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Locanda Agostinelli proudly host


									Locanda Agostinelli proudly hosted at The Goatshed

Every second Friday evening from 18:30, starting on 29 May 2009 until end of August. Each evening offers you a four course meal with various choices for each course, for R155.00/pers only. All FV wines are available at cellar door prices. The menu will change according to availability and demand, but most of the bellow mentioned dishes will feature at least once amongst the selected menu items for the respective evenings. The further dates are: Fr 12/6, Fr 26/6, Fr 10/7, Fr 31/7, Fr 14/8, Fr 28/8 Antipasti: prosciutto crudo, salami, coppa, grilled vegetables in olive oil ( baby marrows, peppers, aubergines, beetroot, turnips, parsnips ), marinated sun dried tomatoes, olives, artichokes, sardines, camponata, grilled and stuffed squid, bresaola with goats cheese dressing, venison carpaccio, vitello tonato, grissini, pizzette ( mini pizza ), focaccia minestrone verde with pesto, lentil soup, chickpea soup with pancetta



al zafferano, with Namibian truffles, ai funchi porcini, with pumpkin and nutmeg, with seafood, with prawn, with MCC andscallops, with chorizo and peas, with barolo and pecorino, with fennel and cob



with tomatoes, olives, capers and anchovies with octopus with basil pesto carbonara with English spinach, goats cheese, pine nuts and pancetta with clams with seafood with sardines and fennel with chicken liver and sage with rabbit ragout with pork ragout alla bolognese with aubergine and mozzarella with butternut and ricotta on walnut sauce with veal cheek with oxtail with tomato bolognese with seafood





Pesce / Carne: sirloin with polenta and travesino, veal chop with artichoke and new potatoes, pork fillet with red cabbage and cannellini beans, pork fillet with mustard crust and borlotti beans, veal liver with sage and balsamic vinegar, veal kidneys with lentils and artichokes, osso buco, saltinboca, bisteca fiorentina, trippa milanese, hare or rabbit stew, brasato al barolo, roast cob with green olives and cherry tomatoes, red mullet with potato and olives, roast cape salmon with tomato, red onions, capers and anchovies, cob with lentils, angle fish or yellowtail in sea salt and herb crust Dolce biscotti and amaretti, poached pear in red and white wine, SLH zabaglione with orange confit and fresh pears, lemon and mascarpone tarte, ricotta tarte, tirami su, marinated oranges with amaretti parfait,

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