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									Standard Chartered Bank “Banking Essentials” Programme
Banking and financial sector has known to be one of the fast growing sectors that affect the economy of China and the continuous development of this sector requires a pool of well-trained financial service talents. To offer specialized and job stream training exclusively to the students of Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-Sen University who are looking for a way to embark their careers in the banking industry, Standard Chartered Bank, which is one of the key players in the banking industry, has specially offered a “Banking Essentials Programme” to Lingnan College students.

Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited, Guangzhou Branch SCL Consulting Limited Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University


To provide a structured learning framework for students who are eager to learn more about commercial banking. To introduce a live experience in an international commercial bank through interactive dialogues with experienced bank staff and practitioners. To offer students with vocational introduction of the banking industry and counseling service to help them to develop their careers in the banking industry.

Concept and Methodology
Lecture, discussion, role-plays and real-life sharing.

All speakers will be from Standard Chartered Bank.

Programme Date: 30 October 2007 (Tuesday) Programme Time: 08:30 – 17:00


Class Room 203/204, WONG MING-HIN Hall (黄铭衍堂), Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-Sen University, 135 Xingang Xi Road, Guangzhou Proposed Agenda Welcome and Introduction - opening by SYSU - welcome note by SCB - Intro of SCB organisation structure, values and culture Banking Overview - Components of banks - How does bank make money? - What kind of risks do banks face? - Trends in banking - What is or is not commercial bank? Workplace Etiquette - Common etiquette in workplace such as a bank - Students will put in practice during breaks Tea Break - students will have the opportunity to mingle with SCB bankers Consumer Banking - What does consumer bank do? - What is a real life in consumer bank? - What knowledge and skills required as a banker in CB? Wholesale Banking - What does wholesale bank do? - What is a real life in Wholesale Bank? - What are the technical and soft skills required as a banker in WB? Service Culture - What is service culture in a bank or banking industry? - Why it is important to a bank or banking industry? - How does a right service culture become a winning edge for a bank?

Time 0830-0900







- How does it affect everyone in a bank? 1445-1530 Career Opportunities in Banking - What are the different positions in Bank that a fresh graduate can apply? Tea Break - students will have the opportunity to mingle with SCB bankers How to prepare to apply a position in a bank? - As an employer, what do we look for? - What are the key things to be mindful of for an interview of a banking position? Closing and group photo-taking

1530-1545 1545-1645


The programme is looking for Lingnan (University) College students (2nd and 3rd year undergraduates, 1st year postgraduate, MBA), with the criteria in Appendix 1. Here are the highlights of a few: A consistent academic achievement A good command of English The right attitude and enthusiasm for a career in the banking industry Lingnan (University) College will base on the criteria provided by Standard Chartered Bank (China) Limited to recruit target students to attend this training programme, and the maximum class size for this programme will be no more than 30 students. For students who maintain an excellent academic record and a positive performance in the programme, Standard Chartered Bank will transfer their resumes to Human Resource Department as the candidates of high priority of summer intern programme in 2008.


Application and Contacts
If you want to participate in this programme, please send your resume, with application letter, to following addresses before Oct 17. We will inform you with the arrangement of group/individual interview before Oct 19, and announce the “Final Participant Name List” before Oct 23, 2007. MBA students.

Ms. Yvonne Hu (胡亦兵老师),, tel: 020-84115011. Non-MBA-students. Mr. Guo Xing Yong (郭兴勇老师)., tel: 020-84112196.

Appendix 1 Competency Criteria for Selection Education background:
Lingnan undergraduates who are in their 2nd or 3rd year, postgraduate students who are in their 1st year, and MBA students. Major in Finance, Economics, International Business & Trade, Business Management, English, etc.

Soft Skills:
open-minded proactive & positive with can-do attitude good team player good interpersonal skill potential leadership with influencing capability creative good analysis and problem solving skill self-motivator quick-learner

Hard Skills:
computer literate fluent English in both writing and speaking good writing skill with structured layout good presentation skill good communication skill

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