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					Salads  Salade Nicoise with fresh salmon  Spiced coleslaw with tangy green apple  Thai fruit & vegetable salad – pineapples, red & green apples, lychees, onions, long beans, tomatoes, lettuce, scallions, beansprouts with coconut dipping sauce.  Watercress & orange salad  Tomato & green bean salad – balsamic & basil dressing  Mix salad with mixed herb dressing  Cherry & vine tomatoes with tangy balsamic & herb dressing  Caesar salad  Carrot & orange salad sprinkled with pine nuts  Spinach & roasted garlic salad  Potato salad with green apple in mayonnaise dressing  New potato in a light herb vinaigrette dressing  Glass noodle salad tossed with julienne tomatoes, carrots & green papaya in spicy lime dressing  Pasta, asparagus & potato salad Bread  French baguette  Herb & tomato loaves  Focassia  Grissini  Whole meal nut loaves  Naan  Prata  Roasted garlic toast – garlic, cheese Vegetables  Potato skins with sour cream  Mashed sweet potato / potato ( choose 1)  BBQ eggplant with spicy bean paste glaze OR miso  Asparagus wrapped with prosciotto served with lemon mayonnaise dip  BBQ sweet potato  Roasted peppers  Roast baby potatoes with garlic, herbs & chili flakes (wrapped in foil)

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Corn cobs in a garlic butter crust Grilled tomatoes with basil & balsamic sauce Skewered vegetables with peanut sauce Ratatouille Potato & cheese polenta Stuffed bell pepper with vegetables topped with cheese Cherry tomatoes & zucchini salsa Mango salsa Assorted vegetables with herb aioli – baby potatoes, green beans, baby carrots & bell pepper Crudités with 2 dips – tomato & mayonnaise

Fish  Whole baked fish (snapper or sea bream) in banana leaves  Coconut monkfish garlic/root ginger/lime juice/ red chili/ coconut cream  Grilled mackerel with sambal chili  Char grilled mustard salmon – English mustard, grated ginger, garlic, honey & Soya sauce  Swordfish with toasted almond & parsley pesto – parmesan cheese, ground almonds, herbs, olive oil, fresh ricotta cheese, salt & pepper  Mahi mahi / swordfish with mustard & chive butter  Moroccan spiced mackerel – paprika, chili powder, ground coriander, garlic, fresh mint leaves, chopped coriander, lemon juice or pepper  Salmon steak with garlic butter  Sardines with warm herb salsa  Roast monkfish with peppered citrus marinade  Spiced tilapia baked Thai style – marinate with red curry paste, coconut milk  Grilled seabass with fennel – olive oil, fennel seeds, fennel bulb & pernod  Sizzling fish (snapper, sea bass, swordfish – choose 1) OR king prawns OR chicken in banana leaves – Thai chili / lemongrass /kaffir lime leaves/ herbs & garlic Seafood  Oysters (subject to market price) ~ natural ~ Kilpatrick ~ spinach & cheese  Coconut butterfly prawns OR scallops  Mediterranean prawns - Garlic, olive oil, ground cumin, ground ginger, paprika, pepper & finely chopped coriander with lemon juice  Seafood brochette with saffron mayonnaise

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Scallop & monkfish skewers BBQ squid & prawns Calamari with savory tomato stuffing – stuffed with chopped squid, tomato, breadcrumbs Sea scallops with lime butter

Poultry  Spatchcocked poussins  Chicken liver & bacon skewers  Thai BBQ chicken  Chicken teriyaki  Chicken & chicken liver yakitori – sake, dark soy sauce, light soy sauce & sugar  Spicy chicken wings  Grilled cashew nut chicken thigh – ground cashew nut, shallots, garlic, chili, lemon grass, tamarind, fish sauce, dark Soya, sugar & salt, rice wine vinegar  Boneless quail with five-spice marinate Meat  Beef, tomato & tarragon burgers Minced beef wrapped with bacon rind, parcel stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes. To serve on ciabatta rolls  Spare ribs with honey & ginger  Pork chops with apple sauce  Roast leg of lamb  Grilled lemongrass chicken/ beef/ lamb/ pork (choose 1)  Spicy meatballs – spicy sausages, minced meat breadcrumbs  Five-spice rib stickers – five spice powder, ginger, garlic, dark Soya brown sugar, sunflower oil, chili sauce  Sausages wrapped with prunes & bacon  Sirloin steak with bloody Mary sauce – chopped tomatoes, scallions, chopped coriander, ground cumin, salt, lime juice, beef stock, vodka & worchestshire sauce  Skewered lamb rump with mint & sherry  Pork or chicken & pineapples satay  Black pepper steak Rice & Pastas  Seafood Paella  The classic Pineapple fried rice  Fried rice in a savory shrimp paste with julienne mango, dried shrimps & chicken fillet

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Black olive fried rice Chili-dip fried rice with seafood / chicken Thai-style fried rice with crabmeat/ Seafood & egg Fried rice with green / red curry paste with tender fillet of chicken Seafood & holy basil fried rice Spicy chicken fried rice with diced vegetables Dried shrimp fried rice with shredded herb omlette Steam Thai jasmine rice Seafood spaghetti in Champagne sauce Pasta with vine tomatoes, basil & clams lemon ~ Farfalle / Linguini / Spaghetti (Pls select 1 choice) Beef / Seafood /Vegetable Lasagna (Pls select 1 choice) Phad tai – rice noodles fried with prawns, beancurd, bean sprouts, eggs, preserved radish & ground peanuts

Desserts  Bananas with mascarpone & rum cream  Grilled fruit skewers with rum butter glaze  Grilled honeyed peaches / mangoes / pineapples (choose 1)  Tiramisu  Strawberry cheesecakes  Citrus fruits in maple & cointreau syrup – fruits marinated with maple syrup, cointreau & butter wrapped in foil, sprinkled with grated citrus rinds  Fruit kebabs with chocolate dip  Spiced pears & blueberry parcel – ripe pears brushed with lemon juice wrapped in foil with blueberry, brown sugar & butter  Pumpkin wedges with brown sugar  A selection of seasonal fruit tray  Minted melon & grapefruit cocktail  Pavlova topped with chantilly cream & seasonal fruits  Pineapples, strawberries & lychees salad – rum, icing sugar  Grapefruits & orange wedgies with campari & orange juice  Grilled pineapples with honey & rum with papaya sauce Mocktails  Fruit punch  Fresh lime juice  Chilled lemongrass juice  Ice lemon tea CHARGES S$48 x 7% GST per head S$4 x 7% GST per head 2 breads / 6 savories / 2 desserts Freeflow of mocktail

ADDITIONAL DISHES Savory dish S$5 x 7% GST per person Dessert S$3 x 7% GST per person

OTHER CHARGES :Per waiter Per chef Dinner S$50.00 S$65.00 6 PM – 10 PM (Estimated time)

Overtime S$15.00 per hour per staff Catering charges S$50.00 TERMS COD / Cheque to cross to “Vis-à-Vis Pte Ltd” Minimum 15 Persons Maximum 200 Persons IMPORTANT Kindly confirmed all final details at least 1 week prior to date of party. Your considerate co-operation is deeply appreciated. We will provide :1) BBQ pits 2) Tables & tablecloth for food display 3) Plates & cutleries 4) Paper napkins I hope the above BBQ menu agree with you. Thank you & I look forward to your most favorable reply. Warmest regards

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