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Catalog No. 108910 138210 5310 5520 Description 8 Mhz vascular Doppler unit 8 Mhz Kelly endonasal Doppler Probe Straight blades Angled hook blades

The Kelly all-in-one endonasal transsphenoidal instrument set for pituitary and skull base surgery
Designed in conjunction with Daniel Kelly, MD, Director, Neuro-Endocrine Tumor Center, John Wayne Cancer Institute at Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, CA.

Rapid, easier access with less nasal trauma
8 Mhz vascular Doppler unit 8 Mhz Kelly endonasal Doppler probe Feather rotateable blade handle & straight/angled blades

Kelly set advantages
• Slim-line profile that maximizes visibility at the surgical site • Minimizes trauma for faster healing and less post-operative discomfort • Complete set saves time and reduces operating costs • Ideal for microscopic and endoscopic procedures

Catalog No. 07-917-04 07-917-05 07-917-06 07-927-03 07-927-04 07-927-05 07-927-06 07-962-05D 07-962-05U 07-962-07D 07-962-07U Description Titanium Papavero speculum 65 mm Titanium Papavero speculum 70 mm Titanium Papavero speculum 80 mm Trapezoidal speculum 60 mm up Trapezoidal speculum 60 mm down Trapezoidal speculum 70 mm up Trapezoidal speculum 70 mm down Kelly endonasal suction tube 5 French 150 mm down Kelly endonasal suction tube 5 French 150 mm up Kelly endonasal suction tube 7 French 150 mm down Kelly endonasal suction tube 7 French 150 mm up

The innovative, low-profile Kelly Instrument Set from Mizuho is specially designed for transsphenoidal removal of pituitary and other parasellar tumors using the direct endonasal technique. The instrumentation facilitates a rapid and less invasive alternative compared to the traditional sublabial approach.

A complete, 2-tray set right at your fingertips
Each all inclusive set comes with everything you need for effective, minimally invasive tumor removal, including opening instruments such as: two Cottle speculums, four Papavero speculums and curved mucosal dissectors for easy entry and less patient trauma.

Dr. Daniel Kelly’s speculum “sleeve technique.”

Titanium speculums

Trapezoidal endonasal speculums for extended suprasellar or transclival endoscopic-assisted tumor removal. These short (60mm) speculums have a distal speculum end with either a 15 degree up or down orientation to expand surgical working volume and parasellar exposure.
*Patent is applied for

Kelly endonasal suction tubes

Mizuho America, Inc. 133 Brimbal Avenue Beverly, MA 01915

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The Kelly all-in-one endonasal transsphenoidal instrument set for pituitary and skull base surgery
Ordering Information
The Complete Kelly Set
Catalog No. 07-200-00 07-200-01 07-200-02 Description Sterilization Tray 1 and 2 Sterilization Tray 1 Sterilization Tray 2 02-082-20 02-082-21 02-082-22 02-082-23 07-110-10 07-134-10 07-134-11 07-134-12 07-781-10 07-781-11 07-781-12 07-820-24 07-820-26 07-820-27 07-820-29 07-822-21 07-822-23 07-822-25 07-822-27 07-822-31 07-822-33 07-822-35 07-822-37 07-822-41 07-822-43 07-822-45 07-822-47 07-822-97 100BA 06-674-00 07-057-10 07-181-01 07-181-10 07-120-10 09-061-10 09-071-10 09-071-11 09-214-10 06-826-00 02-202-07 02-202-08 02-202-09 07-824-02 Decker cup forceps, round 45° up Decker cup forceps, round straight Oval cup forceps, 45° up Oval cup forceps, straight Bayonet forceps, Yasargil style Pistol grip micro scissor, straight Pistol grip micro scissor, curved right Pistol grip micro scissor, curved left Macro tip bipolar forceps, straight 2mm Micro tip bipolar forceps, straight 1mm Micro tip bipolar forceps, 45° up 1mm 2.5mm probe teardrop tip, straight 2.5mm probe teardrop tip, 45° 2.5mm probe teardrop tip, 80° 2.5mm probe teardrop tip, 60° down 1.5mm ring curette, 45° up 3mm ring curette, 45° up 5mm ring curette, 45° up 7mm ring curette, 45° up 1.5mm ring curette, 90° up 3mm ring curette, 90° up 5mm ring curette, 90° up 7mm ring curette, 90° up 1.5mm ring curette, 45° down 3mm ring curette, 45° down 5mm ring curette, 45° down 7mm ring curette, 45° down 7mm ring curette, left to right action Neuro blade handle Hemostats Weitlander retractor, 5” Adson forceps, 4-3/4”, 1x2 teeth Dressing forceps, 6” #3 scalpel handle Mayo scissor, 6-3/4” Metzenbaum scissor, 7” Curved Metzenbaum scissor, 7” Allis forceps 6-3/4” Mayo Hegar needle holder, 6” Cushing, 178mm 2mm straight smooth cup Love-Gruenwald, 178mm 3mm straight smooth cup Spurling, 178mm 4mm straight smooth cup Monopolar coagulator, 110mm

Tray 1
Catalog No. 07-177-10 07-177-11 07-907-04 07-907-05 07-907-06 07-907-07 07-907-09 07-923-01 01-413-10 02-201-01 02-201-02 02-201-03 02-034-10 02-034-11 09-081-10 07-960-05L 07-960-05XL 07-960-06L 07-960-06XL 07-960-07L 07-960-07XL 07-960-08L 07-960-08XL 07-960-09L 07-960-09XL 07-960-10L 07-960-10XL Description Cottle speculum short (76mm) Cottle speculum medium (90mm) Papavero speculum (65mm) Papavero speculum (70mm) Papavero speculum (80mm) Papavero speculum (90mm) Wooden crank handle for Papavero Bayoneted chisel Mallet with interchangeable head Kerr Rong 180mm 40deg 1mm up Kerr Rong 180mm 40deg 2mm up Kerr Rong 180mm 40deg 3mm up Left mucosal dissector, spear like Right mucosal dissector, spear like Metzenbaum scissor, curved 5-3/4” Tapered suction 5fr long (1 piece) Tapered suction 5fr x-long (1 piece) Tapered suction 6fr long (1 piece) Tapered suction 6fr x-long (1 piece) Tapered suction 7fr long (1 piece) Tapered suction 7fr x-long (1 piece) Tapered suction 8fr long (1 piece) Tapered suction 8fr x-long (1 piece) Tapered suction 9fr long (1 piece) Tapered suction 9fr x-long (1 piece) Tapered suction 10fr long (1 piece) Tapered suction 10fr x-long (1 piece)
Papavero speculums Ring curettes and dissectors

Tapered suction tubes

Pistol grip micro scissors

Spear-like mucosal dissectors

Assorted cup forceps

Tray 2
Catalog No. 02-034-12 02-034-13 02-082-09

Description 2.4mm spatula dissector, curved up 2.4mm spatula dissector, curved down Decker cup forceps, oval straight
Bayoneted chisel and mallet Micro tip bipolar forceps

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