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EasT coasT EdiTion Sicma Aero Seat: Morphing of the Cushion
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MorpHing of THE cusHion
Sicma aero Seat is the european Seat division of Zodiac group, specializes in the manufacture and sale of passenger seats for civil aircraft, crew seats and cabin systems and equipment. Seat size, ergonomic design, and value-added features are becoming essential to airline marketing strategy. In 2007, Sicma Aero Seat chose HYPERWORKS for seat design under dynamic loadings. This decision was guided by:

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• The offer which gives access to many attractive tools, • Their quality, • The user friendliness of the tools especially of HyperMesh, HyperCrash and Radioss. • The cost benefit of the license system.
Three engineers are using altair products with the HII 50%tile dummy, adapted for the aeronautics. Within the context of the SAE Technical Committee “Sae aircraft Seat” working on the recommendations for seat design, ARP 5765, Sicma aero Seat made a study of the interest of the morphing technique available in HyperCrash for the 16g sled test. This technique consists of the upper surface deformation of the cushion to fit the dummy shape which has been set at the H position (morphing phase). Then the inner mesh

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Compliance with the requirements of FaR25.562 is a critical driving factor for seat design. as a part of the ongoing work on Certification by analysis, SICMA Aero seat has made significant investigations on various analysis techniques for computer based dynamic testing using Hyperworks. The new generations of competitive, dynamiccompliant seats provide innovative, effective, and customized solutions. Seats Division customers include all of the world’s premier airlines, along with a strong presence in the airbus and Boeing programs. Sicma aero Seat offers broad, individualized lineups, designed in close cooperation with the marketing and technical divisions of airlines and air framers.

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of the cushion is smoothed to respect regular conditions. These two phases are done in the pre processor HyperCrash which handles the safety tools in crash models. Simulating the dummy positioning is another solution. It is a quasi static loading problem also:

• The implicit solution can be applied moving the dummy at the right position within displacement steps (convergence criteria), • The dynamic relaxation method can be used (based on material damping) based on the explicit scheme. • The kinematic relaxation based on an imposed kinetic energy dissipation (Radioss unique approach).
The sled test model is made up of:

• Seat pan and backrest on aluminum parts • Seat pan & backrest cushions • Nylon Seat belt 2pts with 50N pretensioner • Aero Hybrid II 50%tile dummy • BCS on the seat pan & backrest interfaces with the base frame
The following material laws are used:

• The aluminum parts are modeled using the material law 36 “tabulated elasto-plastic”. • The cushion foam behavior is obtained with the material law 70 (foam material law). • The fabric material law (58) is used for the seat belts
Two processes are applied:

•	 Loadcase 1 (KEREL): establishing equilibrium position with the Kinetic Relaxation method (duration 100ms) before the dynamic 16g pulse •	 Loadcase 2 (MORPH): Dummy positioning with Morphing based on the Hpoint position followed by the dynamic16g pulse
Head path & Head acceleration comparisons show the perfect equivalence of both methods. The stress and strain states in the cushion are negligible. The important points are:

Sled Test Model

• To have the dummy at the right level, regarding the H-point positioning, • To have the right contact surface between the dummy and the cushion avoiding initial penetrations.
Head Path & Head Acceleration Comparisons

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as the behavior is equivalent on 16g, the following process is proposed by Sicma aero Seat:

• Dummy positioning at the H point position of the 16g sled test • Morphing of the cushion • 16g dynamic loading of the model
The benefits are:

• The influence of the strain and stress states in the cushion is negligible. • The use of morphing instead of running the dummy positioning with the dynamic relaxation saves the CPU time of this run, which is between 7 to 10 hours.
This CPU time reduction allows to run more variants and to consider an optimization phase in the seat design loop. We would like to thank Jeremy Cailleteau, FEA team leader at Zodiac for authoring this article.

Seat Belt Loads

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