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Recliner Elite
Dual Lounge
The Recliner Elite features an array of stainless steel massage jets, carefully targeting every aspect of the body. Spectrum multi colour under water lighting, 5 multi level seating arrangement including ‘his & her’ loungers. Even when company arrives there is room enough for five guests, making relaxation a social event. The Recliner Elite offers incredible value for a 5 person dual lounge spa. The Recliner Elite offers real whirlpool hydrotherapy in every corner of the spa, surrounding your body with a invigorating massage as the night sky removes the day‘s stresses.

Water capacity Dry weight Dimension Seating capacity Required power 1000 liters 250kg 1925 x 1925 x 745mm 5 Adults including two loungers 220V - 15amps

Equipment Electronic control Spanet XS-2000 Spanet energy efficient heater 2000 watts Turbo blower system 1100 watt Pump flow system 1 x 2 speed 3hp/ 4.8bhp FASTFLO Filtration and ciculation system 50 sq ft Multi changing spectrum lights Insulated cover with child safe locking ABS protective base Jets 25 Turbo air injection jets 15 Hurricane adj jets 3 Mini hurricane adj jets 7 Options Hi-Fi Music systems: Executive version: Mp3 waterproof docking station with tuner Floating remote control Elite Version: Mp3 solid state amplifier with manual remote Water chemistry spa water starter chemical kit Spa cover lifter Cedar steps

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