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									College of Forestry Centennial Open House PROPOSAL Why: 1. We need to have an open house public event to promote good will with campus colleagues, community members and alumni. 2. We need to dispel the myth that the College of Forestry is aloof or doesn’t care to be a part of Campus Community. 3. We need to put time and effort into putting a friendly welcoming face on College the of Forestry 4. We need to provide an Open House so the public has an opportunity to participate in with the Centennial Celebration. 5. University Advancement highly encourages us to have a signature kick-off event that they can get behind to market and publicize. Right now we have provided nothing that the public or community can come to, to help us celebrate. Who: Dean’s office will take the lead (Rose, Nathalie, Aleece) Caryn Davis, Gretchen Bracher Ambassadors Volunteers from College What: A Centennial Open House in conjunction with Homecoming, Festive, Fun, Food and Giveaways, (it will be advertised to the campus and surrounding community, University Marketing will help advertise) Food (cake) and giveaways public celebration of 100 years of Forestry 15 minute demos where participants move from booth to booth:  Wood Magic – Leslie McDaniel on board  Sports Logging Team – Wimer and Captains on board  Catered food – FEC, and emeritus serving and greeting guests.  George Brown, John Bell, Mike Newton and more o Sell Centennial T-shirts o Show recruiting CD. o Tour of Art in Forestry o Buy a brick campaign for Richardson Courtyard o Spin the Wheel Giveaways o Laboratory tours? Biotech? W.S. and E.? o Tour of Richardson? (see list at bottom of document of ideas from Caryn Davis) When: November 3rd 2006, 3:00 – 5:00 pm Open house in front of Peavy Followed by our participation in the College Connection the next day Pre game. (All the other Colleges participate) Where: In front of Peavy Rand and crew will set up tents, tables and awnings. Invites: Send out postcards to Forestry Alumni and Special invitations to those classes (1962 and 1965) who are having reunions on homecoming weekend. Giveaways: Guests will spin the wheel and have a chance to win COF Centennial pins, Centennial Seedlings donated by Weyerhouser, leftover Zipper pulls? Pencils? COF stickers?. Centennial Posters? T1

shirts This will allow us to have to purchase less giveaways, also people tend to keep things that they win as opposed to just a freebe or giveaway. (On Saturday we will not give out seedlings – just on Friday) Budget: (Could we use funds from Hal’s foundation account?) Cake, plates, utensils, napkins 100.00 (Costco) Balloons decorations 50.00 Centennial Posters 100.00 (printing our own) Catering (hot, beverages) 100.00 Printing and Mailing 500.00 (5500 postcards to alumni, bulk mail) Giveaways 500.00 (game day spirit stuff) Spinning wheel rental 40.00 -------------Total: $1390.00 Homecoming Schedule November 3
9:00 am Classes Without Quizzes - Learn what's new and exciting at OSU - join us for this fun and interactive day. Sponsored by the OSU Alumni Association (CH2M HILL Alumni Center) Class of '66 40th Reunion Class of '61 45th Reunion 12:00 pm Alumni Fellows Awards (CH2M HILL Alumni Center) 5:00 pm 4:00 pm 4:00 pm 7:00 pm 7:30 pm 8:00 pm Women's Soccer vs. USC College of Health and Human Sciences Homecoming Alumni Reception (Hawthorne Suite, Milam 119) College of Business Reception for Alumni and Friends (200 Bexell Hall) Volleyball vs. WSU Men's Soccer vs. UW Homecoming Bonfire - Sponsored by the Student Alumni Association and the O Stater Club.

8:00 am OSU Eat and Run - 5K Walk/Run - sponsored by the College of Health and Human Sciences (Women's Building and 26th Street) TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD TBD Homecoming Barbecue and Beaver Nation Tailgater begins 4 hours prior to kickoff (CH2M HILL Alumni Center) Homecoming Parade - more details to come. College Connections - Stop by the tents and reconnect with your college or visit others and see what exciting things are happening at OSU (Parker Plaza) Round-Up College of Ag Science Alumni Hospitality Tent (between Alumni Center and LaSells Stewart Center) College of Liberal Arts Reception (Fairbanks Hall Lawn) Fan Fair (Ralph Miller Drive) Yell Like Hell and Beaver Walk TBD Football Game OSU vs. Arizona State University University Day Award Recipients Introduced at Halftime Halftime Tug-o-War Finals

Caryn’s List:
1. Art show opening (Robin Rose's Africa photos or whatever is to open in the gallery in the fall) 2. Guided Art Walk 3. Reading of the Play "Saving Eden Creek"


4. Wood Magic events - carry over to Friday 5. OSU Logging Sports team exhibition (anyone visiting campus for the football game ought to like this, not just forestry people!) 6. John Bliss's band playing 7. "Legacy Tree Planting" 8. Mushroom sale/non-timber forest products display? It will be fall. This might be fun -- could advertise the sale and I think people will turn out! Could we have our mushroom people do a mushroom talk? Could we invite some of the local mushroom sellers (like Rainforest Mushrooms in Alsea) to have a table? People love wild mushrooms. And Nancy Weber does great talks. She would probably do one if she is around. Jim Trappe might be willing to talk about truffles. Could also have someone talk about (and show) non timber forest products in addition to mushrooms. Nan Vance over at FSL gave a demo on non timber forest products for "take your kids to work day" a few years ago 9. Show the History channel special on logging (John Garland's special) It could be running on a loop in the background 10. John Bliss has some kind of program on PBS - perhaps could show that in another area, looping in the background. 11. Could ask Ed Jensen (or David Zahler) to do a guided dendrology tour - could walk to Moreland and visit the little grove in back of it and then wherever else he goes. Could have display of the book, Trees to Know in Oregon, on sale here for people to pick up. 12. If possible, piggy back onto a Starker lecture or have that as the closing event? If we did have the speaker, Shirley Malcom, that would be especially great since she does so much about the importance of communicating science to the public. 13. Have cake, hand out free forestry trinkets, Doug fir seedlings, etc. 14. Christmas trees -- could have someone talk about Christmas trees-- a part of forestry that most people enjoy but probably few people think about. That would be fun. Often people don't realize that Christmas trees are a crop. Don't we have people here who do research (and offer Extension services?) for tree farmers. We could easily have the Centennial logo made into ornaments for giveaway or sale as mementos. This can be inexpensively done -and that's something I'd even actually buy to have for a remembrance. Since the Open House would be in the fall, it will already be time for thinking about Christmas. We could even have an actual Christmas tree set up as a visual aid. Could have the ornaments on display on the tree and then have a poster or something there with facts about Oregon Christmas trees and Forestry Extension. Anyway, just a thought. 15. Have Bill Ripple and Bob Beschta do a talk/slide show on Yellowstone wolves and whatever they're working on with cougars! This is great public interest stuff. Could perhaps show the TV segments on a loop from National Geographic or Oregon Field Guide (?) on their research. Have some of their wolf posters up with a button kids can push to hear the wolf call. 16. If any of the history DVD from FMC is ready, have that running on a loop -- or maybe just some segments from the interviews with people. 17. Jeff's "Sharing our Stories" booth for recording oral histories. 18. Karen Holberg, assistant professor in English Dept and poet offered to be involved -- she speaks on science and nature in poetry. Could do a joint talk on forestry in literature and poetry. 19. Ask Barb Gartner to give a talk on her "history of wood use" course, which was so popular. 20. Set up the "gaming" demo and allow people to explore it (i.e., kids) 21. Have David Shaw give his canopy research talk/slide show or some of it -- it is really interesting! 22. Ask Andy Moldenke to do a talk on bugs! He's a very engaging speaker. If we put out a list of possibilities now and opened it up for everyone to volunteer, and asked for ideas for additional events and people willing to participate, then that would help people feel included and it would be more fun. Personally think that an open house where everyone participates would help us as a college -- it would be a public event, but we really need something we can join together and do. Fernhopper is different -- no one really has to do much (except the Student Services people) and it's not open to the public. Most people in the college don't go to it (I've been here 15 years and this year was my first time going). The dynamic of having everyone help out is what can pull people together and rebuild some of our "team spirit". Tom McLain and Jeff Morrell would be great resources for how to bring the department together on an event. Maybe they could help the rest of us work together for an open house -- offer guidance or inspiration or practical suggestions..


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