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The Walton College Business Beha


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									Room Description
Behavioral Lab

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The Walton College Business Behavioral Laboratories

Room 128
      Has many chairs for group instruction, debriefing, or as a waiting area Tables and chairs Seats up to 8 people Network connection (use CAT 6 cable) under table Wireless is also available Cameras o Adjusted in Control Room o Can Zoom o Various uses including setting up grocery aisles There is a storage closet to the left o Shelves are allocated by lab administrator Has a two way mirror connecting to the Control Room Intercom Temporary work room or meeting room for researchers running experiments Use for refreshments/food Possible break room If you use food in another room for an experiment and someone else is going to be using that room, clean it up and put in here Clean up when finished Is the room on the other side of the mirror, joining the room to Room 137 (interchangeable).      Seats up to 8 people Network connection under table Wireless is available Has a 1 way mirror (interchangeable) Network connection under table

Rooms 129, 131, 133 – Breakout Rooms

Room 130 – Staging Area

        

Room 134 - Office

Room 135 – Breakout Room

Room 137 – Breakout Room

Room Description
Behavioral Lab
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Wireless is available The room has 2 tables and you may set them up as desired. Just return to original position.

Room 138 – Computer Lab
     There are 40 laptop computers: can be checked out for use in the BBRL or used in computer lab Stations are separated by plastic dividers. Dividers are removable to customize study, but wooden framework must stay attached at all times. The projector is controlled from the Control Room Can connect own laptop. The location is the wall on the left side in the front of the room (opposite side) The room has wireless access


How to unlock a laptop o Cables are labeled with an orange tag o Laptops are locked by security cable o Contact lab administrator


This room has an intercom o When light is on, room can hear you o Flip up and hold to talk for a brief period o Flip up to talk, and flip down to turn off o Each switch represents a room in the lab o Refer to intercom manual for further instructions Is the mirror room The network connection (use Cat 6 Cable) on floor under table Wireless is also available Can hold 8 people Room 140 has a 1 way mirror but keep light turned off in 139 b/c otherwise, the people can see. Come in early to manually move camera o Tip: have two people do this. One manually moving the camera in the room, and another in the Control Room. The two can communicate via the Intercom system in order to get the right camera angle.

Room 139
     

Room 140, 141

Room Description
Behavioral Lab
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Has ability to display signals from Control Room via LCD monitor Uses Crestron- touch screen o Use if you want to send video, etc. to LCD and Projector in another room o Use to turn on projectors/LCDs o Controls volume Has 6 recording decks o Can use any deck to record any camera/signal  (-) DVDs only o When going to finalize DVD  1) Click Control  2) Click your Record Deck  3) Click Finalize

Control Room



   

Route video AND audio o Under input, has camera # and Room # o To Route video:  Go to title, select output, and choose room o Make sure to route audio to the same video o You can have a DVD play in a room o To deselect  1) Click No Video (under Input)  2) Click Link (Output) Audio o Same concept as video o Display Image- turns on and off Volume- Select Room and use arrows to control Route PC/Laptop o Click on you want (Input) o Select where you want to go (Output) Making DVD Record o Choose control on left side o Then choose deck  1)Get menu (Mini DV-HDD-DVD control)  2)Click record (Choose type: DVD, HDD, Mini DV)  3) Stop (Every time you click stop, it creates a new track)  4) Finalize when done with DVD (Takes about 1 minute) System Off: Select if you are the last one to use it. It shuts everything off.


Room Description
Behavioral Lab
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Each department has assigned filling space. Coordinate your space through your department representative. Safe contains 3 lock boxes. Contact Lab Administrator for combination.

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