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Film & Stage: Theater
Shanghai Circus World 上海马戏城 Acclaimed as "China's No. 1 Circus World," this venue can easily be spotted thanks to its conspicuous golden superdome. With top-notch acoustics, an advanced computercontrolled lighting system, 1,638 seats, a motorized, revolving stage and 1540 sq. meters of stables for elephants, tigers and many other creatures, it's fully equipped to put on a show. 9am-7:30pm. Zhabei > 2266 Gonghexin Lu(near Guangzhong Lu, Metro Line 1 Maxin Cheng Station) 共和新路2266号(近广中路, 地铁1号线马戏城站) Tel: 6652-7750.

Your final checklist before the expat exodus
Liked the our final “to-do” list in Issue 14? Put it to good use and take advantage of Shanghai with this listing information for all the venues you read about in the magazine. If you think we’ve missed some things that everyone has to do before they head home without a return ticket, go online and let us know what’s on your final “to-do” list at
The Lab 实验室 More of a studio than a bar or club, this venue is a favorite among the city's DJs, hip-hop enthusiasts, and other alternative types. The brainchild of DJ V-Nutz, this spot is the gathering place where DJs get together to hone their sound, play around with new beats, or add new samples to old tracks. Chill New York loft-type atmosphere allows you to enjoy the creativity going on in the room while feeling at home. Perfect for learning how to scratch. Wed-Fri 3-9pm. Less than ¥99. Jing An > 5/F, 343 Jiaozhou Lu(near Wuding Lu) 胶州路343号5楼(近武定路) Tel: 5213-0877.

Wine & Dine: Japanese
Tairyo Teppanyaki 大渔 Groups of revelers gather around crowded teppenyaki tables to indulge in the all-you-can-eat-and-drink sushi, sashimi, grilled meats, seafood, beer, wine and sake. Watch the flames lick the ceiling as your personal chef sets Mongolian beef, jumbo prawns and plump scallops on fire. 5pm-11pm. ¥200-¥299. French Concession > 15 Dongping Lu(near Hengshan Lu) 东平路15号 (近衡山路) Tel: 6445-4734. •• 11am-11pm. ¥200-¥299. . Huaihai Zhong Lu > 3/F Hong Kong Plaza, 283 Huaihai Zhong Lu(near Liulin Lu, Metro Line 1 Huangpi Nan Lu Station)淮海中路283号香港广 场3楼(近柳林路, 地铁1号线黄陂南路站). Tel: 6390-7244. •• 11am-11pm. ¥200-¥299. . Xuhui > 1288 Hongqiao Lu(near Songyuan Lu)虹桥路1288号(近宋园路). Tel: 6278-3015. •• 11am-12am. ¥200-¥299. . Xuhui > 139 Ruijin Yi Lu(near Changle Lu, Metro Line 1 Shaanxi Nan Lu Station)瑞金一路139号(近长乐路, 地铁1号线 陕西南路站). Tel: 5382-8818.

chi, tai chi push hands, traditional shaolin, wing chun, tae kwon do, karate, boxing, kickboxing and traditional xingyi. 1pm-9pm. Huaihai Zhong Lu > 1 Maoming Nan Lu(near Julu Lu) 茂名南路1 号(近巨鹿路) Tel: 6287-1528. www.

Sports: Parks
Huangxing Park 黄兴公园 6am-5pm. Yangpu > 699 Yingkou Lu(near Guoshun Donglu) 营 口路699号或国顺东路369号(近国顺东路) Tel: 6538-2240, 6538-3091. People's Park 人民公园 6am-6pm. People's Square > 231 Nanjing Xi Lu(at People's Square) 南京西路231号(近人民广场) Tel: 6358-6128.

Wine & Dine: American
Element Fresh 新元素 If you're feeling a little worse for wear after scoffing down too many deep-fried dumplings, head here for your antidote. As the name implies, you'll enjoy an array of potent shakes, leafy salads and fresh-grilled sandwiches. Revel in a tangy blue cheese and walnut salad, and you'll instantly feel redeemed. Sun-Thu 7am-11pm, Fri-Sat 7am-12am. ¥100-¥199. Wi-Fi internet. Huaihai Zhong Lu > 4/F, Kwah Restaurant Centre, 1028 Huaihai Zhong Lu(near Xiangyang Lu, Metro Line 1 Shaanxi Nan Lu Station) 淮海中路1028号嘉华中心4楼(近襄阳路, 地铁1号线陕西南 路站) Tel: 5403-8865.

Exhibitions: Expos and Exhibitions
Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center
上海城市规划展示馆 The occasional cultural exchange aside, this ambitiously-shaped building's main draw is the constantly updated model of the city's plans. Check it out to see if you place of residence will still be standing in ten years. The second floor has a quick runthrough of old Shanghai. Mon-Thu 9am-4pm, Fri-Sun 9am-5pm. Huangpu > 100 Renmin Da Dao(near Xizang Zhong Lu, Metro Line 1, 2 & 8 People's Square Station) 人民大道100号(近西藏中路, 地铁1, 2, 8号线人民广场站) Tel: 6318-4477.

Sports: Stadiums
Hongkou Stadium 虹口体育馆 8:30am-5pm. Hongkou > Dong Tiyuhui Lu 东体育会路715号 Tel: 6553-2388.

Wine & Dine: Latin & South American
Latina 锦江拉丁餐厅 A fun-loving mood is required if the order of the night is to stuff yourself silly. This fun-loving establishment will send you into a tizzy with their steady flow of Brazilian barbecue, shrimp and squid, salads and desserts. Go on an empty stomach with family and friends; elastic pants are optional. 11:30am-10pm. ¥100-¥199. Wi-Fi internet. Century Park > B1-B2 Yatai Shenghui Shopping Square, 2002 Shiji Da Dao(near Fangdian Lu, Metro Line 2 Shanghai Science & Technology Museum Station) 浦东新区世纪大道2002号亚太盛汇休闲购物广场B1-B2(近 芳甸路, 地铁2号线上海科技馆站) Tel: 6854-5484. •• 11:30am-3pm, 5:30-11pm. ¥100-¥199. Wi-Fi internet. Zhabei > Rm.102C-103C, Bldg 9–E1, Daning Life Hub, 1978 Gonghexin Lu(near Daning Lu)共和新路1978号大宁国际商业广场9-E1栋 102C-103C室(近大宁路). Tel: 6631-3761. •• Sun-Thu 11am-12pm, Fri-Sat 11am-2am. ¥100-¥199. Wi-Fi internet. Pudong > Rm.R5, 1/F Jinqiao Green Leisure and Sports Center, 633 Biyun Lu(near Yunshan Lu)碧云路633号碧云体育休闲中心1层R5(近云山路). Tel: 5030-6672. •• 10am-2am. ¥100-¥199. . Xin Tian Di > Unit 2, Bldg 18, North Block, Xintiandi, Lane 181 Taicang Lu(near Madang Lu, Metro Line 1 Huangpi Nan Lu Station)太仓路181号新天地北 里18号楼2单元(近马当路, 地铁1号线黄陂南路站). Tel: 6320-3566.

Exhibitions: Galleries
m97 Gallery m97画廊 Nestled in the labyrinth of Moganshan art galleries is this space devoted to the subtleties of photography. Contemporary, experimental, and traditional photos are all given exposure via the eclectic artists associated with the gallery. Tue-Sun 10:30am-6:30pm. Putuo > 2/F, 97 Moganshan Lu(near Aomen Lu) 莫干山路97号2楼(近澳门路) Tel: 6266-1597. info@m97gallery. com.

Wine & Dine: Beijing
Quan Ju De 全聚德 The Shanghai branches of this veritable household name roast up an authentic taste of the Chinese capital in regal settings. Deep red mahogany furniture and paneling make dipping juicy morsels of duck into their signature sauce all the more enjoyable. Follow up the Beijing roast duck wraps with a light duck soup. Reservations are required. Perfect for momentous occasions. 11am-11pm. ¥100-¥199. Huaihai Zhong Lu > 4/F, 786 Huaihai Zhong Lu(near Ruijin Er Lu, Metro Line 1 Shaanxi Nan Lu Station) 淮海中路 786号4楼(近瑞金二路, 地铁1号线陕西南路站) Tel: 5404-5799. •• 11am-2pm, 5pm-9pm. ¥100-¥199. . Pudong > 3/F The Purple Mountain Hotel, 778 Dongfang Lu(near Zhangyang Lu, Metro Line 2 Shi Ji Da Dao Station)东方路788号3楼紫金山大酒店3楼(近 张扬路, 地铁2号线世纪大道站). Tel: 6886-8966. •• 11am-2pm, 5pm-9:30pm. ¥100-¥199. . Zhabei > 547 Tianmu Xi Lu(near Hengfeng Lu, Metro Line 1 Shanghai Railway Station)天目西路547号(近恒丰 路, 地铁1号线上海火车站). Tel: 6353-8558, 6353-5148.

Heath & Beauty: Blind Massage/Spas
Funing Point Pressure Massage Center of Blind People This center is located in the historic former French Concession area and offers professional service at a reasonable price (approximately RMB60). Foreigners and locals come here to enjoy an invigorating Chinese massages, but little to no English is spoken here. Noon-Midnight. Less than ¥99. French Concession > 597 Fuxing Lu 复兴路597号 Tel: 6437-8378.

Shopping: Clothing & Accessories
Shanghai Hongqiao Int'l Pearl City 上海虹桥珍珠城 10am-9pm. Changning > 3721 Hongmei Lu(near Yan'an Xi Lu) 虹 梅路3721号(近延安西路) Tel: 6465-0000, 6262-6588. sales@

Nightlife: Bars
Captain Bar 船长酒吧 This is a great rooftop bar retreat after scoping out the Bund by day. The venue has a fabulous selection of cocktails and postcard-esque views of the Bund. Come here to meet travelers / backpackers who can share their stories with you while admiring the city lights. Mon-Thu 1pm-2am, Fri-Sun 11am-2am. Less than ¥99. People's Square > 6/F, 37 Fuzhou Lu(near the Bund,Metro Line 2 Nanjing Dong Lu Station) 福州路37号6楼(近外 滩, 地铁2号线南京东路站) Tel: 6323-7869. The Glamour Bar 魅力酒吧 The perfect name for the über-chic, pink-themed younger sister of the upscale M family, this location is famous for its champagne selection, wondrous cocktails and orchid-filtered views of Pudong. This venue also maintains a strong sense community by holding events like author talks and jazz nights. 5:30pm-late. ¥100-¥199. The Bund > 6/F, 5 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu(near Guangdong Lu) 中山东一路5号6楼(近广东路) Tel: 6350-9988. The Spot 欧风咖啡馆 With a revamped interior and a menu featuring German specialties, laffa bread sandwiches, and barbecued ribs, this spot has become a favorite lunch stop for those working near the Portman area. During the summer, one can bet that it will be difficult to find a seat on the outdoor deck area at happy hour. 11am-2am. ¥100-¥199. Jing An > 331 Tongren Lu(near Beijing Xi Lu, Metro Line 2 Jing'an Temple Station) 铜仁路331号(近北京 西路, 地铁2号线静安寺站) Tel: 6247-3579. Vue Bar 非常时髦 This sophisticated and intimate lounge has amazing views of both the Bund and Pudong. In the winter admire the view from inside, but when summer rolls around bring your bikini and take advantage of the Jacuzzi or lounge on a day bed. Quality cocktails served at the standard Bund prices. 5pm-1am. ¥200-¥299. Hongkou > 32/F, West Tower, Hyatt on the Bund, 199 Huangpu Lu(near Wuchang Lu) 黄浦路上海外滩茂悦大酒店西 楼32楼(近吴昌路) Tel: 6393-1234 ext.6348. www.shanghai.bund. Windows Underground Windows Tembo has grown up and moved to this subterranean locale, but it stays true to its roots with live music and of course its trademark cheap drink. 7pm-3am. Less than ¥99. Nanjing Xi Lu > 698 Nanjing Xi Lu(near Wujiang Lu, Metro Line 2 Nanjing Xi Lu Station) 南京西路698号(近吴江路,地铁2号线南京西路站)

Shopping: Shanghai Markets
Shanghai South Bund Fabric Market 南外滩轻纺面料市场 This fabric market in has all of Shanghai's best tailors all under one roof. Wade through the mountains of fabric perfect for a design of your own creation or for the numerous samples provided. Bargain hard and get a fair price. 9am-6:30pm. Huangpu > 399 Lujiabang Lu(near Zhongshan Nan Lu) 陆家 浜路399号(近中山南路) Tel: 6377-7288.

Wine & Dine: Cafes
Boonna Cafe 布哪 This small hipster cafe is as much a Macbook haven as an easy going venue off the beaten path of Huaihai Lu. Featuring smoke-free Tuesdays, a rotating series of photography exhibits, strong coffee and a menu that boasts a Guinness beer for RMB25, you can bring your wireless card and leave your pretensions at the door. 9am-1am. Wi-Fi internet. Huaihai Zhong Lu > 88 Xinle Lu(near Xiangyang Bei Lu) 新乐路88号(靠近襄阳 北路) Tel: 5404-6676. Boonna Cafe 2 布那 2 Enjoy a quiet nightcap in this intimate artistic venue where paintings and photography grace the walls. A tempting menu of fresh juice, salads and sandwiches satisfy as you plug away at your email (or maybe that novel) thanks to the available Wi-Fi and printer while subtle acid jazz and Latin tunes drift from the speakers. 7am-1am. Less than ¥99. French Concession > 57 Fuxing Xi Lu(near Yongfu Lu) 复兴西路57号(近永福路) Tel: 6433-7142. Boonna Cafe 3 Just a few steps back from the busy street rests a peaceful deck patio and a small cafe known to those in the know as a haven for Wi-Fi enthusiasts. Donated English and Chinese books and magazines line the bookshelves, cushions adorn the bench seating and cappuccinos, simple Chinese-style Western fare and Macbooks dot every table. 7am-11pm. ¥100-¥199. French Concession > 1690 Huaihai Zong Lu(near Wuxing Lu) 淮海中路 1690号(近吴兴路) Tel: 6433-0835. Figaro Café M-F 7:30 am to 7:30 pm, S/S 9am-8pm. Less than ¥99. People's Square > Kohler Showroom Lobby, 456 Nanjing Xi Lu by Chengdu Bei Lu(Metro, People's Square Station and buses 20 and 37.) Tel: 63593990. •• SunThu 8am-10pm, Fri-Sat 8am-12am. Less than ¥99. . Xin Tian Di > 160 Xingye Lu(near Madang Lu, Metro Line 1 Huangpi Nan Lu Station)兴业路160号(近马当路, 地铁1号线黄陂南路站). Tel: 6384-7242.

Wine & Dine: Muslim/Xinjiang
Uighur Restaurant 维吾尔餐厅 Jovial staff serve generous portions of chicken with potatoes and hot peppers and minced lamb with thin pancakes. Top it off with a plate of lamb skewers, sit back and enjoy the nightly performances. The staff don't like to dance solo, so be prepared to show off your moves. 24H. ¥200-¥299. Huaihai Zhong Lu > 1 Shaanxi Nan Lu(near Yan'an Zhong Lu, Metro Line 1 Shaanxi Nan Lu Station) 陕西南路1号(近延安中路, 地铁1号线陕西南路站) Tel: 6255-0843.

Travel: Hotels & Resorts
Shangri-La 浦东香格里拉大酒店 Lujiazui > 33 Fucheng Lu(near Yincheng Nan Lu) 富城路33号(近 银城南路) Tel: 6882-8888 ext. 21. The Westin Bund Center Shanghai 上海威斯汀大饭店 The Bund > 88 Henan Zhong Lu(near Guangdong Lu, Metro 2 Nanjing Dong Lu Station) 河南中路88号外滩中心(近广东 路) Tel: 6335-1888.

Wine & Dine: Sichuan
Ba Guo Bu Yi 巴国布衣 Arguably the closest thing to the Sichuan province that you will find in Shanghai; sample from heaping portions of spicy dishes such as the fiery oil-soaked chicken, steamed fish and sesame tofu, then cool down with some ginko nut chicken soup. Performances during dinner time, such as dances and "facechanging" acts, are also wildly popular, so make reservations. Perfect for entertaining guests who appreciate a little spice in life. 11am-2pm, 5pm-10pm. ¥100-¥199. Pudong > 738 Dongfang Lu(near Zhangyang Lu, Metro Line 2 Shijidadao Station) 东方路 738号(近张杨路, 地铁2号线世纪大道站) Tel: 5820-9866. www.

Travel: Train Stations
Maglev 上海磁浮交通发展有限公司 The high-speed train that connects the Longyang Lu Metro Station to Pudong International Airport, this train takes a 60-minute car ride down to eight minutes. Take Metro Line Two Longyang Lu then follow the signs to the adjescent Maglev Station. Show an airplane ticket for the same-day at the ticket counter and recieve a discount. 7:02am-9:21pm. Century Park > 2520 Longyang Lu 上海浦东龙阳路2520号 Tel: 2890-7100. Shanghai South Railway Station 上海南站 Xuhui > between Liuzhou Lu and Humin Lu(near Shilong Lu) 柳州 路, 沪闵路之间(近石龙路) Tel: 6317-6060.

Community: Clubs & Organizations
Home Sweet Home Equipping the needy and the homeless, especially those who are physically challenged, Home Sweet Home runs homes and classes for those in our community in need of additional support. Always accepting volunteers and donations, the group also accepts non-perishable food dations during their Care Days. Contact for home sweet home class schedule and housing hours. Tel: 5857-5879. www. River of Hearts River of Hearts is a charity program run by Community Center Shanghai which collects items at various drop-off locations around Shanghai and re-distribute them to people in need throughout China. Items that are always welcome are clothing, shoes, bedding, toys and volunteer hours. Get involved by donating goods or joining a "sorting party." Contact for drop-off points days and times. Tel: 5030-3313. riverofhearts@

Travel: Travel Agencies
BOHDI Adventure 波迪探索俱乐部 This local adventure outfitter specializes in outdoor adventures both in the Shanghai suburbs and in scenic spots around China. They are fun and very foreigner friendly and make it easy easy easy to get out of the city and into something that resembles fresh air. Bike, hike and climbing trips are all on offer. 10:30am-7:30pm. Wi-Fi internet. Zhongshan Park > Suite 2308, Bldg 2, 2918 Zhongshan Bei Lu(near Caoyang Lu) 中山 北路2918号2号楼2308室(近曹杨路) Tel: 139-1875-3119, 5266-9013.

Nightlife: Live Music
LOgO 温馨酒吧 This dark venue with pealing red walls, broken-in couches and simple stools near the island bar, promotes the live the underground live music and DJ scene, pulling in the artsy young underground local and expat crowd. This dive bar provides a dingy creative space for the city's rising amateur artists. 8:30pm-2:30am. Less than ¥99. Changning > 13 Xingfu Lu(near Fahuazhen Lu) 幸福路13号(近法华镇路) Tel: 6281-5646. Yuyintang 育音堂 The newest incarnation of Yuyintang, one of Shanghai's oldest live rock music entities, is arguably the best so far. A small stage and standing-room-only floor are complimented by video projection and cheap beers. Owner Zhang Haisheng promises that the new venue will host both established bands and undiscovered local talent. Sat-Sun 8:30pm-1am. Less than ¥99. Changning > 1731 Yan'an Xi Lu(Entrance at Kaixuan Lu) 延安 西路1731号(入口在凯旋路) Tel: 5237-8662, 139-1685-4531.

Wine & Dine: Fusion
Jade on 36 Restaurant With innovative design and a scientist-turned-chef at its helm, this 36th-floor jewel flaunts more than striking views of the Bund. In the kitchen, anything goes. Five or eightcourse menus will topple your expectations of gourmet cuisine: Nutella ice cream melts atop avocado creme brulee and jumbo shrimps swim in vanilla. 6pm-10pm. More than ¥400. Pudong > 36/F, Tower 2, Pudong Shangri-La Hotel, 33 Fucheng Lu(near Lujiazui Xi Lu, Metro Line 2 Lujiazui Station) 富城路33号浦东香 格里拉大酒店2座36楼(近陆家嘴西路, 地铁2号线陆家嘴站) Tel: 6882-3636.

Travel: Weekend Trips
Bund Tourist Tunnel 外滩观光隧道 A delightful walking tour through a pedestrian tunnel that starts at the Bund and takes you across the Huangpu River to Pudong. Within the tunnel you'll find views of Science and Technology Museums exhibits. Admission: one-way, RMB30; round-trip, RMB40. Wi-Fi internet. The Bund > Bund(near Nanjing Dong Lu) 外 滩(近南京东路) Duolun Lu Cultural Street 多伦文化名人街 Just off Sichuan Bei Lu, this cultural street was home to many aspiring writers in the olden days, and retains its scruffy Bohemian feel despite a neatly done restoration. The Duolun art gallery has been known to put on exciting exhibitions of the avant garde, and several attractive tea houses line the traditional streets. Hongkou > Duolun Lu(near Sichuan Bei Lu, Metro Line 3 Dongbaoxing Lu Staion) 多伦路(近四川北路, 地铁 3号线东宝兴路站)

Community: Recreational Education
The Huaihai The Kitchen offers cooking lessons for a wide range of cuisines, including Western, Asian and Chinese. Small classes, a flexible schedule, and step-by-step instructions from a qualified chef help students to unleash the gourmatrix within. Tue-Sun 10am-8pm. ¥200-¥299. Wi-Fi internet. French Concession > No.40, Lane 1487 Huaihai Zhong Lu(near Wulumuqi Lu) 淮海中 路1487弄40号(近乌鲁木齐路) Tel: 6433-2700. queen@

Wine & Dine: Hot Pot
Hai Di Lao Huoguo 海底捞火锅店 11am-3am. ¥100-¥199. Zhabei > 2/F, 269 Haining Lu(near Henan Bei Lu) 海宁路269号2楼(近河南北路) Tel: 6309-7326, 6309-7329. •• 10:30am-3am. ¥100-¥199. . Gubei/Hongqiao > 1100 Wuzhong Lu(near Wanyuan Lu)吴中路1100号(近万源路). Tel: 5422-3132, 5422-0948.

Wine & Dine: Hunan
Di Shui Dong 滴水洞饭店 Get ready to roll your sleeves up and shout to your neighbors at this budget favorite. Waitresses will challenge your taste buds with suan dou jiao (beans sauteed with hot peppers and minced meat) and lawei hezhen (smoked meat fried with, yes, more hot peppers) and the spareribs are a must. 11-0:30am. ¥100-¥199. Luwan > 2/F, 56 Maoming Nan Lu(near Changle Lu, Metro Line 1 Shaanxi Nan Lu Station) 茂名南路56号2楼(近长 乐路, 地铁1号线陕西南路站) Tel: 6253-2689. www.dishuidong. com •• 10am-3am. ¥100-¥199. . Xuhui > 626 Xianxia Lu(near Shuicheng Lu, , Metro Line 2 Weining Lu Station)仙霞路626号(近水 城路, 地铁2号线威宁路站). Tel: 3207-0213.

Sports: Martial Arts
Kyokushinkai-Kan Karate 空手道极真会馆 This school provides an organized training program under the guidelines set by the International Karate Organization. Choose from a variety of training programs that will fit most schedules and learn from experienced instructors that will make training fun and challenging. Jing An > F/F,151 Kangding Lu(near Jiangning Lu) 康定路151号F楼(近江宁路) Tel: 6218-1341. Longwu International Kungfu Center 龙武国际功夫中心 This martial arts studio offers a variety of classes including but not limited to long wu kungfu, wu shu, traditional kungfu, tai

Nightlife: Nightclubs
Attica 爱奇多 This Bund hotspot offers panoramic views of the Huangpu and Pudong's skyline from its two rooftop terraces. Consistent cover charge and relatively high drink prices cater to an exclusive clientele who can be caught dancing to house or hiphop in main rooms or on their VIP private balconies. 9pm-3am. ¥100-¥199. Huangpu > 11/F, 15 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu(near Jinling Dong Lu) 中山东二路15号11楼(近金陵东路) Tel: 6373-3588.

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