Turkey with truffles

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Turkey with truffles

1. Finely chop the chicken livers, the truffles (leaving a
few thin slices that you will use to cover the turkey, and the lard. Add salt and lots of freshly-ground black pepper. Put the mixture into a bowl and blend it up well with a wooden pestle. Then let it set for a while. mixture you've just prepared. Before sewing up the openings, loosen the skin over the breast by pulling at the sternum and then slip in the slices of truffle (previously set aside) between the skin and the meat. Rearrange the skin and sew up the openings. 15 minutes, periodically basting it in its own juices.

Whole turkey Raw chicken livers Lard Black Norcia truffles Salt Pepper 1.5 g 200 g 200 g 200 g

2. Remove all the turkey's innards and stuff if with the

3. Bake the bird in a 250° oven for at least 1 hour and

Suggested Wine
Here we recommend a red wine, velvety and harmonious, with wild notes, like a Barolo, which should be uncorked an hour before serving, or a Malvasia with its uniquely intriguing bouquet.

Chef's notes
If you want to obtain a bit more sauce, place the baking sheet over a flame and add 2-3 spoonfuls of water, unleashing all the concentrated baked-on flavors of the meat juices.

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