Munida forceps A. Milne Edwards_ by fjzhxb


									Munida forceps A. Milne Edwards, 1880
Squat Lobster Infraorder Anomura Superfamily Galatheoidea Family Galatheidae References used: Pequegnat and Pequegnat (1970), Abele and Kim (1986) Diagnostic characters: Posterior margin of carapace unarmed; no median spine on cardiac region; rostral spine not distinctly spinose on margins; supraocular spines not reaching as far as eyes; eyes distinctly wider than eyestalks; third abdominal segment unarmed; 4 purple bands on carapace. Range: Gulf of Mexico from 45 to 180 fathoms and Cuba.

Guide to Shelf Invertebrates, Gulf of Mexico - Perry and Larsen © 2004 Draft 4/24/04

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