The Bleacher Recliner by fjzhxb


									The Bleacher Recliner
The Bleacher Recliner is a sure way to save your seat and back at any indoor or outdoor event. It has a padded seat and backrest, fixed backrest to ease back fatigue; built in carry handle and adds value as carry along seating for camping, canoeing and other venues. The Bleacher Recliner is sold for $29.00 each in case quantities of eight seats. Orders of 48 units and higher will qualify for a volume discount.

We are Illinois Valley Plastics; Washington, Illinois and you can contact us at (309) 444-8884 or

Product Information
• The Bleacher Recliner was developed and patented in Illinois and is now sold by Illinois Valley Plastics • The back and seat cushions are a high quality breathable camo material • The seat has use instructions molded in • The back is a rigid fixed design with non skid base • The seat weight is 4.7 pounds • You can use adhesive backed Velcro tape to have a removable mount to a 5 Gallon pail lid for fishing or to a flat Canoe Seat or Hunting Blind Seat

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