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					At DISH Network we believe there are two basic facts regarding television, One, most Americans watch it. And fact number two, most Americans pay too much for it. Right now there are 30 million Americans very satisfied with their TV. Why? Because they have DISH Network. DISH Network delivers TV that is affordable, simple to understand and easy to operate. People, who sign up for DISH Network tend to like it, stick with it and tell other people about it. And that's why more and more people are choosing DISH Network to get their entertainment, weather and news. How our low cost is your high quality - To key costs down, we design and build our own award-winning receivers. There's no equipment to buy - What's more, our signal strength, has 99.9% reliability. We pay less and you pay less, while getting the highest quality entertainment and technology. Extensive HD programming options - With over 140 HD channels, DISH Network offers the HD channels you love, including Disney Channel and Disney XD. And right now new customers get our HD Platinum package as special bonus. Our standard-definition selection is equally as broad. The programming packages, Classic Bronze 100, Classic Silver 200 Classic Gold 250, range from over 120 channels to over 260 channels. The selections are both affordable and comprehensive. In addition, we have an impressive Latino lineup, a wide variety of International channels and thousands of video-ondemand options. DISH Network delivers the best TV for less - One phone call or order online is all it takes to get DISH Network. We'll match you with the equipment and programming to fit you needs. A local highly trained technician will install the system for free. You'll find additional support with our Welcome Center, and exclusive 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-week service created especially to meet the needs of new customers. To familiarize yourself with DISH Network, start with the easy-to-use No Sign up cost! #1 Choice in TV - If you want TV that has all your shows, tons of HD and great service for a low monthly price, DISH Network is for you. Order by Phone TODAY! For Live Help, Call Now 1-888-383-3845 Promo Code: SP31696 ... (PROMO CODE: SP31696 REQUIRED ON ALL ORDERS) ... FREE INSTALLATION * of a Dish Network Satellite TV System before this promotion expires.

Description: We're DISH Network Satellite TV - HD Television and Why we Cost Less. Get DISH Network for your home or business and SAVE! For Live Help, Call Now: 1-888-383-3845 Promo Code: SP31696 ... (PROMO CODE: SP31696 REQUIRED ON ALL ORDERS) ...