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					List of Nokia Stores This list includes all stores approved by Nokia, and it will be updated continually to reflect the latest information. To avoid misunderstanding and doubt, we hereby would like to reiterate that Nokia, Nokia stores and their parent companies are recognized as separate entities by law. Nokia stores and their parent companies assume all responsibility for their sales and services independently. Provisions contained hereto shall, under no circumstances, be construed as agency, partnership, joint venture, employment relationship between Nokia and Nokia stores and their parent companies, or among employees of the same. Table of Contents 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Beijing Shanghai Tianjin Chongqing Hebei Shanxi Liaoning Jilin Heilongjiang

10. Jiangsu 11. Zhejiang 12. Anhui 13. Fujian 14. Jiangxi 15. Shandong 16. Henan 17. Hubei 18. Hunan 19. Guangdong 20. Hainan 21. Sichuan 22. Guizhou 23. Yunnan 24. Shanxi 25. Gansu 26. Qinghai 27. Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region 28. Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region 29. Tibet Autonomous Region 30. Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region 31. Xinjiang Uygur Automonous Region 32. Hong Kong 33. Taiwan


Beijing Name of Nokia Store Address

Beijing Nokia Store

1F, Huaying Mansion, A14 Fuxing Rd., Haidian District, Beijing Room 101, East Ring International Mansion,

Beijing Nokia Store

No.18, East 3rd Ring District

Middle Rd., Chaoyang

Beijing Nokia Store

1F, Yijia Mansion, No.10, Jianwai Dajie, Chaoyang District

Shanghai Chuangyi Metro City Nokia Store Metro City, Zhaojiabang Rd., Xujiahui District Shanghai Name of Nokia Store Address

Shanghai Nokia Flagship Store Shanghai Nokia Store - Huaihai Rd.

No. 546, East Nanjing Rd., Shanghai Room B101, Hong Kong New World Tower, No. 300, Middle Huaihai Road

Shanghai Nokia Store - Xujiahui

No. 139, Tianyao Bridge Rd., Xujiahui District, Shanghai

Shanghai Chuangyi Metro City Nokia Store Metro City, Zhaojiabang Rd., Xujiahui District Tianjin Name of Nokia Store Tianjin Nokia Store Address Friendship Plaza, No. 208, Binjiang Rd. Heping District, Tianjin

Chongqing Name of Nokia Store Chongqing Nokia Store Address No. 3, Huayu Plaza, Shapingba District,


Chongqing Hebei Name of Nokia Store Hebei Shijiazhuang Nokia Store - West Ave. Hebei Handan Nokia Store Hebei Shijiazhuang Nokia Store Hebei Tangshan Nokia Store - Zhenyuan Hebei Qinhuangdao Nokia Store Zhenyuan Hebei Zhangjiakou Nokia Store Zhenyuan Address No. 25, West Avenue, Shijiazhuang, Hebei No. 42, Renmin Rd., Handan No. 86-1, Fanxi Rd., Shijiazhuang No. 73-75, Yuhua Rd., Lubei District, Tangshan, Hebei No. 86, South Minzu Rd., Haigang District, Qinhuangdao, Hebei No. 8-A7, Chahaer Century Square, North Shengli Avenue, Qiaodong District, Shijiazhuang

Shanxi Name of Nokia Store Shanxi Linfen Nokia Store Address No. 3, 1F, Street Building 13, Fuxing Park, Jiaochang Street, Datong Building 1, Zone A, Gongyuan East

Shanxi Datong Nokia Store

Liaoning Name of Nokia Store Liaoning Dalian Nokia Store Liaoning Shenyang Nokia Store -Zhongshan Rd. Liaoning Shenyang Nokia Store Address No. 221, Xi'an Rd., Shahekou District, Dalian, Liaoning No. 57, Zhongshan Rd., Heping District, Shenyang, Liaoning No. 21, South Xinghua Street, Tiexi District, Shenyang 1F -East Corner , Meinan Mansion, Tiedong District, Anshan No. 67-40, Section 3, Heping Rd., Guta District, Jinzhou

Liaoning Anshan Nokia Store

Liaoning Jinzhou Nokia Store


Jilin Name of Nokia Store Jilin Nokia Store Address Complex Building, No. 7, Guanghua Rd., Jilin No. 3 Family Dormitory Building for Post & Jilin Songyuan Nokia Store Telecommunications Bureau, Yuanjiang Rd., Qianguo County, Songyuan Jilin Changchun Nokia Store Jilin Changchun Nokia Store Heilongjiang Name of Nokia Store Heilongjiang Harbin Nokia Store Heilongjiang Daqing Nokia Store Heilongjiang Mudanjiang Nokia Store Heilongjiang Qiqihar Nokia Store Jiangsu Name of Nokia Store Jiangsu Changshu Nokia Store Jiangsu Yixing Nokia Store Jiangsu Nantong Nokia Store Jiangsu Changzhou Nokia Store Jiangsu Jiangyin Nokia Store Jiangsu Suzhou Nokia Store Address No. 39-41, Fangta Street, Changshu, Jiangsu No. 52, Tongzhenguan Rd., Yixing, Jiangsu No. 89, South Street/No. 12, Haonan Rd., Nantong No. 8, South Street, Changzhou, Jiangsu No. 190, Middle Renmin Rd., Jiangyin, Jiangsu No. 18, Yongfu Rd., Yinhe Sqaure, Shilu Pedestrian Street, Suzhou, Jiangsu No. 2, East Hailian Rd., Xinpu District, Lianyungang, Jiangsu #107, No. 118, West Dongjin Rd., Taizhou, Jiangsu No. 4, 1F, Building 8, No 15, Ring Road Address No. 59, Shangzhi Avenue, Daoli District, Harbin, Heilongjiang No. 104, Huizhan Avenue, Saertu District No. 97-A, Aimin Street, Dong’an District, Mudanjiang No. 44, Bukui Street, Longsha District., Qiqihar No. 68, Renmin Street, Changchun No. 756, Chongqing Rd., Changchun

Jiangsu Lianyungang Nokia Store

Jiangsu Taizhou Nokia Store Jiangsu Zhenjiang Nokia Store


Jiangsu Wuxi Nokia Store Jiangsu Yancheng Nokia Store Zhejiang Name of Nokia Store Zhejiang Hangzhou Nokia Store Zhejiang Ningbo Nokia Store Zhejiang Wenzhou Nokia Store Zhejiang Jiaxing Nokia Store Zhejiang Ningbo Cixi Nokia Store Changyuan Zhejiang Ningbo Nokia Store Anhui Name of Nokia Store Anhui Hefei Nokia Store

No. 399, Zhongshan Rd., Wuxi No. 42, Middle Jianjun Road

Address No. 175-185, South Hushu Rd., Hangzhou Wanda Plaza, No. 80, North Tiantong Rd., Ningbo No. 199, East Renmin Rd., Wenzhou, Zhejiang No. 100-110, Zone G, Huating Street, Middle Jianguo Rd., Jiaxing, Zhejiang No. 354-356, South Ring Rd., Cixi No. 70, East Zhongshan Rd., Ningbo

Address No. 443, Meiling Building, Hefei No. 11-13, Tiefo Park, Beijing Rd., Wuhu, Anhui No. 96, Nanshan Rd., Bengbu No. 157, Longshan Rd., Anqing

Anhui Wuhu Nokia Store Anhui Bengbu Nokia Store Anhui Anqing Nokia Store - Guomai Store, Longshan Rd. Fujian Name of Nokia Store Fujian Jinjiang Nokia Store

Address Detian Building, Middle Quan’an Rd., Qingyang, Jinjiang, Quanzhou, Fujian #1-2, Building H2, Pedestrian Street, Jiu’er Rd., Shishi, Quanzhou, Fujian No 1-5-9, Chang’an Street, Ximei, Nan’an, Fujian 1F, No. 94, Jiahe Rd., Xiamen, Fujian -

Fujian Shishi Nokia Store

Fujian Nan’an Nokia Store Fujian Xiamen Nokia Store


Besides Mingfa Square, Xiamen Fujian Fuzhou Nokia Store - East Street Fujian Fuzhou Nokia Store - Guanya Fujian Huian Nokia Store No.110, 1F, Shengyu Mansion, 817 Rd., Fuzhou, Fujian No. 268, North 817 Road No. 9-11, South Jianshe Rd., Luocheng Town, Huian No. 228-238, South Beida Street, Licheng District No. 6, Chaoyang Rd. No. 110, North Jiuyi Rd., Xinluo District - 1F, the Mountain Song Troupe Building No. 90, Liye Community, Zhongting Street Post Building, Jiuyi Street

Fujian Putian Nokia Store Fujian Nanping Nokia Store Fujian Longyan Nokia Store Fujian Fuzhou Nokia Store - Nankai Professional Store, Zhongting St. Fujian Fuzhou Nokia Store - Huayuan Jiangxi Name of Nokia Store Jiangxi Nanchang Nokia Store Jiangxi Ganzhou Nokia Store Jiangxi Shangrao Nokia Store Shandong Name of Nokia Store Shandong Zibo Nokia Store

Address No. 232, Bayi Ave., Nanchang, Jiangxi No. 31, Wenqing Road No. 13-1, Middle Kangjian Rd., Xinzhou District

Address Huadumingcheng, Gongqingtuan Rd., Zibo, Shandong No. 38, 1st Xinhua Rd., Lanshan District, Linyi, Shandong No. 1011, Qingnian Rd., Heze, Shandong

Shandong Linyi Nokia Store Shandong Heze Nokia Store

Shandong Taian Nokia Store

No. 41-4, Dongyue Street, Taian, Shandong

Shandong Qingdao Nokia Store Shandong Weihai Nokia Store

No. 74, Weihai Rd., Qingdao, Shandong No. 1, Gongyuan Rd., Weihai, Shandong


Henan Name of Nokia Store Henan Zhengzhou Nokia Store Address No. 21, Renmin Rd., Jinshui District, Zhengzhou, Henan 1F, Yong’an Mansion, No 254, Zhongzhou Rd., Nanyang, Henan North Hall, 1F, 2 Department Store, Hongqi Rd., Nanyang, Henan 1F, Post Building, No 216, Middle Zhongzhou Rd., Luoyang, Henan West Building, Tianzijialiu, East Zhou Wangcheng Square, Luoyang West Building, 1 Primary School, Qiyi Rd., Zhoukou, Henan
st nd

Henan Nanyang Nokia Store

Henan Anyang Nokia Store

Henan Luoyang Nokia Store

Henan Luoyang Nokia Store

Henan Zhoukou Nokia Store

Hubei Name of Nokia Store Hubei Wuhan Nokia Store - Minsheng Rd. Hubei Wuhan Nokia Store - Zhongbei Rd. Hubei Shiyan Nokia Store Address No 42, Block B, Wanda Shopping Mall, No. 176, Minsheng Rd., Wuhan, Hubei 1F/East, Hongshan Hotel, No. 1, Zhongbei Rd., Nanchang District, Wuhan, Hubei No. 66, Middle Chaoyang Road - 1F, Civil Affairs Bureau No. 43, North Jianghan Rd., Shashi District Power Property Company Building No. 248-256, Changhong Road No. 1008, Zhongshan Avenue

Hubei Jingzhou Nokia Store Hubei Xiangfan Nokia Store Hubei Wuhan Nokia Store - Zhongshan Ave. Hunan Name of Nokia Store Hunan Changsha Nokia Store Hunan Changde Nokia Store Hunan Hengyang Nokia Store

Address No. 5-6, 1F, Xingweimingzuo South Buliding , No. 86, Shaoshan Rd., Changsha, Hunan No. 59, South Langzhou Road 1F, Yancheng Hotel, South Ring Road


Hunan Yueyang Nokia Store Hunan Xiangtan Nokia Store Guangdong Name of Nokia Store Guangdong Guangzhou Nokia Store Zhonghua Square Guangdong Shenzhen Nokia Store Wanshang Store, North Huaqiang Rd. Guangdong Shenzhen Nokia Store Jidian Store, Dongmen Rd. Guangdong Panyu Nokia Store Guangdong Shantou Nokia Store Guangdong Dongguan Nokia Store Humen Guangdong Dongguan Nokia Store Nancheng Guangdong Shenzhen Nokia Store Yuanwang Store, Huaqiang Rd. Guangdong Zhanjiang Nokia Store

No 8, Dongfanghong Primary School, Yuedong Road/#8 Dongmaoling No. 89, Middle Shaoshan Road

Address 4F, China Plaza, Guangzhou, Guangdong 1F, Wanshang Electrical Appliance Market, North Huaqiang Rd., Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong 1F, South Block, Jidian Building, No. 2, Middle Dongmen Rd., Shenzhen, Guangdong Junhe, Dadongxing Rd., Panyu No 86, Changping Rd., Jinyuan District, Shantou, Guangdong No 68, Taisha Rd., Humen, Dongguan, Guangdong No 106, Central Fortune Plaza, Hongfu Rd., Nancheng District, Dongguan, Guangdong 1F, Yuanwang Digital City, Huaqiang Rd., Futian District 12 Primary School, No. 46, South Renmin Avenue, Xiashan District Opposite Side, Mobile Complex Building,

Guangdong Jieyang Nokia Store

Middle Section, Jianyang Rd., Dongshan District

Guangdong Dongguan Nokia Store Trade Plaza Guangdong Dongguan Nokia Store Dongcheng Ave. Guangdong Foshan Nokia Store Wenxiu Rd. Guangdong Foshan Nokia Store Weiguo Rd. Guangdong Shantou Nokia Store -

No. B8-B9, 1F, Garden Trade Plaza

1F, Yingfeng Plaza, Dongcheng Avenue No. 60 & 62, Wenxiu Rd., Daliang Town, Shunde District No. 75, Weiguo Road 1F, North Building, No. 76, North Dongxia

Dachaoliu Store, Jinyuan Rd. Guangdong Zhongshan Nokia Store Hengbo Guangdong Dongguan Nokia Store Guanglian Store, Houjie Guangdong Zhuhai Nokia Store Hengbo Hainan Name of Nokia Store Hainan Haikou Nokia Store Hainan Haikou Nokia Store - Guomao Rd. Sichuan Name of Nokia Store Sichuan Luzhou Nokia Store Sichuan Chengdu Nokia Store - South Taisheng Rd. Sichuan Chengdu Nokia Store Jinyang Communications Sichuan Chengdu Nokia Store

Road No. 8, Minquan Rd., Shiqi District

No. 88, South Kangle Rd., Houjie Town No. 1051-1055, Paili Plaza , East Yuehai Rd., Gongbei District

Address 1F, Mingyang Hotel, No. 29, Haixiu Rd., Haikou, Hainan No 103-1, Accessory Building, Block B, Guomao Building, Guomao Avenue

Address Luzhou Shangcheng Communications, 5F, Post Building, Shuiijinggou No. 45, South Taisheng Rd., Chengdu, Sichuan 1F, Jinyang Communications Building, No. 58, Tidu Street, Chengdu, Sichuan No. 200, South Taisheng Rd., Chengdu, Sichuan

Guizhou Name of Nokia Store Guizhou Guiyang Nokia Store Address 1F, Wanyuan Building, South Zhonghua Rd., Guiyang, Guizhou

Yunnan Name of Nokia Store Yunnan Kuming Nokia Store Yunnan Yuxi Nokia Store Yunnan Qujing Nokia Store Address No. 242, West Dongfeng Road No. 57, Fenghuang Road No. 225, South Qilin Rd., Qujing, Yunnan

Shaanxi Name of Nokia Store Shanxi Baoji Nokia Store Shanxi Xi'an Nokia Store Gansu Name of Nokia Store Gansu Lanzhou Nokia Store Address No. 1, Qingyang Rd., Chengguan District, Lanzhou, Gansu Address No. 164, Electronics Building, Jing’er Road No. 51, Xixin Street

Qinghai Not available at present Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Name of Nokia Store Inner Mongolia Erdos Nokia Store Address No. 1, South Dzungars Rd., Dongsheng District, Erdos, Inner Mongolia No. 7, 1F, Block A, Hualong Building, No. 116, Inner Mongolia Baotou Nokia Store Steel & Iron Street, Kun District, Baotou, Inner Mongolia. Inner Mongolia Baotou Zhongyu Shidai 1F, Zhengxie Building, No. 13, Steel & Iron Nokia Store Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Name of Nokia Store Guangxi Guilin Nokia Store Guangxi Nanning Nokia Store Guangxi Liuzhou Nokia Store Liangmianzhen Mansion Guangxi Nanning Nokia Store Guangxi Liuzhou Nokia Store Gongyuan Rd. Tibet Autonomous Region


Address No. 5, 1F, Hualian Department Store, No. 45, Middle Zhongshan Rd., Guilin, Guangxi No. 18-1, Dongge Rd., Nanning, Guangxi 1F, Liangmianzhen Mansion, # 87, South Jiefang Road 1F, Yinyu Mansion, No. 22, Gucheng Rd., Nanning Xinghe Mansion, No. 72, Gongyuan Road

Name of Nokia Store Tibet Lhasa Nokia Store Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Name of Nokia Store Ningxia Yinchuan Nokia Store Xinjiang Uygur Automonous Region Name of Nokia Store Xinjiang Urumchi Nokia Store Zhongshan Rd. Xinjiang Urumchi Nokia Store Hong Kong Please visit Nokia Hong Kong site: Taiwan Please visit Nokia Taiwan site:

Address No. 181, Middle Beijing Road

Address No. 228, East Xinhua Street, Yinchuan, Ningxia

Address No. 242, Zhongshan Road No. 180, Urumchi


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