法定代表人
    2 工商登记营业执照的号码
    3 合同的种类及形式
    4 (合同)履行期限、履行地点、履行形式
    5 就仲裁或诉讼达成协议,协议中要选定裁判机关是哪一个法院或是哪一
     6 国际结算
Ⅱ.You are required to write a contract based on the aforementioned information in the
     Company A is a manufacture of cars in New York and Company B is a seller of
cars in Chengdu.
    Now, through offer-accepting process, the two companies are to sign a contract in
the cars transaction.
    You are asked to make a contract. The details you may simulate are just as the
course tells.

Ⅲ.Discussion: negotiation skills and techniques

Unit 27

Ⅰ.Paraphrase the following statements:
  (1) Mediation is conducted by a go-between (often a mediator) to each party
  (2) According to the law of arbitration, there must be an arbitration agreement that
      may be a clause in a contract or a separate document in which the definite
      arbitration organization should be chosen.
  (3) The award made by arbiters is final decision.
  (4) If the breach leads to a result so serious that it can’t be remedied by compelling

Ⅱ.Translate the following into English

  1   受损害方

  2   违约方承诺的责任

  3   背靠背调解

  4   面对面调解

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