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PRESENT Skip Finnell_ Jim Dykema

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					Capital Outlay Committee Meeting Small Conference Room Tuesday, November 29, 2005 Page 1 of 5


Present: School Department Representatives, Skip Finnell, Jim Dykeman, Carol Woodbury, Phillip Morris and Lou McPherson; Capital Outlay Committee Members, Chair,Heidi Schadt, Peter Nyberg, Sheryl McMahon (Selectmen’s Liaison), William Crowell (Finance Committee Representative), Richard Palmer, Bob Pelosky, Bob Kocsco, Jim Wick, Walter Dubois; Sandra Fife, Assistant Town Administrator and Recorder, Peggie Hunter. Introductions were made as several members from the School Department were in attendance. Skip Finnell, Director of Fiscal Affairs discussed primary issues at Ezra H. Baker Elementary School (herein referred to as Baker). 1. During FY ’07 school needs to conduct an ongoing program to remove mold, mildew and bacteria over asbestos tile at Baker. The cost for this project is $30,000 for 6 or 7 rooms. 2. Baker needs replacement of generator. The wiring that hooks the generator into the building is too old and isn’t going to work. The original $60,000 requested in ’06 to replace the generator, is not enough for this project, as an additional $85,000 is now needed for internal wiring costs. 3. Baker needs an updated intercom system. School Department just got price last week of $75,000. 4. Electrician advised School Department that the distribution panels were not code compliant and this means that the school has a safety issue on their hands. The primary wiring needs to be replaced and panels need to be replaced. Bob Koscso asked how old Baker was. Skip Finnell said that the main building is at least 75 years old. 5. Parking lot and driveways at Baker need to be repaired. Skip Finnell discussed primary issues at Nathaniel H. Wixon Middle School (herein referred to as Wixon). 1. Security cameras and monitoring device are needed to prevent free access to Wixon. School Department has been working on trying to come up with a number of less expensive plans. The Fire Department doesn’t want a lot of locked doors in the building. It is not only necessary to keep undesirables out, but it is important to keep students in. The office area at Wixon also needs to be isolated.

Capital Outlay Committee Meeting APPROVED Small Conference Room Tuesday, November 29, 2005 Page 2 of 5 2. Water continues to come through Wixon’s library wall after a rainstorm. This is creating a humidity problem in the library. Waterproofing will be done from the inside to help prevent this humidity from developing. 3. Communications system at Wixon needs to be replaced. 4. Roadways and parking lots also need to be addressed around Wixon. 5. An amount has been added to planning, surface painting and signage work for ’07. 6. Track at Wixon is old and is not really serviceable and the Town would like to see some kind of a decent track. If you drive by the front door and by the auditorium, this track is located on the left. Walter Dubois asked Mr. Finnell to let Committee know what his priorities are for both schools. Bob Pelosky firmly believes that something should be done about the tennis courts at Wixon. William Crowell said that school did not originally build the courts. Peter Nyberg suggests posting signage regarding tennis courts stating “Use at your own risk.” 7. Lighting in the auditorium definitely needs to be addressed. More drainage in courtyard is needed, as this is the same courtyard where water comes in through the library wall. Walter Dubois asked if the water is coming from the roof and Skip Finnell said it probably originates from the roof, but is not leaking directly from the roof. Jim Wick said that all of the requests shouldn’t be put off and that perhaps a bond is needed, as there is no way we will get $794,000 this year and a million next. Peter Nyberg asked Skip Finnell what the line item in the School Department’s budget is for maintenance. Mr. Finnell answered that the budget is 4 million. Peter Nyberg asked how much of that 4 million is spent on Baker and Wixon. Skip Finnell doesn’t know, but will get the answer. Peter Nyberg also wanted to know how much are we asking Yarmouth for. Mr. Finnell responded that the Town of Yarmouth was asked for 1.2 million this year. Peter Nyberg asked if proposed wiring at Baker would be hooked into classroom computers. Skip Finnell responded that the drops for connecting computers are already in the buildings. Mr. Finnell reminded Committee that Wixon is 30 years newer than Baker.

Capital Outlay Committee Meeting Small Conference Room Tuesday, November 29, 2005 Page 3 of 5


Bob Pelosky asked why the Department asked for $130,000 for the intercom system initially and now were asking for $75,000 and wondered why this number changed. Skip Finnell responded that the $130,000 was an estimate from RDK Engineers and was also based on previous experience.

Peter Nyberg asked if the generator was purchased yet and Skip Finnell answered that it hasn’t been purchased yet mainly because $85,000.00 is now needed for wiring. Peter Nyberg asked how the School Department came up with the size of the generator. Skip Finnell said that Lou McPherson’s predecessor got a price to replace generator. Replacement was speced out a little bigger than the one in the school, which is why the wiring needs to be redone. Peter Nyberg would like to see a more solid figure. Skip Finnell will get a detailed report on this issue. Walter Dubois would like a report detailing how much of the 4 million in the district includes utilities. Skip Finnell will get breakdown of the two Dennis schools and will also send to Sandy a more realistic figure of the price of the generator. Sheryl McMahon requested that Mr. Finnell try and get at least three years history on the utility breakdown. Skip Finnell rated his priorities in the following order: -Generator and new wiring at Baker -Electrical panels at Baker as the present ones are a safety issue -Library wall at Wixon -Security system at Wixon -Planning money for roadways at Wixon -Intercom system at Baker Heidi Schadt asked Skip Finnell for an updated priority list and asked what would happen with the bottom end of the list if we deferred for a year. School Department members agreed that the meeting process with the Capital Outlay Committee was very worthwhile because School Department now has a better sense of what Dennis and Yarmouth are asking for and are better able to integrate their capital needs. This has altered or added to the School Department’s thinking and is helping to build a base of communications back and forth. Walter Dubois suggested that a representative from the School Department attend the Capital Outlay meetings on a regular basis as does William Crowell

Capital Outlay Committee Meeting APPROVED Small Conference Room Tuesday, November 29, 2005 Page 4 of 5 (Finance Committee Representative) and Sheryl McMahon (Selectmen Liaison) do, as it would take a lot of burden off of Skip Finnell. Jim Dykeman asked if meetings are always at 4PM, as this timeframe poses an issue. The schools are on the January 19 agenda for the five-year plan. Jim Wick suggested debt exclusion is needed to catch up on these items. Jim Wick asked what kind of position would schools be in if they got their number 1 & 2 priorities and would have to beg for another $20,000.00 for Wixon.

Jim Dykeman commented on the fact that if items are not approved, there isn’t money in the operations budget to cover these items and asked do we increase class size or do the necessary maintenance projects. Mr. Dykeman also stated that the School Department is $2000.00 lower than the state average. School Department representatives were thanked for coming and left the meeting. Approval of dates for five-year plan discussions were then brought before the Committee. New list was passed out and Sandra Fife asked if it was agreeable with everybody. Peter Nyberg is unavailable on December 6th. Capital Outlay is not meeting on Thursday, Dec. 1. Please let Peggie Hunter know if you can’t come to any of the meetings on the five-year plan. Sandra Fife then reviewed the next step in the Capital Outlay process. Ms. Fife said that the School Department made 10 changes and she needed to make those adjustments. Committee needs to individually rank each item. Jim Wick suggested using 2 rankings. Sandra Fife encouraged Committee to use Town Administrator’s rankings and said that the big ticket items including the Bridge Street project, the, Airline Road Roundabout , and the Swan River Road project have already been removed so that no ranking is necessary for those items. Ms. Fife told Committee to rank each item according to criteria before they even consider funding. Town Administration will help-tally rankings. If we do get to the point where bonding is required, we’ll have a better idea where items come from. Rank by ranking process. Heidi Schadt asked Peter Nyberg if he could do his prioritizing before he goes out of town. Peter Nyberg said that he will do that. Sandra Fife will send a memo on the three items Committee would like from the School Department. Sandy passed out the individual rating sheets and Maryanne Gibbs dropped off info about Form Munis.

Capital Outlay Committee Meeting APPROVED Small Conference Room Tuesday, November 29, 2005 Page 5 of 5 MOTION: Jim Wick moved and Bob Pelsoky seconded and Board voted 7-0-0: Board voted to adjourn Capital Outlay Committee Meeting at 5:32PM.

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