Best Christmas Pageant Ever Tic Tac Toe Activities

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					The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Choose three (3) activities to complete by ______. You will choose the activities in a tic-tac-toe pattern, three straight across, down, or diagonal. Do you think the Herdmans should have been allowed to participate in the pageant? Survey the class and create a graph. Make a shoe box diorama of a favorite scene in the book. The Herdman’s cat is compared to a bobcat. Find out more about the bobcat and present it on a poster or small booklet.

Draw Wanda Pierce’s charm bracelet. Include all 22 charms, a description, it’s price, and any special features.

Think of who the narrator is, choose a different narrator and rewrite your favorite scene from their point of view.

Find out how much the minimum wage is at this time. If Ms. Herman is working two jobs at this wage, calculate what she makes daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

Find out how Christmas is celebrated around the world. Write a report or small booklet to report your finding on at last 5 different countries/cultures.

The church has a canned food drive for its poorer members. List all the items you would need to include in a food basket to give a family of six a holiday meal. Use ads to find out the grand total of how much money you would need to spend. Imagine you are Mr. Herdman. Write a letter to your family explaining why you left and where you are now, and how you feel about your decision.

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