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									Research on the Application of Network Technology in Educational Technology Academic Journal

Wang Zhena, Xie Jinb, Zhang Xinyua Computer and Information Management Center, Tsinghua University, China b Educational Technology Institute, Tsinghua University, China

Abstract: Network technology which is based upon the digital technology shows the strange interactive and communicational means to the traditional academic journal which is based upon traditional media. The educational technology academic journal is an important part of educational technology academic research, and strongly orients the research. The application of network technology in the field of educational technology academic journal exerts a subtle influence on the educational technology academic research. The article draws the conclusions of the network technology using degree in the web Portals, solicit contributions, online reading and so on. The author thinks it is lower in china than overseas. We need attention to the changing ideas of educational technology academic journal following the network technology environment. Keywords: Academic Journal, Educational Technology, Digital technology

1. Network development of journal Since 1998, there are scholars pointed out to shorten the period of academic journal publish. They do research on the establishment of search strategy, unite the style of database, establishment of the database, exploitation of the review net. They think things can be done as follows: individual journal made their own database first, made the unite database style, finally made the net of all. [4]Thinking is easy, doing is difficulty. Some people think the theory is optimism, but hard to do. Although it is hard to do , but people think it is the most easy ways to do it though the web of China Academic Journal(CAJ) Full-text Database、 The databases of China Online Journals (COJ)(Wanfang data) and Tianyuan Data Information Co., Ltd. because they have technology and person with ability and fund and many academic journal. (Chinese CAJ Full-text Database embody more than 5300 public publish journal, Wanfang data (info site) embody more than 2000 kinds of science and technology journal, Tianyuan embody 12000 kinds of Chinese journal and 4000 kinds of foreign journal ). It will be a huge materials database if connection all of them. [5] On 1999, Beijing Magtech Science&Techology Development Co.Ltd develop the software named Managing System of The Chinese Medical Association (CMA) Editorial Board which online operates. Seeing from the literature, this is the early practice of online review contribution.

Fig1. The interface of journal’s edits managing system Above All materials show that online review contribution is popular overseas. There are special agents provide the platform of review contribution which is great integration. There are some similar kinds of platform in china which are complicated and of a sort practicability. The use of them is not perfect. They will be web based. They will be optional collocate the role, function and work flow. 2. Network development of the educational technology journal We chose some frequent educational technology academic journal, and compare them as follows:
Name e-EDUCATION RESEARCH China Educational Technology Distance Education in China Educational Technology for Foreign Language Teaching IT Education in Primary & Middle Schools Open Education Research Modern Educational Technology Modern Distance Education XIANDAI YAUNCHENGJIAOYU YANJIU Distance education journal Continuing Education Continue Education Research China Educational Technique & Equipment China Medical Education Technology Chinese Medicine Modern Distance Education of China √ Core journal √ √ √ √ Portal √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Remote dealing contribution E-mail √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ √ Online reading

Table.1 The state of domestic educational technology journal

All the journal is ordinary .They can be found from the search engine, such as Google and Baidu. Most of them are the American journal, and one or two of other country. Sum up as follows: 2.1 First: Portal There are seventy four percent of domestic journals have independent web, but the foreign ones all have. The independent web is the sign of open to the organization and the ligament with peer. It is the necessary condition to the mature of an origination to have a independent web following the internet technology. The journal can be realized by the reader and author though the independent web which can improve the connection between them and make the effective communication of the theories. We can see the shortage of our core journal from the stat. there are two core journals still do not have the independent web and can not be found on search engine. We can not find the communication function in the current web which we have invested. There can not find introduce and interaction of the journal and edit. They only have the simple function just like information bulletin board. But, we almost all can find particular information of introduce and edit on the foreign web which we have invest, including the interactive style. 2.2 Second: Remote dealing contribution It is used only by Modern Educational Technology Journal (Distance Education Journal have the system, but cannot use now). Mostly journal don’t have the system in china. There are thirty two percent foreign journal have the system of remote dealing contribution which person can check their have done to their contributions. The efficiency of dealing contribution directly decides the development of the journal. It is must use web to deal contribution. The persons who engage in the theory and practice of education technology are mostly teachers, higher students and researcher who usually use net technology. It can come into true to make the communication between the authors and experts and editors through the model of web based edit system which can be realized with the current technology . we can find there are some journal use the remote dealing contribution ,such as: The Chinese Medical Association (CMA) Journal, Journal of Systems Science and Complexity, Acta Physiologica Sinica, etc. But there a little use in the field of educational technology journal which need to deeply research. It is better overseas , but still simple use , and not broadly. 2.3 Third: E-mail contribute They all have this function in domestic journal. This is the simplest method of communication. It is a quality development to use the mail to contribute and give the result of the review which just uses the basic function of mail for deliver to reduce the time for edit. In fact , the mail also have the function of speediness interaction. Not have the web ,the mail address of contributing can only be found on the paper journal or like the Web of China Academic Journal(CAJ) which including many information ,but can not be changed instant. 2.4 Four: online reading There are forty seven percent in the journal on be read online. All of them are overdue journal and only the abstract can be read. The same content is seventy two in the foreign journals. Some of them provide the instant journal. The online reading means the function the web provide. It is an open level of the journal. How to use the online materials is still a highly disputed question because it connects to the money and copyright. Most journals we can find online are the overdue journals. We can find the title, author and abstract in some journals for the next new journal. It needs a period of time to see the full context online .the time is different from the journal and field and country. Also, there is a new way to acquire to obtain the instant journal online, being a member in payment. It happen in the foreign country can not be found in china.

3. Question and suggestion The application of web technology is lower in china, and is just begin in other country in the field of educational technology. There aren't the digital publish group like the medicine journal. No one can go into the outside of the journals no matter the realism or online. We can only watching. Maybe there are simple systems as we want in the local area network, but we can’t know exactly. The meaning of the effective application of web technology is the communication between the journals and the outside. We can’t find this in the materials. The quickly development of the educational technology subject, the lower application of web technology in the educational technology journals, it is assonant. The essence of educational technology is effective using the technology to improve the efficiency of teaching and learning. We try hard to reach the usefully use in education, encourage the person to use the technology. But we are not a excellent applier. The efficiency of researching proceed decides the speed of its development. It is the fact web technology can improve the efficiency. We ignore it, so we drop behind. All of our educational technology journals drop behind. Can we do more things about our academic journals? We can take more care of their development and research. We can design the best applicative plan using the technologies and what we had found which embody the particular subject characters of continual integration and effective technology application. We hope directly accelerate the development speed of educational technology. References
[1]Wood D,Hurst P. Online review: perceptions in the biological sciences[J]. Learned publishing,2000,13(2): 95-100. [2]BioMed Central[EB/ OL]. [2005-1-8]. [3]Wan Lushan, Some Thinking of the E-journal Online[J], China Technology Journal Research,2002, 13(2): P129-131. [4]Gu Quanpei, Zheng Meiying, Conceive on Developing Reader Online of Academic Journal, Acta Editologicav, 1998(2),P91. [5]Ni Zhencong,Tang Lianying, Conceived on Developing Reader Net of Journal Web, Acta Editologicav, 2003(6). [6]Wang Li, Wang Yunting, The Network on The Editorial Board of Chinese Medical Association (CMA), Acta Editologicav ,2001(1),P33.

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