ikco is actively seeking cooperation partners in mainland china

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					IKCO is actively seeking cooperation partners in Mainland China

Multinational Groups plan to have a high-speed growth in China

In 2006 Beijing International Auto Show, the exhibition booth of IKCO has held the limelight. They not only brought the Samand, the native car, to exhibition booth, but also sought for cooperation partner of auto parts in China. Howjet, Export Manager of Iran Khodro Investment & Develop-

ment Co., Ltd, introduced that Khodro would seek appropriate cooperation partner in China through participation in the exhibition and hope to find the superior products supplied by Chinese suppliers. "Currently, we seek for Chinese suppliers only from a name list in hand. First, such an approach is

too narrow and limited; secondly, the speed can't follow up." Howjett expresses great confidence in expanding Chinese market. It is reported that parts demanded and purchased by IKCO are sold to domestic market as well as other countries and regions in the world.

This year, auto magnates have revealed their development planning in future years in Beijing Auto Show. GM announces that before 2010, it will take up 10% of auto market in Asia and Shanghai GM will keep the scale of growth that is higher than the average speed in the market every year. Then, Volvo indicates that Chinese market will be the second

sales market in the world in 5 or 10 years, while Volkswagen says that the target in China is to take up 25% of auto market share in 2007. Facing the ambitious sales target, multi-brand strategy, export in a large scale, purchasing of parts, etc will become the most important strategies for the auto dealers in coming years.

Goodyear will invest USD 1 billion to purchase in China in 2010
TRW is developing engineering fastener business in North China

Engineering fastener business department of TRW Automotive announced that TRW Automotive Parts (Lafang) Co., Ltd had been established. It will produce fasteners and interior auto parts such as air outlet, instrument panel, etc. Edwin Schulze, Chinese General Manager of TRW engineering

fastener business department, said that the establishment of new factory is the key to support sustainable development of complete auto businesses at home and abroad in China. Langfang Factory will bring the fastener business to North China and serve more Chinese clients.

In 2006 International Cooperation Summit for Asia-Pacific CEOs & Provincial Governors and Mayors, related personnel of Goodyear in Great China reveal that Goodyear will invest USD 1 billion to purchase in China in 2010. It is introduced that Goodyear has

three strategic cores: first, in respect of production, in order to bring good model and resource into Chinese market, Goodyear will not only introduce top technologies, but also customize tyres for roads of China and meet demands of Chinese consumers; secondly, Goodyear promises that its purchase share in Chi-

nese market will reach 10 percent of its overall purchase in the world by 2010, totaling USD 1 billion ; thirdly, the most important measure that Goodyear will take is to have the retail network as center and build the model of authorized service center, so as to standardize its marketing in China.

Chery and Johnson will jointly establish auto parts enterprise

Mbtech Group has started Chinese business

In November 20, Chery Auto Co., Ltd announced in Beijing that it would coordinate with Johnson Controls, Inc, one of the tops 500 in the global, to establish Johnson Controls Wuhu Auto Decoration Co., Ltd. It will produce interior auto decoration and auto parts in China.

The joint venture is established by Wuhu Chery Technology Co., Ltd affiliated to Chery and American Johnson Controls Interior Auto Decoration Group as per the equity proportion of 50% respectively. It will produce interior auto decoration and provide relevant technology service.

Recently, Shanghai MB SIM Technology Co., Ltd, which is a joint venture built by Mbtech Group and Shanghai Institute of Micro-system and Information Technology, jointly held the inauguration ceremony in Shanghai.

The business scope of Shanghai MB SIM Technology Co., Ltd is focused on research, development and service for auto electron and electronic packing. It is known that Shanghai MB SIM Technology Co., Ltd will face the clients from China and Asia in future.

They will provide the solutions and consulting services concerning auto engineering and power system. Moreover, they will provide value-added service for independent development and self-owned brand of Chinese auto industry.

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