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ecently, the Confucius Institute at Bryant University, U.S., the National Committee on US-China Relations and World Affairs Committee of Rhode Island jointly sponsored celebrations of the 30th anniversary of establishment of Sino-US diplomatic relations and China’s reform and opening. The activities, which included a symposium on the 30th anniversary of China’s reform and opening and a Gala by Rhode Island to celebrate the 30th anniversary of establishment of Sino-US diplomatic relations, were directed by Mr. Mei Keli, a former congressman and the president of Bryant University. The Confucius Institute


at Bryant University invited Mr. Wu Jianmin, senior diplomat, former spokesman of China’s foreign ministry and former Chinese ambassador to France, to attend the celebrations and give the keynote speech. Mr. Wu elaborated the development of SinoUS relations over the past three decades by telling his own diplomatic experience and presenting statistics and facts. He said frankly and sincerely, “Though there exist many differences between China and America, our mutual benefits far outweigh the differences. The enlightenment we get from the 30 years of Sino-US relations is that we should handle our differences properly. Instead of trying to change our counterpart, we must try to un-

derstand the difference between us. Dialogue is the best way to resolve discrepancies and differences.” Mr. Wu’s speech was warmly applauded by the audience. With the splendid dance and martial arts performances by the art troupe of the Affiliated Middle School of People's University of China, the event reached its climax. The event was highly praised by American guests who said that it was the most interesting activity held by Rhode Island in recent years. The event was thoroughly covered by major local media. (Provided by Confucius Institute at Bryant University, U.S.)

法国普瓦提埃大学孔子学院举办的 “医院高管”中文班广受欢迎
Confucius Institute at Poitiers University, France: Chinese Class for Hospital Executives Warmly Welcomed

法国普瓦提埃大学孔子学院为普瓦图 夏朗特大区(CHU de Poitiers)医院院长和 副院长等高层管理人员举办的“医院高级 管理人员中文班”近日开课。 中文班在业余时间进行。大区中心医 院院长 Jean-Pierre DEWITT 和副院长们表 示,学习中文一方面是为了方便与中国的 合作和交流,另一方面是出于对中国文化 浓厚的兴趣。孔子学院教师精心设计“医 院高管”课件,每次课程除实用口语、简 单汉字外,还介绍中国文化如中国传统节 日、中医思想、中国现代社会礼仪等。30 个小时的课程目标是让医院的高管学会日 常基本会话和简单的汉字,提高学习汉语 的兴趣。这种量身定做的授课形式受到学 员的好评。 普瓦提埃大学孔子学院成立以来,还积 极帮助大区中心医院与中国医院建立合作。目 前大区中心医院已经和南昌大学附属医院等 三家中国医院签署了合作协议。 文 / 陈梦雯
Confucius Institute VOLUME 02 | May 2009

he Chinese Class for Hospital Executives was offered recently by the Confucius Institute at Poitiers University, France. This class was specially set up for the presidents and vice-presidents of the hospitals in CHU de Poitiers. The Chinese class is conducted during off-hours. Jean-Pierre Dewitt, president of the Central Hospital, and the vice-presidents said that they are learning Chinese to aid their cooperation and exchange with China and that they are earnestly interested in Chinese culture. The Confucius Institute Chinese teachers elaborately designed their courseware. In addition to teaching practical oral Chinese and basic characters, they give introductions to Chinese traditional festivals, traditional Chinese medicine and modern social etiquette. The purpose of the 30 hours course is to ensure these executives to be able to conduct basic daily conver-


sation and use basic characters, and to promote their interest in learning Chinese. This specially designed teaching method received favorable comments from the students. Since its opening, the Confucius Institute at Poitiers University has made great efforts to help the central hospital establish cooperation with Chinese hospitals. As of now, it has signed cooperative agreements with three Chinese hospitals including the Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University. (Chen Mengwen)

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