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Personal Information


Via Berlinguer, 7/a 61010 Padiglione di Tavullia (PU) ITALY Mobile: +39 3891548444 Skype: marzia.butterfly Born in Varese on the 29/06/1984 Home: +39 0721 47.80.19

Desired Job Work Experience

Interpreter – Translator – Proof-reader 16-17 December 2008 Consecutive-Negotiations Interpreting – English/Italian Business Exchange organized between Italian and Chinese companies Chamber of Commerce, Ancona, Italy. Key words : moulding industry, plastic moulds and automotive industry. 09 December 2008 Simultaneous Interpreting - French/Italian 11th International Meeting on Migrations “MIM”, Aula Magna University, Ancona, Italy. Key words: migrations, International cooperation, NGOs. 25-28 November 2008 Simultaneous Interpreting - French/Italian 3rd International Meeting on Truffles “Tuber 2008” San Nicolò’s Cloister, Spoleto, Italy. Key words: truffle cultivation, sales, promotion and genetic studies. 13-14 November 2008 Simultaneous Interpreting - French/Italian Dealer’s Day Della Rovere, Italian company leader in office furniture. Della Rovere company, Pesaro, Italy. Key words: furniture, marketing strategies, business plans. 01-02 October 2008 Simultaneous Interpreting - French/Italian 9th National Congress of SIAMOC, Italian Society of Clinical Movement Analysis Santo Stefano Institute of Rehabilitation, Porto Potenza Picena, Italy. Theme : 3D instrumental analysis of posture and clinical applications 19-20 September 2008 Simultaneous Interpreting - English/Italian Dealer’s day Indesit, Italian company leader in household appliances.

Merloni-Indesit Company, Fabriano, Italy. Key words: marketing, economy and household appliances. 26 August 2008 Consecutive Interpreting – English/Italian Presentation of the book “Child Soldier” by China Keitetsi during the “Festa dell’unità” event in Pesaro, Italy. Key words: violence, history, childhood. June 2008 Translation and localization in English of the web-site Delfino Costruzioni company, Montecchio, Pesaro, Italy. Key words: real estate, architecture, counselling. 13 June 2008 Simultaneous Interpreting – French/English/Italian Annual meeting of the Figest, Italian Traditional Sports and Games Association, Palazzo dei Priori, Perugia, Italy. Key words: sports, tradition, cultural heritage. June 2008 – Today Free-lance cooperation with various translation agencies in my area: Agency Global Intra, Senigallia Agency Lingua Viva, Fabriano Agency Emedoble, Caserta Agency Traduworld, Latina Agency Cosmoservice, Pesaro 10/11/2007-06/01/2009 Sales Manager Eastern Europe-sales of medical equipmenttranslations and participation to national/international fairs. EME srl company, Pesaro. Part-time contract. 15/07/2007- 31/10/2007 Receptionist Hotel Ambassador***, Pesaro, Italy 01/10/2006-30/06/2007 Teacher of Italian language in France. Ministry of Education project, twinning between Italy and France primary schools. Primary school “Jules Ferry”, Modane, Savoie, France. Summer 2005 Au-pair girl in Belgium. Summer 2004 Au-pair girl in England.

Education and Training

Certificate of Attendance to the “International days for literary translation” Urbino, 23-26 October 2008. Master’s Degree in Conference Interpreting -English Private School for Interpreters, Ancona. 100 hrs project work and final dissertation “Note-taking technique as the

real pillar to consecutive interpreting” Degree in Translation and Interpretation Private school for translators and interpreters, Perugia. Final Mark 110/110 Two texts translated: -“Translating for the European Union Institutions”, E.Wagner, S.Bech -“La grammaire est une chanson douce”, Erik Orsenna Diploma in Foreign Languages Liceo Linguistico Mamiani, Pesaro, Final Mark: 100/100.


Mother tongue: Italiano Other languages: French = C1 English = C1 Russian = A1 German =A2 Spanish =A2 My outgoing character has enabled me to open myself towards new landscapes, both regarding my life and job career; I carry out my job with passion, always striving to ensure customers and partners a high degree of reliability and seriousness. I also appreciate confronting my work with the opinion of other people and professionals of the given sector: I feel this is the best way to offer a qualitative service. Being an Interpreter, I think that conscious communication is the pillar of any kind of working transaction and therefore major mean of expression for the seek of clarity and transparency. Personal predisposition towards children and in particular towards disabled and ill children. I have joined as a volunteer the Association for Hospitalized Children (ABIO) in my city and I regularly participate as a volunteer.

Personal skills and competences

Computer competences

MS Office, Internet ADSL, Anaphraseus, Corel Draw, Adobe. Driving License No-smoker; Car holder.
Marzia Colecchia