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Creatmosphere explores the link between light, art and architect
Creatmosphere is a lighting design studio that creates unique and unexpected light installations. Using the medium of light, we transform and animate urban spaces, architecture and natural landscapes. Responding to briefs and commissions, our focus is to research the context of the space. The studio investigates social, historical and emotional characteristics to develop narratives for its intervention, designing site-specific installations that make the audience interact, reflect on and reconsider the spaces illuminated. Utilising innovative lighting technologies and materials, Creatmosphere uses a diverse array of lighting formats for its projects and continues to research, develop and produce environmentally

friendly installations, which demonstrate how light can be harnessed in ever more efficient and innovative ways. Based in London, the studio takes part in different festivals of light such as the ‘La Noche en blanco’ in Lima in 2009, the ‘Luminale’ in Wiesbaden in 2008 and in Russelheim in 2006, ‘Arbres et Lumières’ in Geneva in 2007 and 2006, ‘Glow Light Festival’ in Newcastle in 2006 and ‘La Fête des Lumières’ in Lyon as part of ‘Superflux 2004.’ In September 2008, Creatmosphere took part in the opening ceremonies of the Cultural Olympiad 2008-12 for the South-East region in the city of Windsor and Eton. Creatmosphere created a light trail through the city and a largescale intervention of light spheres on the River Thames.

The studio founder, Laurent Louyer, also works as a freelance lighting consultant for schemes that involve regeneration in urban and city developments, and curates and commissions specific events around light. He was the curator of ‘Light 06’ at London’s 100% Design Festival; he is a member of the Association of Lighting Designer Without Borders (an association motivated by humanitarian action); and is currently collaborating with Martin Ware, founder of the ‘Future of Sound,’ to develop the ‘Future of Light’.


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Architecture and Heritage

Blackpool -UK September - November 2007

Water is everywhere Blackpool Light Festival
Following the initial installation for the festival, a permanent scheme was commissioned in 2008.


Architecture and heritage // 4

London - UK February 2008

Ex-Commonwealth Institute
Creatmosphere was commissioned to light up the dramatic interiors of the Ex-Commonwealth Institute for an architectural photo-shoot to market and promote this unique listed building.

Blackpool - UK October 2005

London - UK November 2007

Blackpool Light Festival
Illumination of the Winter Gardens Dome.

The Waterpoint Saint Pancras International Eurostar
A site-specific, light and video installation at an ancient Waterpoint and at Camley Street Natural Park. This project was presented as part of the opening of the new Eurostar terminal during the cultural art event ‘Arrivals’.

Stratford - London April 2008

Light up St John’s Church Torch relay
As part of the Olympic Torch relay, Creatmosphere lit up St John’s church with a simple but dramatic colour scheme inside and out.


Architecture and heritage // 5

Light Trails

Newcastle - UK December 2006

Glow Light Festival
Illumination of railways arches and their immediate environment, using the themes of transition and passage. ‘Light’ workshops were also presented as part of the project which involved interaction and participation from the public. Project was organise by NVA arts consultants and financed by NewcastleGateshead.


Light trail // 6

Stratford - London March 2008

Frankfurt - Germany April 2008

Eton and Windsor - London September - November 2008

Artist in resident to create and produce an urban lighting scheme
As part of the local cultural policy for the Olympics 2012, the project aim was to encourage residents and visitors to use a different route to get to the cultural quarter of Stratford. A light path between the tube station and the cultural quarter was created using the existing elements of the urban landscape in a new way; some trees, an illuminated plant wall, a parking ramp and a residential tower were lit using new lighting technologies.

Past – present - future LUMINALE Festival
As part of a 2008-20 regeneration plan of the ‘Opel’ city, this project included the illumination of the castle, the mill, the park of Russelheim and the main High Street. It also saw an interactive projection on the Station Square by ‘Mickaël Eibes’ studio in collaboration with graffiti research lab.

Light-up Windsor
Light Trial in the city of Windsor and Eton as part of the Cultural Olympiad 2008-12. This project was organised by Windsor Festival in collaboration with Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and financed by Windsor and Eton Town Partnership, SEEDA and Arts Council South East.

Light trail // 7


Eton and Windsor, Greater London River Thames

River of Light
Launching of the Cultural Olympiad 2008-12


Installations // 8

Eton and Windsor - London 8 November 2008

River of light
River of Light is an installation of light and movement, an event which marked the end of a light trail commissioned as part of the local cultural policy for the Olympic 2012 in Windsor and Eton. 250 coloured light spheres were launched on the River Thames at night. Driven by the currents, the spheres created a unique and changing pattern of colour as they drifted downstream.

Heidelberg, Germany 8 November 2008

Light Cube
The LIGHT CUBE is an installation that investigates the visibility of public space. At night, it becomes a large-scale cube of light created by the presence of the audience around and within the LIGHT CUBE. The installation detects the movement of the audience, illuminating only when the audience enter the space, creating an interactive motion-sensor installation.

Geneva - Switzerland December 2006

Breathing Trees Arbres et lumières Festival
Breathing trees is a dynamic and synchronised installation of light and sound, created for the ‘Arbres et Lumières’ in Geneva. The image it creates is symbolic of the lungs and the rhythm of the breath. Using LED-dimming colour changing technology and an integrated triggering 3D soundscape, the trees actually look and sound like they are breathing. This installation not only has an aesthetic beauty but also raises socio-political questions around environmental issues of pollution and climate change. This project was re hosted during the Switched on London Festival in February 2008 and will be installed in Lima, Peru for the ‘La Noche en blanco’ festival in April 2009. More info :


Installations // 9


Eastnor Castle Lake - UK

Big Chill Festival 2006
Lun’art spheres floating on water


Objects // 10

The Lun’art spheres were the first creation of the Creatmosphere studio. Using the latest in lighting and video projection technologies and fabrics, the Lun’art spheres create atmospheric, abstract and suspended lighting installations. The dimensions of this object can vary depending on the function or context. They have multiple uses; float or suspend; signpost elements during the day and night; support projection; illuminate interiors or exteriors.


Objects // 11

Snakelight light tubes
The Snakelight is a versatile tube of light. It is an organic and sculptural object that is able to shape the environment it lies in. It is water resistent and can be used in a number of outdoor environments including floating on water. The light tubes are available in a range of sizes and colours and can be shaped in multiple directions to meet the demands of specific site plans.


Objects // 12

Creatmosphere produces dichroic and colour changing light boxes and special projectors of standard or made to measure sizes. Using special diffusers, filters and lighting technologies and controls, these objects work with light in new and imaginative ways, to create strong, colourful and vivid illuminations.


Objects // 13

Permanent and non-permanent light and video installations — Public Art — Illuminations for architectural buildings and heritage sites — Light trails — Light signage — Collaborations — Commissions — Curatorial Consultancy LIGHT CUBE / Heidelberg / Germany / June 2009 The LIGHT CUBE investigates the visibility of public space. A giant cube of light created by the presence of the audience around and within the LIGHT CUBE. CHRISTMAS LIGHT UP 2 / London / Chestfield partners / December 2008 - January 2009 — Light-up of the trees in front of the EX-COMMONWEALTH INSTITUTE. LIGHT UP Windsor and Eton / September — November 2008 — Light trail around the city and a live event on the river as part of the Cultural Olympiad for the Olympic Games 2008-12. CRYSTAL PALACE REAPPEARS / Hyde Park (London) / June 2008 - July 2011 — Collaboration with architect Sunand Prasad, an installation of Lu’art spheres to recreate the silhouette of Crystal Palace. ARGENT SIGNAGE PROJECT / King’s Cross, (London) / June 2008 — Urban and ariel signage project of 24 1-2m helium Lun’art spheres on the redevelopment site at King’s Cross, utilising and experimenting with ariel video cameras. LUMINALE RUSSELHEIM project “PAST PRESENT FUTURE” / April 2008 — Site-specific installations as part of a regeneration plan for this city. NEWHAM LIGHT ART RESIDENCY SERIES OF LIGHT / Stratford (London) / February — April 2008. SWITCHEDONLONDON 2008 project “BREATHING TREES 2” / February 2008. CHRISTMAS LIGHT UP / London for the general public / December 2007 - January 2008 — Event that lit up the trees in front of the EX-COMMONWEALTH INSTITUTE. WATER RESERVOIR BLACKPOOL FESTIVAL OF LIGHT, project “WATER IS EVERYWHERE” / August — November 2007 — The piece was further commissioned to become a permanent lighting scheme in 2008. BRITISH LIBRARY, Breaking the Rules Late and Live Program / November 2007 — Audio-visual installation realised in collaboration with Future of Sound, London Sinfonnietta and VJ Pablo Fiasco. ILLUMINATION OF WATERPOINT and CAMLEY STREET NATURAL

RESERVIOR, ARRIVALS events / November 2007 — Light trail financed by LCR/ Eurostar / ARTS COUNCIL ENGLAND. BIG CHILL ART TRAIL / Eastnor Castle (UK) / August 2007 — Installation of light tubes on the lake. SHOREDITCH TRUST HACKNEY NDC / 2007 — Proposal “MORE LIGHT, LESS POWER” — Consultant for an urban lighting scheme in and around Hackney , London. FUTURE OF LIGHT / 2007 — Collaboration with Martyn Ware from Illustrious and Future of Sound. GLOW International Light Festival / Newcastle / December 2006, organised by NVA arts consultants, a dynamic and interactive installations for the public under railway arches. ARBRES ET LUMIERES project “BREATHING TREES” / Geneva (SWITZERLAND) / December 2006. LIGHT 06, Light Design Exhibition / Truman Brewery (London) / September 2006 — Commissioned and curated a lighting design room in association with 100% EAST. 100% LIGHT, New Light Design Show / Earl’s Court (London)/ September 2006 — Member of the artistic committee. BIG CHILL FESTIVAL / Eastnor Castle (UK) / August 2006 — Installation of Lun’art spheres. LAB 06 London Architecture Biennial /June 2006 — Signage installation realised during the daytime using 80 Lun’art sphere for Jason Bruges studio. LUMINALE project ‘LUMIERES BLEUES / Frankfurt (Germany) / April 2006 — Illumination of the Wiesbaden Dome and sitespecific investigations by MICHAEL EIBES studio and DDC (German Designers Club). EXTRAVANIGHT NRJ / Papeete, (Tahiti) / January 2006 — Light and video installation at Morisson’s cafe. OXYGEN EVENTS / Truman Brewery / December 2005 — Installation of 24 Lun’art spheres. BLACKPOOL Festival of Light / September — December 2005 Light installation on the dome of the Winter Gardens, a project created with the local community. Included “POUNDLAND PROJECT” light workshops with the PAYP group, who create workshops for children in difficulties. Financed by Blackpool Council. NEW BRAZILIAN FILM FESTIVAL / September 2005 — Light installation of the interior of the Atlantis Gallery for a new

Brazilian film festival. BIG CHILL FESTIVAL / Eastnor Castle (UK) / August 2005 — Outdoor signage of “light dandelions” as part of the Light Art trail. Undergraduate Design Show / Truman Brewery (London) / June 2005 — Light installation. Pierre Garroudi Gallery / South London / March 2005 — Light installation. TRUMAN BREWERY / December — January 2005 — Installation of Lun’art spheres in the event office. East London Design Show / Shoreditch Town Hall / November 2004 — Interior light installation. SUPERFLUX — Fêtes des Lumières / Lyon / December 2004 — Installation of Lun’art spheres with video projection. 100% Design / Earl’s Court (London) / September 2004 — Installation of Lun’art spheres in the bar and restaurant. 6000 Chairs Art and Community Event / Crystal Palace Park (London) / August 2004 — Production of video, light and sound. Creative Links Exhibition / Truman Brewery (London) / July 2004 and 2005 — Installation of 3m Lun’art spheres. Streatham Community Festival / London / July 2004 — Light installation at Saint Margaret church. V&A Museum, “Brilliant Light” exhibition / London / February 2004 Streatham Community Festival / London / July 2003 — Light installation at Saint Leonard Church and an animation created with the local community. The Derelict Sensation / Grand Hotel , King’s Cross (London) / November 2003 — Light and video installation. Vital Arts / Whitechapel Hospital, London / December 2003 — Interior and exterior installation. Designers Block / London / September 2003 — Launch of Creatmosphere at a Design Exhibition. Presentation of the Lun’art spheres, the Snakelight and the Lightbox. Faites de La Lumière / London and Paris/ 2002 — Creating and participating in a community event project DO YOUR OWN LIGHT in Streatham in the context of the international Faites de la Lumière, London.
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Creatmosphere / London

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Creatmosphere / France

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Photograph credits : Laurent Louyer Martin Pabois Mathew Andrews James Newton © 2009 CREATMOSPHERE Designer: Martin Pabois


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