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					2009 盖世汽车网底盘及部件专场采购配对会
Gasgoo Automotive Chassis Systems (Parts) Match-Making Event 2009

Gasgoo Automotive Chassis Systems (Parts) Match-Making Event 2009

Invitation letter

Aug.28 2009 Shanghai· China

2009 盖世汽车网底盘及部件专场采购配对会
Gasgoo Automotive Chassis Systems (Parts) Match-Making Event 2009

Event Overview
After the Low Displacement Gasoline Engine Technology Seminar, will focus on the most cutting-edge technology related to automobile electronic chassis, integrated technology and how to apply it to the domestic automakers. The organizers will invite chassis technology research and development experts and technical directors from the overseas tier 1 suppliers to give speeches and deep discussion on electrification of Chassis Suspension System, Steering System, Braking System, advanced technological development, products design and application on the by-wire technology, positive response technology and ISYSCON. In view of this, Electrification & Integration Applications Technology Seminar on Chassis Systems 2009 will be held on August 28, 2009 in Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center. At the same time, the organizer will hold Gasgoo Automotive Chassis Systems (Parts) Match-making Event 2009. As a communication and learning platform of the advanced technology and products, our seminar will invite about 30 leading automakers and automotive chassis assembly suppliers to come to do buying and purchasing. Auto Parts Match-making Events is a unique service by Gasgoo which is specially made to match buyers with potential suppliers accordingly to save the time and cost of the purchasing and supplying. This event has improved a lot comparing to the former ones. 1、 The supplying and purchasing of automotive chassis can attract mainstream suppliers to come to negotiate with buyers. 2、 Simultaneously, there will be an Auto Chassis (Parts) Match-making event which can attract R&D experts to participate in. 3、 The issues which will be discussed can definitely have a good impact on buyers. 4、 The organizer will invite experts in buying and purchasing chain areas to give speeches of relating topics.

2009 盖世汽车网底盘及部件专场采购配对会
Gasgoo Automotive Chassis Systems (Parts) Match-Making Event 2009

Automotive Chassis Systems (Parts) Match-Making Event 2009


Time:August 28 , 2009

(09:00 AM-05:30 PM)

Venue:Shanghai Automobile Exhibition Center Add: No.7575, BoYuan Rd, Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai

What is it like? Gasgoo Automotive Chassis Systems (Parts) Match-Making Event 2009 will invite leading domestic auto chassis assembly (parts) suppliers. The organizer will arrange the meeting between the buyer and matched suppliers (each meeting for 20-30 minutes). Buyers could also have on-site visit to the selected suppliers’ factories after the meeting.

Who will attend?
Buyers: 30 Automakers at home and abroad Auto chassis assembly suppliers Suppliers:200 leading chassis assembly and parts suppliers at home and abroad

2009 盖世汽车网底盘及部件专场采购配对会
Gasgoo Automotive Chassis Systems (Parts) Match-Making Event 2009

Conformed, Invited Companies
OE Buyers 配套采购商
通用汽车 GM 菲亚特 Fiat 标致雪铁龙 PSA 上海大众 Shanghai Volkswagen 阿斯霍克雷兰德 Ashok Leyland 比亚迪 BYD 吉利汽车 Geely 广州丰田 Gac-toyota 雷诺 Renault 采埃孚 ZF 福特汽车 FORD 长城汽车 Great Wall 江淮汽车 JAC 东风本田 Dongfeng Honda 南京名爵 Nanjing MG 众泰汽车 Zotye Auto 广州本田 Guangzhou Honda 东风乘用车公司 DFPV 美国大车辆集团 TRIZ LLC 法雷奥 Valeo Asia Purchasing Office

上海蒂森克虏伯汇众汽车零部件有限公司 ThyssenKrupp Presta HuiZhong Shanghai 大陆汽车系统管理(上海)有限公司 Continental Corporation 伊顿中国卡车业务 EATON China Truck Operations 德韧车用部件有限公司 DURA Auto 舍弗勒集团 Schaeffler Group 麦格纳汽车技术有限公司 Magna 翰德 Haldex Global Sourcing China 奥托立夫 Autoliv (Shanghai) 西艾意 CIE Automotive 博格华纳中国 BorgWarner 美国天合汽车集团 TRW Automotive 利纳马汽车系统有限公司 Linamar 特瑞堡减震系统 Trelleborg China 美国德纳有限公司 Dana 美嘉帕拉斯特 Mecaplast Car Components

Aftermarket Buyers 售后采购商
瑞典尼德曼公司上海办事处 Nederman (Shanghai) Co. Ltd 美国特路普国际公司 Twoloop International Inc. 美国阿菲尼亚集团公司 Affinia 汽车地带 Autozone 加拿大 CTCCanadian Tire 美国畅博电子上海有限公司 WAI Global 蓝霸汽车连锁 Napa 美国艾尔比泛太平洋公司上海代表处 Dorman Simerx Sourcing Repco Corporation Ltd. Super Cheap Auto Group Limited Dalian Shida Artcrafts Co. Ltd. 印度 Mercantile Syndicate GAP International Trading Co.,Ltd. India Emta Group 法国格普贝尔特艾尤股份有限公司上海代表处 佳威合贸易上海有限公司 BUY ASIAN SOLUTIONS LTD TOREX DO BRAZIL IMPORT & EXPORT LTD

2009 盖世汽车网底盘及部件专场采购配对会
Gasgoo Automotive Chassis Systems (Parts) Match-Making Event 2009

We recommend the following hotels: Name Great Tang Hotel Anting New Town Xinci Hote Xietong Hotel Leifeng Hotel Meilihua holiday hotel Star rating ★★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★★ ★★★ ★★★ ★★★ Tel 021-39586666 021-61231888 021-59568888 021-59595858 021-69581888 021-59592588 Add. 4339 BaoAn Rd. 258 Nong, AnLi Rd. 29 Moyu Road Anting 4671 CaoAn Rd. 300 LuYuan Rd. 5000 CaoAn Rd. Time/driving 10m’ 5m’ 4m’ 15m’ 10m’ 5m’


Free shuttle services are provided for attendees.

→ Please take our free bus at the gate of Novotel Atlantis, 728 Pudong Avenue, by Fushan Lu. ,or at the gate of Shanghai Museum,by People’s Square,You may choose to get aboard at different times of the day.
1. 07:30 AM Pudong, 08:00 AM Puxi Aug.28 2. 08:30 AM Pudong. 09:00 AM Puxi Aug.28 3. 11:00 AM Pudong. 11:30 AM Puxi Aug.28

★ Attendees also can take the bus back at 18:00 PM Aug. 28 and our bus will stop at People’s Square and Novotel Atlantis Shanghai

★ Please specify whether you need the bus service and which time you like to take the bus in the application form. Thank you.

Public transport information
LuAn Line (Get off at Boyuan Rd.) Tourist Line 6 BeiAn Line (Get off at Shanghai auto exhibition Park) (Get off at Boyuan Rd. Moyu Rd.)

Organizer—Gasgoo International

Gasgoo International ( is China's largest automotive B2B marketplace with over 80,000 global buyers and 43,200 verified member suppliers. With over 10 years automotive purchasing & exporting experience, Gasgoo International is dedicated to connecting global automotive buyers and suppliers.

Gasgoo International provides professional auto parts sourcing assistance service to global buyers. Our service is to help buyers in exploring, prescreening and match-making suppliers on a basis of time & cost minimization and sourcing optimization.

For Registration, please contact
Please contact:Jennifer Kang Tel:86-21-5169 9066#8847 Fax:86-21-5036 6652

For being Speaker and onsite Exhibitor Please Contact:Queena Zheng Tel:86-21-5169 9066-8835 Fax:86-21-5036 6106

Contact Information
Add:5F, International Shipping & Finance Building,No.720 Pudong Avenue Shanghai,China Zip code:200120 Tel:86-21-5169 9066 Fax:86-21-5036 6106

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