HARDINGSTONE PARISH COUNCIL MINUTES OF THE PARISH COUNCIL MEETING HELD ON TUESDAY 11th April 2006 in Hardingstone Village Hall. Note: These Minutes will not be approved by the Council until the next full meeting.
Present R. Faichnie (Chairman), A. Stevens, C. Greaves, L. Timms, N. Pope, T Oldfield, J Larkins, G. Greaves, G Crowe W. Dunkley (Clerk) Cty Cllr M Hill PC R Cheshire 3 members of the public. Apologies:Cllrs V Stafford, J Bolton 039/06 Declarations of interest. There were no Declarations of Interest. 040/06 Public Time The blocked drains which have been reported to the Borough Council have still not been unblocked. The Clerk will report them again. The Post Box at the junction of High Street and Glebe Avenue is becoming very full each day with letters overflowing by 3.30pm. The Clerk will write to Royal Mail. There was a serious fire in the wood at the corner of Cherry Orchard with a tree being set alight. Apparently there are children continually causing nuisance there. The Clerk was asked to write to the Borough Council alerting them. The Police are aware of this and are working to stop the younger children. Police. PC Cheshire reported that certain rumours about residents appear to be unfounded but the public should contact PC Cheshire if they are worried about potential problems. PC Cheshire is worried about the escalation of damage to garden walls. The public are asked to report these every time. PC Cheshire is working to obtain temporary CCTV coverage for Martins Lane area to try to catch the miscreants. He is working on a couple of projects on motorbikes and the nuisance they cause; this covers a larger area than just Hardingstone. It is hoped that helicopter assistance may be used over the summer as this proves a very useful tool. It was reported that there are considerable problems in the Recreation Ground with drunks and broken glass. This is often at 2.00 and 3.00 am. These occurrences are being reported but it is not apparent that the Police are responding. Again this is an area where CCTV could be the answer. PC Cheshire will chase this up and the Parish Council will contact the Borough Council to offer any support they can give. Again the Police need names in order to be able to target these criminals. PC Cheshire suggested he could also bring in the Mobile Police Station again. PC Cheshire was thanked for the hard work which he carries out in the Parish. PC Cheshire presented an award to Pam Pease for all of her voluntary work both as a driver and as organiser of Neighbourhood Watch. The presentation was in the form of a certificate from the Police Authority for an ‘Unsung Hero’ and a cheque. Congratulations were offered by the Parish Council. Borough and County Councillors Report. The Borough Council report that there have been major successes in housing with fewer people in bed and breakfast and lower outstanding rents than for a long time. At County level, services are being looked at with the intention of making these more customer friendly. It is expected that a statement from ODPM will be made within a couple of months outlining proposed changes to local government. There could be a move to a single tier operation i.e. combing Borough and County Council functions with two possible options a) a single authority for the whole of the County or b) two smaller unitary authorities. Cllr Hill was asked about the problem tree in Windrush Road. He reported that the Borough Council wish to keep the tree. An empty bungalow at 67 Bouverie Road was reported as this attracts vandals. It has been empty for twelve months. Cllr Hill will raise this with the Housing Department. Neighbourhood Watch. Mrs Pease expressed her thanks for the nomination. Sharon Henley, the Community Safety Officer, will be at Hardy Drive House on the 7th May for a demonstration of personal safety. This is open to anyone living in the village. Mrs Pease suggested that a shared PCSO might help to alleviate some of the problems in the village. It was agreed to contact other Parish Councils – Gt. Houghton, Collingtree, Wootton and Hackleton – to ask if they would be interested. 041/06 Minutes of meeting held 14th March 2006. The minutes were approved as a true copy.

Hardingstone Parish Council


12th April 2006

042/06 Matters arising

027/06 Public Time  Allotment rents. Open Spaces Group are to meet with the Allotment Association to agree a future regime and present this to the next Parish Council meeting. Agenda item.  Drains. The Clerk was asked to report several drain blockages to the Borough Council. These were reported but will be reported again.  The Clerk was asked to write to the Chief Constable, copy to the Chronicle and Echo, concerning the issues within the village which are not being tackled. No response has been received. A discussion followed about whether the Parish Council should write again or whether a more pro-active plan should be undertaken. This discussion concluded with the General Purposes group volunteering to work with the Community Safety Officer and the Police to endeavour to improve the problems in the village.  Neighbourhood Watch. The group were asked to assist with collection of signatures for the Community Speedwatch campaign. These forms were given to the Clerk. 032/06 Reports from Advisory Groups.  Open Spaces. Residents are asked to report potholes to Streetdoctor and also to report dogfouling on 01604 838000.  Planning. The Clerk was asked to write to the Planning Department to object to the proposed conversion of barns at The Farm, The Green, Hardingstone on the grounds of difficulties with access to this area. This was done; no decision has yet been received. 033/06 Reports from:  Communication. The clerk was asked to further investigate notices in Down Your Way. Agenda item.  Parking and Speeding. Signatures on the pledge forms for Speedwatch are urgently required. Everyone’s help is requested. Forms to be received from Kevin Barton. 034/06 Quality Council accreditation Chairs of all of the groups should send a report to the Clerk by the 4th April in order that the Chairman can prepare an overview for the Annual Report. Only two reports have been received so far. Councillors are asked to send them in as soon as possible. 036/06 Councillors Reports The General Purposes group to look at a possible village office with the manager of the village hall. A meeting is to be arranged shortly.
043/06 Allotment rent The Open Spaces group had met with Mike Kitchen and discussed the issue of the rent. Cllr Timms proposed that a rent of £70 pa for the whole area should apply from April 2006 and there would be an annual increase linked to inflation. If there was any need to move the Allotments due to the review of all open land then due notice would be given to the Allotment Association. This proposal was approved unanimously. 044/06 Reports from Advisory Groups Internal Control A Financial check has been made for the end of the year. The attendance record for Councillors had been received and will be presented at the Annual Parish Council meeting and will also be available on the website. Finance Group Payments were approved as below:
W Dunkley W Dunkley L Timms D Elkington Northants Police Northants ALC Northants ALC Northants Acre Wootton Parish Council 421 422 423 424 425 426 427 428 429 Net Salary Expenses Jan-Mar Expenses – Keys War Memorial Mtce Neighbourhood Watch Subscription Audit fee Village of the Year Maintenance 213.51 143.11 4.00 36.00 10.00 306.00 126.00 20.00 267.92

Hardingstone Parish Council


12th April 2006

HVHA CPRE Inland Revenue

430 431 432

Hire of Room Membership Income Tax

14.40 26.00 175.34

Authority was approved for the Clerk to obtain a cheque from two signatories as soon as the correct invoice has been received from BT. The request for a donation under Section 137 from Vitalise was refused. Open Spaces and Youth Group The Noticeboards in Hardy Drive and Martins Lane have been damaged again. After a discussion it was decided to remove the doors on these noticeboards and laminate all notices for protection against the weather. The Clerk was asked to purchase a laminator for this purpose. The Clerk was also asked to write to the Postmaster to ask if their noticeboard could be used. The Memorial Tree. Mrs Hammond is to be contacted shortly. The Village of the Year entry has been made and a visit by the judges will be made on the 15th May from 10.00 am and 12.00 mid-day. In connection with this it was agreed to hold a village tidy-up day on the 13th May from 11.00 am until 4.00 pm with volunteers meeting in the Recreation Ground. Organisations are to be asked to supply any equipment they have i.e. rubbish pickers etc. and for any other help they may be able to give. The Clerk was asked to book a skip for the rubbish. Unfortunately we were too late to enter the Churchyard of the Year competition this year. As part of this it has been discovered that we could use the services of a volunteer Tree Warden, that at present comes under the Nene Valley heading but our own volunteer could be useful. It was decide to ask for a volunteer. As reported earlier there are considerable problems in the Recreation Ground with broken glass etc. It was decided to cordon off the main area and remove the concrete as soon as possible together with the damaged dog bin. The remaining picnic bench should be put into storage. Cllr Timms will ask the maintenance officer to do this. The Footpath Warden is organising a family woodland walk on the 1st May. The budget for the Youth services has been agreed at £2,000.00 and a Champion for Youth should help to move this forward. The YMCA report is being examined and Cllr Timms has met with Wootton and Duston Parish Council under the chairmanship of Rev Ted Hale and Spurgeons Childcare to see whether Hardingstone could join in with a part-time youth worker. This could provide schemes for football etc and for an Outreach worker. It is hoped that a proposal will be made at the next Parish Council meeting. The letter from a resident in Martins Lane concerning fencing etc was noted. The Clerk was asked to reply asking her if she would care to help the Parish Council to keep the Recreation Ground nice and to invite her to attend the next meeting. Cllr Timms has been making enquiries about galvanised fencing and will bring a quotation to the next meeting. Planning
3/-2/06 N2005/1601 Abitec Ltd 40-42 Salthouse Road, Brackmills – Two storey extension No objections Full approval given 21/03/06

No other applications received.

General Purposes and Quality of Life
The Easter Eggstravaganza has been arranged for Easter Monday. Councillors are asked to arrive at 11.00 am to set up ready to start at 2.30 pm. Moulton Morris Men have been booked for the 29th July. Friends of Hardingstone are to launch their organisation with a Wine and Cheese event on the 26 th April. 045/06 Reports from:  Communication The existing Down Your Way correspondent has resigned but a new volunteer has come forward. This is Sadie Barton who is part of the Communication Group. This nomination was endorsed by the Parish Council. The Clerk will inform the Chronicle and Echo.  Parking and Speeding Kevin Barton has some more pledge forms. 046/06 Quality Council accreditation

Hardingstone Parish Council


12th April 2006

The Council approved the attendance of Cllr C Greaves and Cllr V Stafford, if she is available, to attend the New Councillors course offered by NALC and for the clerk to attend the Freedom of Information course. Approval was also given for Cllr Timms to attend the Playing Field course. 047/06 Correspondence It was agreed to contact local organisations to find out whether they would be interested in the Learning Coach organised by Northampton College.
NALC NALC Membership 2006/7, NALC Internal Audit Service, NALC Notice re Clerk’s gratuities, Update, Local Council Review order form, County Training Partnership – list of courses, Off to a Flying start – new councillors, Freedom of Information, Burial Ground Management, Vitalise – request for donations, Clearquest UK – litter clearance, NCC budget proposals – library cuts National Blood Service, Posters for Transfusion service, Display NCC, Draft Medium Term Plan 2006-2010, Circulated to Councillors for comments. NBC Acknowledgement of letters re The Farm, The Green, Hardingstone, For information Wicksteed Leisure Sales brochure For info L. Timms Northamptonshire Community Foundation Details of Northamptonshire High Sheriff’s Initiative Fund General Purposes, Open Spaces and Friends of Hardingstone Northants Acre Rural Transport Partnerships cessation Northamptonshire on Wheels launch Parking and Speeding Wyevale Garden Centre Reply to request for help with flower planting Refused due to change in circumstances Email C Moore Nalc Details of Northampton College Learning Coach Youth Group/Quality of Life? Norma McGeeney Letter of thanks For information Defra Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 For information for Quality Council Powers Spurgeons Charity Proposal and Agenda for meeting on the 6th April re collaborative with Wootton and Duston Linda Timms to attend Mrs M Duglan Response to letter re fence and hedge at rear of 99 Martins Lane For information – Open spaces Northants Acre Charity Trustees Wanted Roadshow programme 2006 re children’s playgrounds CVS Fundraising Services – Funding Search service And Funding Alert Services Village Viewpoint Linda Timms, Friends of Hardingstone BDO Stoy Hayward LLP Details of Annual Audit Clerk and Finance/Internal Control Group NBC Builders Access to Hardingstone Recreation Ground Open Spaces NCC/NBC Northampton Area Partnership Notice of meeting 18th April at 7.00pm Allianz Cornhill Renewal Information For payment May 2006

048/06 Councillors Reports Cllr Crowe informed the meeting of the Village Hall AGM to be held on the 19th April. Following the meeting with the school about Speedwatch, there is still a need to discuss parking and speeding near the school. Cllr Timms reported that the drain in Bouverie Road had been unblocked and the resident who had reported this was full of thanks! Cllr C Greaves report that the next edition of Hardingstone Voice has been delivered and also pointed out the Woodland Family walk on the 1st May. Meet outside the Crown PH at 10.00 am. The Friends of Hardingstone are organising a Race Night on the 6th May, details from Val Stafford. Cllr G Greaves reminded the council of the Review of Public Land meeting on the 14th May at Bouverie House. 049/06 The date of the next meeting, the Annual Parish Council, is 9th May 2006 following the Annual Parish Meeting at 7.00 pm. 050/06 There being no further business the Chairman thanked the Councillors and closed the meeting at 9.05 pm.

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Hardingstone Parish Council


12th April 2006

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