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FRIDAY, 12/27/02

STREET ROBBERY Beat E4 MURRAY HILL RD & CLOCK TOWER LN, 12/26 2150. The sixteen year-old male victim was approached by three suspects when he got off a local transit bus. They circled him and asked for the time, then asked if he had any money. The victim replied “I got a dollar”. One of the suspects asked if he could have it while the suspects circled him. He gave them the dollar and one of them slapped him in the back of the head. The victim attempted to leave and was punched him in the eye. 02-127974 Suspects: (3) B/M’s, teens, RESIDENTIAL B&E Beat B4 7700 OLD WOODSTOCK LN, 12/27 0200 – 0230. Unknown suspect(s) entered a townhouse by forcing the rear basement slider. The homeowners heard what sounded like a door closing in the basement level of the townhouse. The basement door was closed but there was snow on the carpet. A stick was in the slider but in the wrong track. The only item taken was a “snake light” which was taken from its hanging place just inside the basement door. A resident in a neighboring townhouse was sleeping on the couch in the basement and heard someone trying to open the rear slider by pulling on it. The resident observed a male wearing all black clothing walking away. 02-128042 COMMERCIAL B&E Beat C2 TOWN CENTER APARTMENTS, 10300 SWIFTSTREAM PL 12/26 1035 – 1055, ATTEMPT. Suspect observed with a coat hanger trying to get into the apartment complex media room. Coat hanger was found in the doorjamb. A black male, medium complexion, was seen in the area of the media room by a resident. The only additional description obtained was the subject was wearing a black jacket and black hat. 02-127787 Beat E2 FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH, 8900 WASHINGTON ST, 12/24 2030 – 12/26 1445, ATTEMPT. A side window in a stairway was broken and pushed in about a ¼ inch. No entry. Nothing taken. 02-127847 VEHICLE THEFT Beat B4 8400 COTONEASTER DR, 12/03 - 12/20. 02 Toyt Camry gray MD KCS936 02-127834 Beat E2 CROWN FURNITURE, 9300 US 1, 12/26 0951. 90 Chev Conversion Van 02-127771 Beat B3 WORLD WIDE DELIVERY, 7000 TROY HILL DR, 12/23 1500 – 12/26 0700. 99 Freightliner Cargo truck white MD203E98 02-127742 Beat E3 9000 NORTH LAUREL RD, 12/24 12/24 1616. 99 Ford Ranger 02-127246 Beat D2 6100 TURNABOUT LN, 12/24 0515 - 0530. 93 Subaru station wagon green MD JTD501 02-127064 Beat E1 8300 STAYTON DR, 12/23 2038. Isuzu refrigerated box truck white/w Fresh Samantha Juice Logo 02-126960 (employee missing with truck) Beat C2 10300 LITTLE PATUXENT PKWY, 12/23 1900. NFI 02-126914 Cont.

Beat E1 7400 ASSATEAGUE DR, 12/20 - 12/23 Trailer white w/Southwestern Carrier on rear dr & mud flaps Beat C3 6000 MAJORS LN, 12/23 0837. 96 Honda Accord bluish gray MD HVS225 (recovered at Blitheaire Garth with air bags removed) Beat B5 8900 TAMAR DR, 12/23 0726. 95 Honda Accord MD CPG555 Beat C4 6400 DOBBIN CENTER WAY, 12/23 0733. 88 Olds Delta Beat B5 8600 HAYSHED LN, 12/23 0643. Honda Civic maroon MD ECM125 Beat D3 5600 THICKETT LN, 12/23 0658. 84 Chevy Caprice 2 tone gray MD FLM??? Beat D3 10500 TOLLING CLOCK WAY, 12/23 0723, ATTEMPT. (Steering column smashed) NFI Beat B5 8500 BLACK STAR CIR, 12/23 0506. 94 Honda black

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