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					*** These are actual unsolicited testimonials in our files. They are not to be considered as a claim of medical efficacy and should be considered as anecdotal in nature. You should always consult your physician before beginning any treatment program. ***


The letters within have been retyped verbatim from the originals to facilitate copying These are actual unsolicited testimonials in our files. They are not to be considered as a claim of medical efficacy and should be considered as anecdotal in nature. You should always consult your physician before beginning any treatment program.

*** These are actual unsolicited testimonials in our files. They are not to be considered as a claim of medical efficacy and should be considered as anecdotal in nature. You should always consult your physician before beginning any treatment program. ***

*** Testimonials on Children
From: Gary and Sonja Webb [] Sent: Friday, April 13, 2007 1:35 PM To: Paul & Teresa Carney Subject: OPC-3 & Aloe

Teresa, Here's a personal testimony about Aloe & OPC-3. Feel free to pass it on if you wish. My 2 grandsons - age 4 & 7 - having been taking OPC-3 for at least 2 years. They also take the children's Mighty-Mins (multi-vitamin). They love the taste of all 3. When they first started taking the products, I gave them only a 1/2 capful of OPC-3 & about 1 tsp of Aloe at each dose. They double up on their doses now if they are not feeling well. They rarely have colds any more. They still have some because they are in school and pre-school and exposed to a lot of illness. But not like they did. They each had the pre-Asthmatic condition that many small children have. They had to use the nebulizer, etc. That is no longer an issue and they stay quite healthy. I have heard many parents who give their babies OPC-3 and Aloe. They start with 1/3 to 1/2 capful of powder and the correct amount of water, and put it in their babies bottles. Some mothers take OPC-3 while they are pregnant (CHECK WITH THE DR. FIRST to make sure no ingredients will cause the person any adverse symptons). Many moms give their babies OPC-3 as early as 3 mos. old. The question to ask a Dr. - whether for yourself or for a loved one - child or adult - is "Are there any ingredients in this product that will "hurt" me? Or cause my condition to worsen?" If you ask them if it's o.k. for you to take, they have to say they cannot recommend it. But if you ask if it will 'hurt' you, then they can look at the ingredients and make a decision in that regard. Gary and Sonja Webb 541-923-1166 For all your shopping needs, gift certificates, restaurant coupons: Go to for one stop shopping @ thousands of stores and only one check-out basket! "THE ENDLESS SHOPPING EXPERIENCE"(tm)1-800-211-1202 x9390 ===============================================================================

*** These are actual unsolicited testimonials in our files. They are not to be considered as a claim of medical efficacy and should be considered as anecdotal in nature. You should always consult your physician before beginning any treatment program. ***

Pat Minehan 610-209-1766 Typed from a voicemail message 9/22/04 -This is Miami Schufeld and I thought this was a really important message to put out to everyone. I just got back from my daughter’s visit to her pediatrician. When she was about eight months old, she was diagnosed with an asthma or allergy, they really didn’t know what it was and she had to take Albuterol, which as some of you may know, is an awful, awful steroid for kids to take but we really didn’t feel that we had a choice because she was having difficulty breathing. She was also on a nebulizer. When we started evaluating this business in February 2004, Kevin and Debbie Nolan suggested we try OPC-3 and Might-A-Mins for our daughter. And we did, and slowly but surely we noticed that she wasn’t waking up anymore at night with her wheezing and coughing, and that it was going away. Well, we got back from our pediatrician today and they told us that she no longer has to have Albuterol or use her nebulizer. It’s just a really important thing; I’m getting emotional now but my 2/1/2 year old is no longer on an awful, awful drug. Just wanted to let everyone know that our products are amazing. My daughter wants to say something…you probably couldn’t hear her. She was saying thank you, Market America. =============================================================================== I have had my little guy on OPC-3 since in vitro. He is 37 lbs. and takes a cap of Might-A-Mins and one cap OPC-3 each day. He also takes Ultimate Aloe and Mineral Blast, and Calcium Plus at night. He is the HEALTHIEST child I have ever seen...never collicky, no ear infections, no noticeable teething pain and no bad colds or flu's that have kept him in bed...easy delivery at 10 lbs. for this old mom also. Amber Humphrey =============================================================================== Our products can be very effective for young children w/allergies. My son was suffering terribly with seasonal allergies at 13 months of age. One of the doctors at his pediatric practice wanted to start him on anti-histamines. I refused & started him on 1 cap of OPC & 1 cap of Might-a-Mins, along w/one ounce of aloe juice daily. His allergies were gone that day! Another pediatrician in that practice was so impressed that she bought aloe juice & OPC for her elderly parents & is now a distributor herself. I have tried to drop his dose down to 1/2 a cap on the OPC, but don't get the same results. We have since added Vitamin C because he likes the taste (and I know it's good for him). He has just turned 4, and (other than tick bites & food poisoning) he has not been back to the pediatrician for an illness since. He sees the doctor once a year now for an annual check-up. Whenever something nasty is going around his pre-school, I bump up his aloe & he skates right through. On occasion, he's come down with the sniffles, a stomach flu, or a fever, but they have never lasted more than one day. If he's not feeling well, he asks for aloe & OPC himself because he knows they will make him feel better. I've given him cough syrup only once in 3 years & have to throw out all the OTC remedies (Tylenol, etc.) that moms like to keep on hand "just in case" because they expire before we ever use them. I attribute all of this to our wonderful products! Margie Leather Monroe, NY ===============================================================================

*** These are actual unsolicited testimonials in our files. They are not to be considered as a claim of medical efficacy and should be considered as anecdotal in nature. You should always consult your physician before beginning any treatment program. ***

Both my wife & 10 year old daughter suffer serious allergy problems, or I should say did suffer from. Literally every 6 weeks my daughter would get an infection in her throat followed by a serious fever(102-104) this would last for a week accompanied by a regimen of antibiotics. She had suffered from this most of her life & my wife took clariton every day for many years for her allergies. =============================================================================== For the last 10 months they have each taken 1 capful of OPC-3 a day with a half cap of the Vitamin C. My daughter has not been sick 1 time in the last 10 months (we were a few weeks from having her tonsils removed when we noticed the improvement & cancelled the surgery). My wife has maybe taken 4 doses of Clariton in the last 10 months. I am starting to make some $$ with my Unfranchise but even if I did not make a dime I would never stop because of what these products have done for my family. Tom Sweeney Chester County, PA. =============================================================================== Hi team: I have a niece who is 5 and has severe asthma. We started her on OPC3 in Dec. and she is doing well. She too was using a home nebulizer with Albuterol and steroid inhalants. Her Mother was apprehensive about giving it to her so she took it to her Dr. and asked first. Of course, the Dr. didn't know much about it but said it "wouldn't hurt her." I give it to all my kids and 3 of them have severe allergies that lead to sinus infections many times a year. They are sooooo much better and not using Allegra and Claritin anymore. They get a slight cold now and then but no big problems. I now give it to my 15 month old in her sippee cup along with Vit. C. I really swear by it for all my own sinus problems and many aches and pains in my joints. There is nothing like it. I asked my Nurse Practitioner and the allergist office what she thought of it as I told her how it was helping all my kids, and she takes it herself!! She said it's a great product!! I'd rather buy OPC3 from myself than thousand of dollars worth of antibiotics and allergy meds from the pharmaceutical companies!! Plus the cost of the office visit, the time, the hassle, and having sick kids. Get the picture. Rick Mals Strabane, PA =============================================================================== I have had my daughter, Kelley, on MightaMins and about a 1/3 dose (based on her weight) of OPC every morning and she hasn't been ill for over a year! You can tell she has a tendency for allergies during the season which is why we added the OPC. We also give her Strawberry/Kiwi Aloe to help her with any digestive issues whenever she needs it, which is not often. She is extremely healthy now! Hope that helps! Carolyn Petrina =============================================================================== My personal experience is one dose of OPC-3 each day takes care of my fall allergies. My 9 year old son, who used to develop winter allergies and had secondary bronchial infections all winter long (every 3 weeks it was to the doctor for more antibiotics), is on one dose a day (a double dose for him per weight) and hasn't had the usual allergy symptoms and no secondary infections for the past two winters. I have a new customer who used it to bring down their blood pressure are pleasantly "surprised" that they don't have any allergies this spring (and pollen counts are high this spring!). Another customer told his wife that this spring he could smell the dirt of a newly tilled field. Something he hadn't been able to smell due to chronic sinuses for many, many years! OPC-3 is WONDERFUL for allergies. Doreen Creighton Gap, PA ===============================================================================

*** These are actual unsolicited testimonials in our files. They are not to be considered as a claim of medical efficacy and should be considered as anecdotal in nature. You should always consult your physician before beginning any treatment program. ***

When we first started my 5 yr old son with OPC-3 two years ago he would break out with redness and flushing also. We decided not to give him the OPC-3 because of the break out. We did start him on the Might-a-mins and he broke out with the redness and flushing then too. We almost took him off all Isotonix because of it. We finally talked with our sponsers and they suggested that his body might be detoxing. After that we decided to try again because of our concern with his asthma issues that had him going to the doctors constantly. We again started with the Might-a-mins and watched for the redness/flushing to appear. It did. We kept him on it and it eventually stopped. I don't remember how long it took. Once that was done we started him on the OPC-3 again. We started him on half a cap at first and again the redness/flushing. This would occur over his whole body. After about a week or two we noticed that he didn't have any more of the redness/flushing. We then started giving him a capful dosage. Surprisingly he didn't react to the OPC-3 this time when we upped the dosage. Every once in a great while he will break out with the redness/flushing but that is usually if he misses a dose or if we are introducing something new. It has really done wonders for him. His doctor is really glad that "whatever is working" is keeping him from having to be in the doctors with breathing problems. She doesn't want to hear anything about it but she does like the results. Shereen Hooper - Motives Consultant =============================================================================== Eczema in Kids-Lori I have a child that has HAD severe eczema. We had gone to John Hopkins for many months and the only thing they could give her was steroids in forms of lotion and liquid medicine. (Needless to say, giving steroids to a child that is already high strung doesn't work) ....So I started with OPC, for the first 3 months then added might-a-mins, I lathered her with aloe gel and TRIED to get her to drink the aloe but, she fought me every time and still does!! I also added clear shield so nothing would get on her skin (example: clothing dye, residue from laundry detergent, chlorine, etc...........) We have been doing this for 2 1/2 years and I am proud to say she has no signs of it on her skin except when the seasons change or it's extremely dry out. This was a child that scratched till she bleed. She developed it when she was 2 and she is 7 now. Thank God for our products. She is so thankful that she tells other children and parents about it also. Lori Eigenbrode Waynesboro, PA =============================================================================== From my files Note: It's my understanding that children under 2 yrs. of age should not have strawberries. Maybe add the Cranberry-Apple (or Original, for very young) to juice or water instead. Testimonials on Eczema Thanks to Pat Minehan 610-209-1766 for her collection of most of these. =============================================================================== I have eczema since three with flare-up so bad that my school didn't let me go to class (back in the 60's). Steroid cream had been my blessing all these years until I learnt that it robbed my sight, height, threw my thyroid out of balance. And now, I am in my forties, the usual muscle, shoulder aches for the fifty something people, I am suffering from it. Other steroid users told me, my heart will have problem too (like my governor Arnold). Then a friend told my sister about OPC3 because of her excruciating pelvic pain from her car accident ten years ago (she missed her grave by 0.5 centimeter). OPC3, Glucosatrin bring her life back to normal (except when the weather changes, then she would feel some ache). I, in desperation of finding a steroid alternative, start using OPC3. It didn't help much. Chinese herbal help temporarily. By now, I have done a lot of study and realized that my system is loaded with toxin (at least from the steroid). I need to be diligent and consistent to detox and rebuild my system. Eat healthy and replenish my body with vitamins that steroid inhibited my body from getting. For others, OPC3, Aloe Juice and Aloe Gel work. With me, they don't seem to work that well. They couldn't stop the itch as quickly as the steroid. I

*** These are actual unsolicited testimonials in our files. They are not to be considered as a claim of medical efficacy and should be considered as anecdotal in nature. You should always consult your physician before beginning any treatment program. ***

often ended up resolving back to cortisone. But I continue my antioxidant/vitamin regimen. In a long run, my system will be cleaned up. I believe it will take quite some times because I started the steroid use at age three. Then, the Timeless Prescription comes. It is a God's sent miracle! Thank to Dr. Goldman and Dr. Klatz. When trying to cut down my dependence on cortisone during flare-up, I would often try the use of moisturizing cream to calm it down at the first onset. That day when I was putting on the Timeless Prescription basic daily trio on my face, I dabbed some on the back of my right knee (experimenting it!). By the end of the day, the itch calmed down. Believe me, I can tell if something works on that about to start flare-up!!! I continued for a week, not only the flare was gone but new baby-smooth skin replacing the old, thin, damaged skin. By week #2, the skin becomes thicker and no color difference (rather than thin, purple-reddish skin from the constant scratch & heal process). Out of curiosity, I on purposely started a flare-up by eating mango, shrimp and milk. I repeated the same procedure. Yes, it works on me. Try these: From the Timeless Prescription lines - First, Anti-Aging Essential: MDI Firming Activator; Second, Face Firming Moisturizer with MDI Complex; Third, Ceramide II with Phosphatidylcholine and MDI Complex (a must!) Assuming you clean the area first. Good Luck! Ellen Ngai ===============================================================================

/My daughter Nia was born with eczema on her chest. I was prescribed cetaphil skin cleanser. I did not want to use this on my 6 week old baby. I immediately started washing her chest with the Market America Aloe Juice twice a day. I would also put the MA Aloe Gel on her chest right after. Her skin smoothed out beautifully. When she was about 4 months she had a flare up. I continued the same routine with the Aloe Juice and Aloe Gel. I added giving her Strawberry Kiwi Aloe juice orally. I would only give her 1/2 a tsp once a day. My daughter is now 4 years old and Eczema free. Thanks Market America for the wonderful products that I can give my baby girl. LaWaun Davis =============================================================================== It all starts with digestion! Have him start taking Aloe two caps a day, after a few days start on some digestive enzymes as directed, then B-12. You can also make up a poultice out of the digestive enzymes and place it directly on the effected areas. I would also use the skintellegence PH normalizer. Oh yea Fish Oils are crucial. Julie Begalle =============================================================================== My son had eczema head to foot when he was a baby. This was before I was in MA and tried many different things. Nothing helped. The doctor kept putting him on stronger and stronger creams, which I would have to use all over his body. The doctor told me there was nothing more they could do. He'd have to live with it. When he was 2 (the same time we started our business), we started him on OPC-3 and Might-A-Mins and saw a tremendous improvement. But, he still had problems with his ankles, inside of the elbow, his wrists and behind his knees. He'd continue to scratch his feet during the night, as he always did, until they bled. When Complete Greens came out, we tried that. Within days, all his eczema was gone. He loves Strawberry/Kiwi Aloe, so I mix the Aloe with one scoop of the Greens and 1 cap of Digestive Enzymes at his evening meal. If we do this every day, the eczema does not come back. If we don't give him this for a week - like on vacation - he starts getting red in the problems areas (elbows, ankles, wrists, knees). It's been amazing for him! He is now 6 years old and 50 lbs. I would double the Greens for an adult - and even try twice a day. Hope this helps. Sue Graichen MA Unfranchise Owner =============================================================================== My son had/has eczema every winter (9m, 21m, 33m). He is going to be 4 next month. No signs this month. I took care of the problem with Aloe gel and clear shield. I applied aloe gel first - let it dry then applied clear shield. It went away. I usually started it up when I get the first signs. His daycare had made me go to the dr. every year to verify it. Tammy Lewis

*** These are actual unsolicited testimonials in our files. They are not to be considered as a claim of medical efficacy and should be considered as anecdotal in nature. You should always consult your physician before beginning any treatment program. ***

=============================================================================== I am a distributor with MARKET AMERICA, I just recently found out that my 8 year old son has eczema on his buttocks and upper part on his back thighs. I took his to see his pediatrician to confirm my beliefs of this being eczema, which she did. She immediately wanted to prescribe him a steroidal cream and I expressed to her that I wanted to try a natural remedy using OUR aloe orally and topically. But she still wrote a prescription for the steroidal cream and I immediately ripped it up. I ordered my son a bottle of the Aloe and honestly, just 3 days after starting the aloe orally his eczema was almost totally healed. Right now it has been a little over two weeks of him just drinking 1 capful every day and the eczema is completely healed with no sign of it ever being there. We also just used some regular lotion on the area after he took his showers. I am just thankful we were able to take care of this as soon as possible before it had gotten too severe. Amy =============================================================================== My daughter spent over $500 with dr visits, biopsies, etc with a 'ring' problem, which was not ringworm but something they never could diagnose over a time span of 8 months. I finally had kept quiet long enough when I send FACE pads home with her and Ph normalizer. She started using the pads followed by normalizer on the affected area and in 10 days it was cleared up! She had a friend with eczema and she suggested the same ritual and now I have two firm believers in our products!! Have them try that - those enzymes and normalizer are great together. Also I am sure the OPC3 will cause the symptoms to be worse for a while to get the cleansing necessary, just be sure to warn them. Jan Payne Oklahoma =============================================================================== Eczema Testimonial My son had eczema head-to-toe, even on his scalp. OPC-3 helped a lot, But when our powdered Greens product came out, that did the trick. If we go on vacation and get off our routine, the eczema comes back on the insides of his arms, by his elbows. A couple days on Greens gets him back to normal. He was so bad, he used to scratch his ankles all night until they bled. Now, his skin actually feels like skin. He is now 6 years old. We started him on OPC-3 when he was 2 (when we started our business) and added Greens the moment it was available. We mix 1 cap of the Greens with about 3 oz of Strawberry/Kiwi Aloe and 1 cap of Digestive Enzymes (or sometimes B-12). It tastes really good he drinks it with a straw and has no problems. OPC-3 will help with help with her allergies to animals - I started our son on 1/2 a cap and built him up to 1 cap. Hope this helps! Sue Graichen Market America Independent Distributor 3572 Golden Harvest Drive Neenah, WI 54956 920-836-2663 e-mail: ===============================================================================

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