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					Carfax Hotel - Access Statement & General Information for Disabled Guests
Last updated: 18 July 2008

Access Statement
The Carfax Hotel aims to ensure that all employees, guests and others who use, or assist in, the provision of our services – whether they have a mobility difficulty, a visual impairment, are deaf or hard of hearing, are deaf blind, have a speech impairment or difficulty, have a learning difficulty or mental health disability, use a wheelchair, cane, walking frame or crutches, or have any other disability – are treated equally and according to their needs. We request that anyone wishing to make an enquiry or booking, inform us of any special needs or disabilities that they may have, in order for us to try to meet any personal requirements where possible. We constantly endeavour to improve accessibility to all our guests and any comments you have would be most welcome.

General Information
Introduction Bath is surrounded by hills but parts of the city centre are relatively level. The hotel is situated in the centre of an elegant Georgian boulevard with wide pavements and the classical dimension of 1000x100 feet which dates from 1790s. The Bus and Train Station is about 20 minutes level walk away, and a taxi should take about 5 minutes to drive to the hotel. The Roman Baths and Bath Abbey are about 15 minutes level walk away from the front door. Please contact our reservations team or visit our website for more information. National Accessible Scheme – Rated Mobility 2 The hotel participates in the National Accessibility Scheme and has been assessed by Quality in Tourism assessors, acting for VisitBritain, and awarded a rating of Mobility – Two. “Typically suitable for a person with restricted walking ability and for those that may need to use a wheelchair some of the time and can negotiate a maximum of three steps.” When to tell us about your requirements – Booking & The Check-in Process We are obviously unable to guarantee that we will be able to meet every conceivable need, and you are asked to alert us at the booking stage to allow us time to make provision and risk assess, but we are committed to attempting to meet all reasonable requests and to make your stay as accessible and enjoyable as possible. We ask guests to re-state any special requirements at check-in and to ensure these appear on the registration card. If you have difficulties evacuating the hotel via stairs or hearing the fire alarm, it is important for your safety that this is noted on our „fire list‟. The reception desk has a split level section for wheel chair use and a portable induction loop is available on request for the hearing impaired. Local & National Transport Links Bath Spa Train Station Station Place, off Dorchester Street, Bath, BA1 1SU Bath Bus Station Green Park Road, Bath First Great Western National Rail Enquiries BANES Transport Links First Group (Buses) National Express Hop-On Bath Tour buses Abbey Taxis Accessible Bath – Further Help & Information Find below a few locally based or UK organisations offering specific help and information. Bath Shopmobility Centre 7-9 Lower Borough Walls, Bath, BA1 1QS Tel: 01225 481744 Email: Web: Bath Tourist Information Centre Bath Abbey Chambers, Abbey Churchyard, Bath, BA1 1LY Tel: 0906 7112000 Email: Web: Accessible South West Woodwater Park, Exeter, EX2 5WT Tel: 01392 353222 Email: Web:
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Tel: 08457 484950 Tel: 01225 477000 Tel: 0845 6064446 Tel: 0871 7818179 Tel: 01789 299123 Tel: 01225 444444

Tourism for All Tel: 0845 1249971

Shap Road Industrial Estate, Sharp Road, Kendal, Cumbria, LA9 6NZ Email: Web:

Large Print & Braille on request Please ask at the booking stage or at Reception on arrival for the following documents: Breakfast Menu Large point-size print & Braille Emergency Procedures Large point-size print & Braille Evening Meal Menu Large point-size print Guest Information Handbook Large point-size print Storage - Wheel Chair & frames Limited onsite storage is available for access equipment and we do not accept responsibility for items left on the premises. There is enough space at the rear entrance for a mobility cart or wheel chair to be placed either inside or outside. Please specify requirements at booking and we will do our best to accommodate your storage needs. Fire Evacuation Our emergency evacuation procedures are printed in every bedroom, please ask for a larger point-size or Braille version if required. It is important that at check-in you state any difficulties you may have in evacuating the building via the stairs or in hearing the fire alarm, as this will be recorded on our „fire list‟ and will be passed on to the emergency services in the event of an evacuation. A member of staff is onsite at all times for emergency fire evacuation and a vibrating „DeafGuard‟ is available for those with a hearing impairment. Communications A portable induction loop is available at the reception desk and maybe used in the dining room if required, subject to availability. Every bedroom has a Direct-Dial telephone with a modem port for dialup modems. Most areas and bedrooms are in range of our free wireless signal and there is free internet access in lounge via the Guest Internet Computer. Signage Most internal hotel signage employs black type on a brass/gold background with a reasonable level of contrast. Emergency signage is high contrast and luminous or illuminated. External signage employs black type on a high contrast white background. Guide Dogs Pets are prohibited in the hotel on health and safety grounds, while guide dogs for the visually impaired are welcomed. Bath in General A number of tourist attractions in Bath are on a level from the Carfax front door. These include The Holbourne Museum, The Roman Baths, Henrietta Park, Victoria Art Gallery, and Bath Abbey. For more detailed information about accessibility contact each venue or the Bath Tourist Information Office (in Bath Abbey Courtyard).


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Detailed Hotel Access Information
Front Entrance – Ground Floor A moveable wheel chair ramp is available, if required, to negotiate the two steps from the street level to the reception level. Care should be taken if not using the ramp on the way in to avoid the lip on the threshold. At night when the front door is locked a key-pad affords access using a 4-digit night code, and a buzzer may be sounded to alert sleepin emergency staff. A front-door key maybe issued if keypads are inconvient. Stone step Threshold step Wheel chair ramp Access Keypad Height 19cm, width 254cm (slight upward gradient) Height 18cm, width 119cm, door height 235cm Width 69cm, length 69cm, gradient from 1cm to 9cm, maximum load 600lbs Height 146?cm, attention button height 166cm, front door bell height (night staff) 146cm

Parking – Free Car Park & Garages for hire The car park is located at the rear of the hotel and is accessible via Henrietta Mews. There is room for 11 cars of average size and the car park is on a slight incline down towards the rear entrance. A parking place may be reserved for disabled badge holders through reception, who will place a reserved sign in an available place on the day of arrival. Resident parking permits are also available for designated parking zones in the surrounding streets. Guest may also hire one of two private garages located in the Carriage House near the car park. Garage 4 Door width 245cm, height 220cm, length 520cm Garage 3 Door width 245cm, height 220cm, length 390cm (These dimensions determine maximum car size, but do not include the additional space inside the garage for door access. Garage 3’s interior space is restricted by a boiler to some extent.) Rear Entrance – Basement Floor From the bottom of the car park there is a slight incline up to the rear door. There is an entry system with a key-pad, and a buzzer to alert the reception desk if assistance is required during the day. Two Luggage trolleys are available outside the Tank Room if required. Rear Door Entry key-pad Width 87cm, Height 203cm Height 120cm, assistance button height 139cm

Lifts There are two lifts servicing all six floors. The main lift however has a smaller cabin which may preclude some wheelchairs. The main hotel public rooms are accessible using the Wheel Chair Lift; these include the dining room, public lounge, reception, wheelchair accessible public toilet, the car park, the conference room and business centre. Each lift has an emergency telephone to contact reception or emergency help. Main Lift - Lower Ground to Third Floor Door width 69cm x height 200cm, cabin depth 84cm, keypad height 109cm, telephone height 158cm, max load 250kg Wheel Chair Lift - Basement to Ground Floor Door width 80cm x height 200cm, cabin depth 135cm, keypad height 135cm, telephone ht. 145cm, max load 600kg Reception Desk – Ground Floor On the Ground floor, the reception is accessible from Great Pulteney Street by two small steps (see Front Entrance – Ground Floor), or via the Wheel Chair Lift. The reception desk is split with a wheel chair accessible desk to the left (desk height 74cm). A portable induction loop maybe turned on if requested. There is a water cooler, a sofa and ample space in which to turn a wheel chair. Dining Room – Lower Ground Floor Accessible via the Wheel Chair Lift on the Lower Ground Floor, the dining room door has a width of 80cm. The buffet is set at a height of 76cm, but all buffet orders maybe placed with the waiting staff if required. Dining Room chairs have a seat height of 46cm and come with or without arms (arm height 63cm). Please ask reception at check-in if you require large print menus or the portable induction loop during your stay, and we will ensure they are ready for you in the dining room. Public Lounge – Ground Floor The lounge has two entrance doors; the smallest having a width of 80cm. The Guest Internet Computer (sited on a standard computer table with pull out keyboard) and daily newspapers are free for guest use. The lounge also has a strong wireless internet signal. Public Toilets Of the five public toilets the ground floor offers the most wheel chair accessible. This contains a wheel chair height shallow sink (clearance from floor of 66cm for a wheelchair to roll under and swivel taps), a low full-length mirror, a
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low hand sink near the toilet with swivel taps and a vertical hand rail, a lid-less toilet with an adjustable vertical handrail and horizontal fixed hand rail (54cm clearance between wall and toilet). Ground Floor Second Floor Lower Ground Floor Basement Basement Wheel Chair Accessible Toilet Toilet & Bath (4 steps to gain access) Toilet & Baby Changing Facilities Toilet Left Toilet Right Door width 80cm, dimensions 118cm x 256cm Door width 71cm, dimensions 160cm x 171cm Door width 76cm, dimensions 116cm x 251cm Door width 66cm, dimensions 122cm x 130cm Door width 62cm, dimensions 114cm x 182cm

Bedrooms & Corridors - General The bedrooms and corridors located on the Ground & Lower Ground floors are the most suitable for wheel chair access and are served by the Wheel Chair Lift. Most corridors and bedrooms have a white dado and contrasting colours/wallpaper above and below, and carpets are usually a darker colour to the walls. Doors generally tend to be Georgian six-panel type and are quite heavy. Bedroom doors have an average lock height of 125cm for an Abloy style key, and some of the lower-floor rooms have low turn handles. Each bedroom usually has a central light and bedside wall or standard lamps. We use energy efficient bulbs with a wattage high enough to provide a good standard of illumination – additional lamps may be sought from reception if required. Basement Level Lower Ground Floor Ground Floor First Floor Second Floor Third Floor Minimum access widths – Corridor 81cm, Door 68cm x height 195cm Minimum access widths – Corridor 76cm, Door 77cm x height 195cm Minimum access widths – Corridor 77cm, Door 74cm x height 195cm Minimum access widths – Corridor 80cm, Door 71cm x height 198cm Minimum access widths – Corridor 69cm, Door 72cm x height 195cm Minimum access widths – Corridor 75cm, Door 81cm x height 189cm

Bedrooms – Best equipped for wheelchair access or those with impaired mobility Double Bedroom 16 Ground Floor Rear En suite toilet & shower

Bedroom Door Vestibule Bedroom Double Bed Desk/Vanity Top Toilet Door



75cm x height 194cm, lock height 106cm, handle height 81cm 82cm x 206cm 333cm x 362cm (turning space of 120cm) 210cm x 160cm approximately with bedding (right access 90cm to wall, left access 65cm to wall radiator, end of bed to desk 100cm) Vanity Top 107 width x 56 depth x 72 height – no knee space until small triangular end of desk 77cm x height 96cm, handle height 78cm Room Dimensions 205cm x 160cm Flooring - Drained centrally with a marked raised floor (1cm height) separating the toilet side from the shower side. Main Sink - Shallow wheelchair accessible with pull-up swivel taps Hand Sink – Near toilet with pull-up swivel taps Hand Rails - The toilet has two adjustable vertical hand rails and two non-adjustable vertical hand rails near the two sinks. Toilet Clearance - There is 30cm clearance between the toilet seat and the heated handrail on the wall, and a clearance of 52cm between the toilet seat and the main sink. Control – left-to-right dial for temperature control (92cm height) Hand Rails – A fixed vertical and horizontal hand rail near shower Seat – Pull-down wall fitted seat with vinyl cover. Curtain/Door – Pull around curtain suspended from rail Shower Tray – There is no shower tray, only a slight raised floor bi-secting the toilet room.
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Single Bedroom 11

Ground Floor Rear

En suite toilet & shower

Bedroom Door Bedroom Single Bed Desk Toilet Door Toilet


75cm x height 197cm, lock height 130cm, handle height 82cm 379cm x 272cm 200cm x 100cm (right access 150cm to wall, left access 60cm to drawers, end of bed to wall 80cm) 149cm x 49cm depth x 79 height – restricted knee room due to jutting skirting board 68cm x height 195cm, handle height 110cm Room Dimensions 174cm x 94cm Toilet Clearance – very limited 33cm from seat to radiator & 19cm from seat to wall Sink – Pedestal sink 81cm height with twist taps Hand Rail – Small vertical hand rail to left of toilet (height 80cm) Control – Electric left-to-right dial for temperature control (height 168cm) Curtain/Door – Perspex hinged door (access width is 45cm) Shower Tray – 56cm x 81cm depth, there is a step up measuring 16cm

Stairs There are two main flights of stairs running from the Basement up to the Second floor. These generally comprise 12 steps each (two straight flights of 24 steps between upper floors) and measure an average of 18cm in height and 29cm in depth. The Second to Third floor is serviced by two flights of steps with narrower depths; one flight involves a th 45 degree turn. A polished 18 century wooden banister with white rails follows most of the stairs. Carpets are generally dark red and do not have contrasting steps colours. Conference Room & Business Centre – Ground Floor The main air-conditioned Conference Room is easily accessible with a wheelchair, but the Business Centre is less comfortable (there is an 81cm clearance between the wall and the computer desk whose height is 71cm). There is quadraphonic amplification and an induction loop cable sited beneath the floor. Conference Business Centre Door width 76cm, room dimensions approx. 650cm x 440cm x 355H Door width 69cm, room dimensions approx. 285cm x 116cm

Guest Laundry – Basement Open to guests between the hours of 6.30pm and 9pm, the guest laundry comprises two washers, two dryers and a wall-mounted ironing board. There is not a great deal of room for wheel chair access and switches are sited high, so a receptionist will need to turn-on. Guest Laundry Door width 75cm, clearance between wall and washers 94cm

Public Seating around the Hotel Third Floor Recliner outside room 50 Ground Floor Two-seater sofa in lobby, many upright and arm-less chairs in public lounge Lower Ground Floor Two-seater Victorian carved wood seat outside of Dining Room. Back Entrance Two-seater wicker sofa and matching one-seater, both with arms.


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