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					Kendriya Vidyalaya ONGC Chandkhheda Minutes of the VMC meeting dated 6th August 2009. A meeting of Vidyalaya Management Committee was held in the Resource Room at 12.30 hours.  The meeting commenced with the welcome address and introduction of members by Dr. (Ms) H. Bali, Principal and Member Secretary, KV ONGC Chandkhheda .  It was followed by reviewing the minutes of the last meeting dated 01.12.2008 The following points were discussed in the meeting:
Academic, Administrative & Management Issues  CBSE Results – Results of the session 2007-08-09 were discussed. In all subjects there

was improvement in performance index except Class XII English and Class X Social Science. Members were assured of improved P.I. for the current session.   
  Additional Section Class XI Science: Members were informed about opening of third section in Class XI Science Appointment of Contractual Teachers: PGT Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology/Computer Science: Members approved issuing advertisement for appointment of the required PGTs as sanctioned by KVS. A post of TGT Science has been withdrawn Building Safety Certificate: Early action was assured to the Principal’s request. Excursions; Visits to ONGC Sites: Approval was given to arrange visit for students of Classes IX to XII with a maximum limit of 25 students at a time. Annual Sports Day to be held on 30th Sept 2009 (Wednesday) was proposed.

Financial Matters  VVN Budget for the year 2009-10 was presented and approved. Members were informed that the awaited revision of upper ceiling (KVS) under various heads.  Ex-post Facto approval to be sought for over – expenditure incurred (with full justification) under various heads e g Sports; modification of Computer Science lab. for Classes XI and XII; infrastructural improvements
for Junior Computer lab and Resource Rooms for secondary & primary section respectively.

  

Tax Exemption & Utilization Certificate as required by ONGC has been reported to KVS. Rupees Eight lacs sanctioned for setting up of Bio technology lab has been returned to ONGC. Change of Bank: Fee Collection: Members were apprised of the non-compliance / inability of the SBI Chandkheda IRS branch in providing the requisite details on daily basis regarding Fee collection. Audit objection on this issue was reported. Suggestion was given to enquire from other KVs of Ahmedabad regarding the data provided to them by the concerned banks and then look for ways to solve the problem.

Approval and assurance was given for the following maintenance and repair work and purchases to made for development of the infrastructure. Building Related Matters Construction of Rooms: (Art, SUPW, Library, Sports , Music, Jr Computer Lab) to accommodate two additional sections of class XI & XII ; Rooms required: Junior Science & Maths lab, Social Sciences / Teaching Aids & Medical Room ; Black Board Replacement/s; Computer Lab : Aluminium door/ Sealing of windows; Renovation of School Assembly Stage; Western Toilet Seats for Handicapped; Boys Toilets Repairs; External Colour washing; Recreation Hall : Acoustic system; Alterations w r t Green – room; Reception Area: Admission cum Waiting Hall; Raising School wall; Waste Water Drainage- Improvements Infra- structural Improvements

Two Blue –star water coolers have been purchased for Ground Floor therefore ROs of Brand Company to be purchased to facilitate proper M & R as required.; Intercom extension/s; Air Conditioners for Computer lab & Library; Recreation Hall Curtains Furniture Requirements Plastic Chairs for Recreation Hall; Half - Almiraha for primary sections; Teachers Tables & Chairs; Class I-II; XI-XII furniture: Old furniture to be replaced in Classes I and II and single desk and chair to be provided to Class XI and XII students.     Following points were also discussed Yoga Classes for students: Members suggested organizing Yoga sessions for children in the Vidyalaya particularly for senior students. Reading Habit: Emphasis was given to encourage good reading habit among children from Class III ; and improve library facilities for general awareness. Counseling for Parents: Suggestion was given for counseling of parents regarding unrealistic expectations from children; and school attendance specially after completion of the syllabus. Presentation on ONGC: Presentation on ONGC to be shown to all students. Inculcating Nationalism amongst Students: Members were informed about the organization of cocurricular activities to inculcate the spirit of nationalism in all students.


 The meeting concluded with the vote of thanks by the Principal for the help and cooperation extended by the Chairman and members of VMC. The following members attended the meeting. 1. Shri Anil Johari 2. Shri S.K. Sharma, 3. Shri C.S. Sharma 4. Smt.Vinita Garg 5. Shri R.R.Dwivedi 6. Shri Suresh Mehra 7. Smt. Chaya Thapliyal 8. Shri Mohan Singh 9. Dr. (Ms.) H Bali - Chairman - Nominee Chairman - Educationist - Parent - Parent - Member - Teacher - Co-Opted Member - Principal and Member Secretary.

MINUTES OF THE VMC MEETING 1st December 2008 A meeting of Vidyalaya Management Committee was held in the Resource Room at 1100 hrs on 1st Dec, 2008. The following members attended the meeting.

1. Sh B.M. Singh 2. Sh S.K. Sharma 3. Sh Jagdish Dubey 4. Sh C. S. Sharma 5. Smt Vinita Garg 6. Sh R.R. Dwivedi 7. Sh Suresh Mehra 8. Smt. Chaya Thapliyal 9. Sh B.K. Chakraborthy 10. Sh SK Hazra 11. Dr.(Ms.) H. Bali

Chairman Nominee Chairman Educationist Member Educationist Member Parent Member Parent Member Member Teacher Member Co-opted Member Chairman-CGEWCC Member Member Secretary & Principal

 The meeting commenced with the welcome address and introduction of new members by Dr. (Ms) H. Bali , Principal and Member Secretary , Kendriya Vidyalaya ONGC Chandkheda.  It was followed by reviewing the minutes of the last meeting dated 10.01.2008  Members were informed of purchase of biometric attendance system , setting up of Resource room , Expansion work of Senior Computer Lab and Junior Computer Lab.  The following points were discussed in the meeting and approval/s granted.  VVN Budget for the year 2008-09 was presented and approved ; with one modification i.e. utilization of 3 lacs ( fund allocated for biotechnology lab ) for Computer infrastructure.  Members were informed of withdrawal of Biotechnology subject. Rs. 8 lacs sanctioned by ONGC for setting up of Biotechnology lab may be returned to ONGC .


Members approved purchase of 4 air conditioners , software/s , 22 computer tables , 45 stools/chairs and suitable modification in doors and windows for Senior Computer Lab.

 

Members were informed of KVS approval for purchase of 8 computers for Departments. Members were informed of purchase of LCD / Mounting for Resource room and approved purchase of LCD / mounting and OHP with trolley for Junior Computer lab.

   

Intercom extensions were approved. Requisition of furniture : Teachers tables / chairs , plastic chairs for class I-II : almirahs were approved . Arrangement of transport at school level also ( for excursions on working days) was approved. Early action was assured to the Principal’s request for  Building Safety Certificate.  Maintenance and repair work such as white / colour washing , raising of school wall and backyard school gate , Green room entry correction , floor tiling Class III A and corridors ,

replacement of red tiles with kota stone , renovation of stage , construction of ramp to first floor , Water stagnation near basket ball court , construction of Music, SUPW , Art / Craft Rooms and Library , Benches in the campus , one RO plant, waste water drainage.  Purchase of 1000 plastic chairs , curtains etc for recreation hall was also approved.  Academic , Management and administrative issues were also discussed. Members were apprised of CBSE result . The House was informed about noteworthy achievement of the students in CBSE and in co-curricular activities at National level. Highest PI in the region was obtained in Class XII English by Mrs. K Rani. The Principal informed the target for 100% result and performance index of more than 70 for the forthcoming Board

Exam . The house was informed about the remedial classes arranged for low achievers.  Members were informed about introduction of Foreign Language / German by the KVS.  Members were informed of the proposal for withdrawal of one section in class I and requirement of additional 3 rd section in class XI.  Members agreed that KV TC cases from Mehsana on ground of shifting of family to be entertained after 30 th September until completion of admission of wards of ONGC and CISF on transfer. Members agreed that wards of CISF should also try for admission in nearby KV , KV Sabarmati instead of KV Shahibaug if they cannot be accommodated in this KV.  Members strongly recommended Class XI admission of eligible students of own KV first and then fresh admission against vacant seats as per KVS guidelines .  Members were informed about the requirement of part time contractual teachers , i.e. PGT Maths and Computer Instructor , Yoga teacher and spoken English teacher .  Members were informed Annual Sports Day to be celebrated on 15th December 08 and proposed date for Annual Day on 17 th April , 2009 .  Members agreed for arrangement of fee collection in an

alternative bank in view of the problems faced presently .

The meeting concluded with the vote of thanks by the Principal for the help and cooperation extended by the Chairman and members of VMC.

Approved Chairman

Copy to all VMC members.

MINUTES OF THE VMC MEETING DATED 10TH JAN,2008 A meeting of Vidyalaya Management Committee was held in the Principal Chamber at 1300 hrs on 10th Jan 2008. The following members attended the meeting.

12. Shri B.M. Singh. 13. Shri S.K. Sharma 14. Shri Jagdish Dubey 15. Mrs. Pallavi Kukreti 16. Shri R.R. Dwivedi 17. Dr. P. Das 18. Mrs. Sunita Kumari 19. Shri B.K. Chakraborthy 20. Dr.(Ms.) H. Bali Member Secretary & Principal

Chairman Nominee Chairman Member Member Parent Member Teacher Member Member Member

 The meeting commenced with the welcome address by Dr.(Ms.) H. Bali Principal & Member Secretary K.V. ONGC Chandkheda.  It was followed by reading of the minutes of last meeting dated 2/11/06 and discussion on the follow up of the minutes.  The following points were discussed in the meeting and approval granted.   VVN Budget for the year 2007-08 was presented and approved (list enclosed) Members were informed about the DGS&D purchase of Duplicator and 11 computers for the school. Financial approval has been given by KVS.  Committee approved the purchase of Bio-Metric Attendance system, setting of Micro-Chemistry & Bio Technology Lab. ONGC

management has approved Rs Eight Lakh budget for Bio-Technology Lab. House was informed about the purchase of one Micro-scale Chemistry Kit from NCERT.   House was informed about the purchase of Furniture for Resource Room to be made. Technology Aided Lab may be developed.


Principal requested for availability of Buses for excursion on working days for the students from ONGC. GM(HR/ER) assured that the facility can be provided and requested to inform to inform at least one week in advance.


Proposal for running a canteen facility in the school was meted. Chairman suggested that a Bunk house may be provided for the purpose and Guest house / canteen contractor may be asked to start the facility initially.

  

Chairman suggested raising the compound wall fencing for safety consideration. Principal has requested to provide Building Safety Certificate w. r. t. Earth Quake. Additional stair case may also be provided. Requested for the early completion of repair / maintenance work such as  Maintenance & Repair of Air-Conditioner in Junior & Senior Computer Lab.  Audio-System, Curtain and seating arrangement in the hall.  Two additional R. O. Plant with regular Maintenance  Erection of wall in XII A( for additional room to be used as sports room )  White washing, campus flooring, drainage system, toilets flooring, lighting system, netting Basket Ball court on school side, Raising of school wall.  Replacement of red tiles with Kota stone.


Members were appraised of CBSE results , participation of two students in SGFI ( Table-Tennis) , 3rd Position in youth parliament at regional level , Divisional S & G rally organized in the school, admission schedule, Various school committee for the smooth functioning of the school etc.

Academic & other issues were also discussed and the following suggestions have been made:    Proposal to start Commerce stream in the Vidyalaya was put up if demand is raised. Wide publicity for part time contractual teachers particularly PRT & Computer Instructor through Cable Network also. Interview for part time contractual teachers may be conducted in the month of March and suitable Panel may be prepared for the coming session.           Annual day celebration on 10 th April was proposed and approved. Fee collection through bank may be continued till shifting the bank. Incentive to teachers by Chairman’s office w. r. t. performance index. Arrangement of Yoga teachers. Visit of councillor once a week in the school. Maximum use of sports facilities. Strengthening of scout & guide activities. Medical check up of students with respect to colour blindness, dyslexia & other learning disabilities. Name of particular person (ONGC employee) to whom school may contact for civil or electrical work. The meeting concluded with vote of thanks by the principal for the cooperation and help extended by the chairman and members of VMC.

Dr. (Ms.) H. Bali Principal & Member secretary