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									SDRC Basketball 2009 Hosted by the American International School of Guangzhou April 23rd – April 25th
Please find presented the information packet for the upcoming SDRC Basketball Competition being hosted here at AISG.

Date: Location: Invitation List :

April 23rd to April 25th 2009 American International School of Guangzhou (Science Park Campus) AISG, AISHK, QSI, SIS, and UIS All visiting athletes will be hosted by a family from the AISG community. Athletes will be provided with an ID card that will have the name, address and phone number of their home stay. This ID card must worn at all times. Athletes, it is a privilege to be afforded the hospitality of your home stay family; please ensure you are respectful of their homes and generosity. It is imperative that all athletes are at the host homes by the 9:00 pm curfew for all nights of the tournament. Coaches will be calling each night to ensure that the curfew is followed. It is important that all athletes get a good amount of sleep each night to allow them to play their best during the tournament. All transportation for coaches and players will be provided upon the teams' arrival at Science Park. All students will be transported to and from our Science Park campus. Coaches and ADs will have transport provided to and from their hotel. If coaches require taxis for non-tournament related activities, AISG will happily facilitate this; however, these costs will be covered by the individual coaches and not by AISG.




Food and Water: The water is not safe to drink and only water from the dispensers is
to be used as drinking water. Lunch will be served in the cafeteria between 12.30 pm – 2.00 pm. These meals will cater to both western and Asian tastes as well as to vegetarians. Snacks will be available in the mornings and afternoons throughout the event. All meals are provided free of charge to the athletes.

Campus Security: Tournament participants will be issued ID cards that must be worn at all times while on the AISG campus. It is a requirement to show this identification in order to enter the campus. Participants are not permitted to leave the AISG campus during school hours unless cleared by the AISG AD, Trevor Bergman..


It is imperative that all participates in the tournament conduct themselves in accordance to the SDRC motto: Play hard, Play Fair. All fans, coaches, and players will be held to this standard and conduct that is not fitting will be dealt with accordingly. AISG will provide a hospitality room for all coaches and AD's. Snacks, lunch, refreshments, and Internet access will be provided. AISG will provide a hospitality room for all parents attending the tournament. The coaches' meeting will take place at 10:00am before the opening ceremony in the side room of the cafeteria. The meeting is mandatory for all coaches and will allow for clarification of the tournament's rules and procedures. The site coordinator will chair this meeting and head officials will be present at this meeting to provide input or answer questions as needed. All transportation for coaches and players will be provided from arrival at Science Park until to your departure. All students will be transported to and from our Science Park campus and home stay parents will provide transport where necessary. Coaches and AD's will have transport provided to and from their hotel. If coaches require taxis for non-tournament related activities, AISG will happily facilitate arranging one, however, these costs will be covered by the individual coaches and not AISG.

Coaches and AD's Lounge: Parents' Lounge:
Coaches Meeting:

Transportation During the Event:

Team Arrival and As teams arrive at AISG they will be greeted and escorted to their team rooms. Each school administrator will be provided with a room Opening key which provide each team with a secure place to leave their Ceremony:
bags. All players will then need to change into their uniforms and meet in the cafeteria where snacks will be provided. Just before the opening ceremony, all teams will be escorted out through the back of the cafeteria and into the far side of the gym. Each team will then be introduced and led out by their coaches from behind the curtain to take their assigned seats in the following order: AISHK, SIS, QSI, UIS, AISG Team Pictures: Team pictures will be taken on the first morning after the opening ceremony, girls and boys at the same time. Pictures will be taken on court number two at opposite ends of the court while the other court is being cleared away for the start of games. This entire process will take no longer than 10 minutes. The order will be as follows: AISHK, AISG, SIS, QSI, UIS, and AISG Jr Team Site Information and Boundaries During the tournament, all tournament participants must stay within the tournament boundaries, which include the gym, team rooms, and the cafeteria. The soccer field is off limits. As classes will be in session on Thursday and Friday, it is expected that athletes are not wandering around the school. Also, all AISG basketballs must stay inside the gym. Spectators and non-playing teams will be required to watch the tournament from the seating area only. Only competing players, coaches, and officials will be allowed on the floor during warm-up

Spectators vs Players

periods and games. All participants are asked to use the second floor walkway to access the other side of the gym.

AD/Coaches Housing and Dinner:

Directors and chaperone's will stay at the Landmark Hotel. AISG has reserved the rooms under each school's name. As this is very busy time in Guangzhou please book with the Landmark directly as soon as possible. The contact details are: The coaches/AD's dinner will be held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Thursday night, April 23rd from 6:30 onwards. Transportation will be provided from the Landmark hotel at 6:30pm and will return at 8:00pm. Please note that the hotel in not near the city center. However, there is a free hourly shuttle to and from the city center if coaches wish to travel into town.


Two of our school nurses will be on hand at all times throughout the tournament, one on each of the sidelines of each court. Our nurses on site are fluent in Mandarin and English and will accompany any injured parties to the hospital in a provided van; both nurse and van will be available for the duration of the hospital stay and treatment, if required. Transport to the hospital and back to the student’s host family and the coach’s transportation back to the hotel after treatment will be provided by AISG. In accordance to the guidelines of the SDRC, an itemized budget will be provided to the participating school's AD after the tournament is complete. This will also include the contact information for the AISG business office. The costs will be split between the participating schools and payment will need to be made in a timely manner. Trevor Bergman Fax Number Mobile Number Ding Lau 137-1090-0527 8620 3208 6477 13710900527 8620 3213 5555 Extension 5494

Tournament Costs:


Middle School SDRC Code of Conduct

Play Hard, Play Fair, Everyone Wins
1. The use of tobacco, drinking of alcohol, or use of illegal drugs will not be allowed during travel or while in the host city during the period of time covered by the SDRC activity. Any sight seeing or travel in the host city will be done only within the permission of the host family and the coach/sponsor. (Consequence: disciplinary action at the discretion of the activity organizer and lead chaperon) Under no circumstances will housing arrangements be changed without permission of the host school and the knowledge of the coach/sponsor. (Consequence: disciplinary action at the discretion of the activity organizer and lead chaperon) Visiting students will be in the home of the host family no later than the 9:00p.m.curfew , or. the different curfew time specified by the Event Director. Curfew also applies to host/ local school students. (Consequence: suspension from immediate and further participation in that event, student’s and host principal notified) All laws of the host country will be adhered to. (Consequence: disciplinary action at the discretion of the activity organizer and lead chaperon the disciplinary action should also be according to the laws of the land at the discretion of the governing authority) Any unusual circumstances or problems that occur during the stay in the host city will be reported as soon as is possible to the host school and lead chaperon. In the event of any accident or injury the chaperon / coach has permission to deal with the situation and make any emergency decisions should they be unable to contact the parents or guardians. That permission must be granted in writing by the parents via a waiver signed before the activity





6. 7.

We have read, understand, and agree to abide by the rules that are stated above. ______________________________ Signature of student’s parent/guardian ______________________________ Date _____________________________ Signature of student _____________________________ Date

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