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									The Amazing Skyline Relaxation Recliner
Here is a fresh contender for you if you are looking for a contemporary recliner. The Skyline relaxation massage chair is comfortable, relaxing and therapeutic. A relaxation chair is a comfortable recliner that has a few different features to help you to relax. The Omega Skyline relaxation chair is and elegant recliner that provides a number of different massage and therapy features.

Are you tired of having to use of levers to recline in your chair back? The Omega Skyline relaxation chair comes with a motorized chair back and leg rest. This enables you to find a comfortable position fast with the touch of a button.

A recliner must be comfortable. You expect to be able to spend hours in the recliner, for instance watching a movie. The Skyline relaxation chair has a wraparound design of the wood chair back which gives you a lot of space to relax.

A recliner is designed to fit in your living room or office. The Skyline relaxation chair will complement your home or office decoration. It comes in a coffee colored brown or in black. It has French inspired chrome feet for a more stylized and refined look.

Now the difference between a traditional recliner and the new generation is the integration of electronics and therapeutic features. After all, if you are going to spend time relaxing why not go all the way. The Skyline relaxation chair comes with different massages and even full body heat.

Some of the advanced features in the Skyline relaxation recliner are the air massage system, they invigorating vibration massage programs, full body heaters and MP3 player with headphones. These features help encourage and induce relaxation.

A relieving air massage is integrated into the Skyline relaxation chair. It uses a number of different airbags to target parts of your body. It provides gentle compression massage to the neck, back, buttocks and thighs. There are three different programs to choose from with the air massage system.

There are three different air massage programs that you can choose from. This gives you a variety of options to apply different types of massages. You can also adjust the air pressure intensity to better suit your needs.

For greater invigoration the Skyline relaxation chair comes with three automatic vibration massage programs. The rhythmic pulsing and intensity of the vibration helps to loosen up stiff and tight muscle areas. This is a great way to provide relief to the lower body.

A feature that is very nice in a recliner is heat. The Skyline relaxation recliner comes with full body heaters. This is a great way to warm up and just relax. It's easy to just snuggle up with a throw blanket and feel the spreading comfort and warmth of heat.

Of course, your relaxation experience would not be complete without music. Music is a great way to get your mind off of any issues. With your mind in a relaxed state, your body will begin to relax as well. This is an important aspect of any relaxation recliner and you will find it in the Skyline relaxation chair.

When it comes to relaxation, this is not your father's recliner. This is what the evolution of the recliner is, the Omega Skyline relaxation chair. Its striking contemporary design and host of therapeutic features put it in a class by itself. Relax the modern way, with the Omega Skyline relaxation recliner.

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Finally, you can find 21st century recliners that have the modern conveniences you would expect. The Skyline Relaxation Chair is for your convenience, comfort and relaxation. This recliner is full of features that you can activate at the touch of a button. See all the Omega Massage Chairs.


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