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A portrait for the late Former President Corazon Aquino at the Church of St. Francis in Shanghai

Mr. Larry Chan, chairman of Liwayway (China) Co. Ltd. signing the Condolence Book

Members of the Filipino community in Shanghai lining up at the St. Francis Church to sign the Condolence Book

Images of the Memorial Service for the late Former President Corazon Aquino. About 100 members of the community attended the noontime service.

Members of the Filipino choir rendering Cory’s favorite songs

Ms. Merle Rivera recounting her experiences with the late former President Corazon C. Aquino

Consul General Maria Rowena Mendoza Sanchez thanking the Filipino Community for attending the memorial services and enjoining them to emulate the principles of Mrs. Corazon Aquino

Members of the Filipino community in Shanghai and with the Philippine Consulate General in Shanghai

EULOGY By MS. MERLE RIVERA, Filipino Expat in Shanghai Along with other Filipinos living and working in Shanghai, I had the amazing luck of meeting Mrs Aquino during the opening celebration of Metrobank Shanghai a few years ago. I was introduced to her by her spokesperson, Mrs Deedee Siytangco, an old friend from my days working at the PR office of Philippine Plaza. Together with a few friends – Aileen Rau, Carlson Chan and Elizabeth Reyes and a few other Pinoys, we accompanied her and her party shopping for presents to bring back to Manila. Elizabeth, my friend translated and haggled with vendors on her behalf - although Mrs Aquino herself was quite good at bargaining. Carlson Chan and myself simply helped carry her pashminas back to the Oishi van. After that, one of her daughters, Pinky, became a friend. Through Pinky we got the opportunity to meet Mrs Aquino and her family back home during occasional family and holiday celebrations – Sunday lunch at Times Street, Christmas Masses and get-togethers at Pinky’s house, and a guided tour of the Aquino Center in Tarlac by Mrs Aquino herself. In her home on Times St, the food Mrs Aquino served was traditional Filipino fare – but they were to die for. She loved to cook, she loved to eat, she loved telling funny anecdotes … and promoting the movies of her youngest daughter. One Christmas get-together at Times Street, she mentioned to us to make sure to watch Fengshui, Kris’ blockbuster movie at the time. She said it in her usual gentle “no pressure” way – but we took it as a ‘presidential decree’ – so off we went to watch Fengshui. She was such a gracious hostess, very unassuming – that, for a few hours she can make you forget that she once held the highest position of power in our country and how respected and admired she was by the rest of the world. She reached out with friendship and thoughtfulness to everyone she met – even simple folks like me, like us. When the father of my friend, Elizabeth, passed away Mrs Aquino was here in Shanghai but she made sure one of her daughters called Elizabeth to extend their condolences. She checked on how I was doing when I was convalescing from a major surgery. Small gestures that meant the world to us. The last time I saw Mrs Aquino was here in Shanghai a few years ago, with Pinky who brought back some goodies for us from Manila including Mrs Aquino’s special chicharon. We have not seen nor spoken to her for sometime, yet every moment we spent in her presence is indelibly etched in our memory. And we thank God for granting us this privilege of a lifetime. Many of the Filipinos in Shanghai were blessed with the precious “gift” of knowing her as the non-political Cory Aquino. Unadulterated, easy to please, beautiful inside and out, someone who loved to laugh. Her life was a shining

example of kindness, graciousness, and simplicity . . . a life well lived. And best of all, she was a committed Christian to her very core. As Filipinos representing the Philippines in a foreign land, let us emulate her examples – her humility, her quiet dignity, her unflinching faith in God and country. May the way she lived her life guide us towards a better appreciation of each other and the Philippines. Thank you.

RESPONSE by CONSUL GENERAL MARIA ROWENA MENDOZA SANCHEZ We would like to thank everyone, dear friends and members of our caring Filipino Community in Shanghai, for being here today as we pray for the eternal repose of our beloved President Cory, Tita Cory to all Filipinos all over the world, and as we give thanks to the Lord for the gift of Corazon Aquino to the Philippines The past several days have highlighted her dedication, her valor, her selflessness, her achievements, that all freedom loving Filipinos will never forget. But today, we also remember what she has always said. "Do everything you can within the limits of your human capability; but trust even more in the God who can make all things possible." Her spirituality, faith and trust in the Almighty continue to, must, inspire us in all we do. We thank Merle, who like Tita Cory, overcame her discomfort at being in the public eye, to share her experiences, so that we may be inspired more by the gentle woman, mother and friend who became our leader. We thank the presence of representatives of Philippine companies in Shanghai whose company vision reflect her principles and showcase the best of our country. We thank our musicians here who bring joy wherever they are, for sacrificing their rest, and to the choir members who time off from work, to pay homage to Tita Cory, in their unique and special way. We most especially thank the son and daughters of President and Sen. Aquino who shared their parents with the country. Like any other children who want their parents to themselves, it probably was not easy to do so, but they did so with humility, grace and selflessness. And even in this time of profound sorrow, they still share Tita Cory with the country. To them, we offer our deepest, most heart-felt condolences. They continue to follow their parents' examples by leading lives dedicated to their children and community and to making the world a better place. So for all of us whose lives have been enriched by Tita Cory's principled leadership and life of sacrifice and simplicity, we can do no less.

The men and women of the Philippine foreign service led by Sec. Alberto Romulo and as represented by the Philippine Consulate General, Shanghai will do all we can to diligently and effectively provide services and extend assistance to all our kababayans overseas and in the homeland. Allow me to share the prayer selected by Sec. Romulo for Tita Cory. "May the road rise to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face. And rains fall soft upon your fields. And, until we meet again, may the Lord hold you in the Palm of His Hand." Hanggang sa muli, Paalam, Tita Cory.

Shanghai Foreign Affairs Office Director-General Li Mingjun

Representative from the Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government

Representative from the Anhui Provincial People’s Government

Representative from the Nanjing Municipal People’s Government

Consul General Chalit Manityakul of Thailand

Consul General Murat Ulku of Turkey

Consul General Azmil Bin Mohd Zabidi of Malaysia

Consul General Beatrice Camp of the United States

Consul General Ivan Dimitrov of Bulgaria

Consul General William Frei of Switzerland

Consul General Riva Ganguly Das of India

Consul General Nadir Patel of Canada

Acting Consul General Mahmood Akhtar Mahmood of Pakistan

Acting Consul General Oleksandr Zeleniuk of Ukraine

Consul Yin Chantho of Cambodia

Consul Joseph Guys of Sri Lanka

Representative from the Polish Consulate

Representative from the Russian Consulate

Consul (Political) M.J. Gininda of South Africa

Mr. You Wei of the Shanghai Media Group

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