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Annual General Meeting Tuesday, 26th May 2008 at PreSchool
Sara Bole, Jane Foster, Vera Anderson, Kylie Smith, Grant McCulloch, Tim Young, Juliet Pope, Kaye Adamson, Chris Jack, Reece McChlery, Teresa Wallace, Kally van Venrooy, Jane Thew, Tammy Clegg, Vic Morrison, Barbara Griffin, Yvonne Culling, Vicki Patton, Colleen Flemmer, Bridgitte Jones, Keri Chisholm, Lorna Gibbens, Jeannie Crawford, Fritha Beaton, Adrienne Agnew, Sue Parnell, Nathalie Lecaze, Carole Watts & Gerda Schumann

Approval of last minutes:

The minutes of the last meeting were read and passed by Tim

Presidents Report:
Welcome to everyone who has made a great effort to come out tonight to our AGM. It‟s fantastic to see such a good turnout and lots of familiar and new faces. We should have a very full committee by the end of this meeting.
It is my role as President of the preschool management committee to give a report on what has been happening over the last year. I will begin with fundraising. As everyone will be aware, fundraising is an integral part of the preschool, not just in terms of raising money but also in ensuring our preschool is out in the community getting involved and being seen. In the past it was decided to stick with one big fundraiser per year. Our 3 main big ticket fundraising events are the raffle, trolley race and the battle of the basin. This past year we undertook the trolley race which we had previously done a couple of years ago. It turned out to be a great day and was successful in raising $5000 for the preschool. We had a number of stalls that we set up opposite the Arrowtown Bakery which worked extremely well in providing a safe area for people to come and view the food and produce we had for sale. The stalls raised a large portion of the money with the home made scarecrows drawing great crowds. The preschool children participated in making the scarecrows which was a lot of fun.

We are having another trolley race this year as the organisers, Tim Young, Gerda Schumann and Reece McChlery were very motivated after last years one to make it even more successful this year. They aim to increase the number of corporate entries which will of course increase our revenue from the event. It will take place in November so keep an eye out for details. Our other main fundraisers were cooking the sausage sizzle for the Rugby 7‟s tournament. The weather was fantastic this year which made it successful for us, raising approximately $2000 – this equates to a lot of sausages! For the Arrowtown Autumn Festival this year we held a cake stall. It was also a great success raising approximately $1200. Smaller fundraisers consisted of the Kaboodle Bags, Pizza Orders and of course History Alive. We were given the opportunity to make even more money with 2 History Alive events by cooking kebabs for the conference members. We normally receive $150 for each time the children sing at the History Alive but cooking the kebabs raised that considerably. So a huge thank you to all the parents and helpers who partook in some way in these events. They were all successes and well worth the effort. We truly appreciate the time that people donate to help out in various ways as we realise that your time is the most valuable commodity we can ask of you. This leads on to a recently introduced change in the way we conduct our fundraising. It was decided to introduce the concept of a „Fundraising Roster‟ which works in a similar way to our roster for parent help. Each family is assigned a term during the year where they are responsible for helping out on any fundraising that may occur during that time. The motivation behind this initiative was to spread the load a little more so that most families were helping out a little rather than just a few families helping out a lot. So far it is working really well and feedback has been mainly positive. It will be interesting to review its progress at the next AGM after it has been working for a year. We have successfully operated a full financial year under the new 20 free hour‟s scheme and it has been a positive addition to our centre. In these financial times it is a relief for families not to have to find a large amount of additional funds for preschool. The small donation scheme is going well with over 80% of families contributing. As a community based preschool we still rely heavily on help from parents for odd jobs that come up around the centre. At most monthly meetings there is often the call for a plumber, builder or electrician who may be able to help us out. We are very fortunate that people do step up, and I would like to thank in particular Steve White and Spik Watherston for their help this past year on repairs and maintenance around the preschool. On the topic of thank yous, I would also like to express our sincere gratitude to Bridgette Paper and Peter Bain for the fabulous job they did on the mosaic for our entrance wall. The logo looks great! Also thank you to Dave and Peter White who completed the plastering and Vic Hepworth for the stone caps. Our entrance wall is a colourful and vibrant welcome into our centre. At our last AGM our big project was the new building extension. This year it was a bit smaller but no less important - our new kitchen. The old kitchen was second hand when the building was first built so it had lasted very well. The new one looks great and is functioning well. We held a new parents afternoon tea a while back and what a success it was. About 10 mums turned up to enjoy a nice coffee and yummy food. We are intending on holding these at least

twice a year as it is such a good way to meet other parents which as a community preschool we like to encourage. The preschool has recently changed banks and now bank with ASB. I would specifically like to thank Chris Clark from ASB who has made this transition seamless for us and who has helped considerably at our fundraising events by providing floats, monitoring money and banking money for us. This has made such a difference especially at our trolley race last year. Technology is changing far too quickly for most of us to keep up. I come from an IT background and still don‟t even own an i-pod. Luckily our children are getting the opportunity to be exposed to lots of new and exciting technology here at preschool. It is fantastic for their learning having access to the internet even if it is a little embarrassing for us having our preschoolers tell us how to work the computer. So thank you for giving the teachers your support in the purchase of new technologies.

One of big issues we have faced this past year as been our ever growing waiting list. It appears there are more and younger families moving to Arrowtown which is putting pressure on our Early Childhood Education centres. As most of you know we are desperately trying to move forward with a new centre and are currently waiting to hear if we were successful on our second application for funding. Juliet will fill you in on all the details in her report later. Suffice to say the current situation has resulted in a large waiting list for the preschool as well as longer delays in children moving up to mornings. In order to appease this situation a „transition to mornings‟ afternoon session will be introduced next terms for those children over 4 years who are still in afternoons. So thank you to everyone for your patience as we muddle through this situation. We are very lucky that we have such a great preschool for our children to attend. Our reputation in this community is second to none which is reflected by our low staff turnover, consistent waiting list, our wonderful transition to school programme and by the fact that even with the recent visit from ERO they were hard pushed to find something to criticise us on. So thank you to our committee members over the last years who have helped with all the decision making around the day to day functioning of the preschool. You may feel like you don‟t have that big a role but the simple truth is that without a supportive and cohesive committee the preschool and ultimately our children would suffer. Thank you to all our wonderful parents and caregivers who have helped over the past year with fixing things that break, cooking sausages, cooking kebabs, cooking cakes, just cooking, donating prizes, bringing children to History Alive, organising fundraising events, cleaning at the end of each term, following our Healthy Heart guidelines with lunches, turning up for parent help, participating in sub committees, attending meetings and anything else that you have helped with along the way. We are fortunate to have such a lot of parents willing to give back to the preschool.

Thank you to all our relieving teachers, especially Chris Jack, who are so capable that they can fit in with the PreSchool Philosophy so easily. Having such talented teachers like this helps support our permanent teachers with their personal development. Thank you to Gerda for all the hard work you do behind the scenes keeping the „i‟s dotted and the „t‟s‟ crossed, making sure the finances are in order and supplying the wine. Should we not look at increasing your number of paid hours soon? And finally thank you also to our teachers, Jane, Sara, Vera and Kylie for once again providing a stimulating, educational and of course a fun environment for our children to begin their school years. The success of your teaching strategies is evident in the great progress of our children when they reach primary school. So thank you. Well that‟s all from me.

Financial Report:
Statement of Income & Expenditure For the Year ended 31.03.2009 Prepared by Donald Bennet at McCulloch & Partners INCOME: 2009 312,118 11,946 2,866 997 10,962 2,740 3,646 354,275 2008 136,630 17,154 2,635 49,744 23,924 843 2,559 233,489

Bulk funding Donations/Grants Equity Funding Fees Fundraising Interest Received Support Grant TOTAL INCOME

EXPENDITURE: ACC Administration Bank Fees Cleaning Computer Expenses Consumable Equipment Fundraising Insurance Power QLDC Lease & Rates Repairs & Maintenance Survey Costs 1,369 8,071 218 10,303 6,071 7,873 3,524 3,987 3,804 1,985 8,032 9,103 1,321 3,589 183 7,541 3,589 7,541 2,479 200 3,063 1,665 1,758 -

Telephone Training Wages & PAYE TOTAL EXPENDITURE Purchase of Fixed Assets: Building Extensions $ 6243.00 Books: $ 686 Computer Equipment: $ 3155 Office Equipment: $ 1031 Outdoor Equipment: $ 3839 Playroom Equipment: $ 2989 Break Downs: Fundraising: Small Items: $ 715.74 Sausage Sizzle: $ 2797.33 Calendar/Cards: $ 445.75 Pizza: $ 1008.08 Trolley Derby: $ 6160.06

1,760 3,566 217,220 286,886

1,988 3,882 158,717 197,230

Expenses: $ 383.63 $ 1331.22 $ 804.98 $ 637.63

Profit: $ 332.11 $ 1466.11 $ 445.75 $ 203.10 $ 5522.43

Donations: Parent Donations $ 3335.84 Grants: $ 4000.00 (Lion Donation) $ 533.33 (Heha) History Alive $ 1950.00 Donations $ 2126.83 Administration: Legal Expenses: $ 255 Info Care: $ 1750 Advertising: $ 17 Digital Camera $ 469 Photocopier Exp $ 1108 Stationary $ 1697 Subscription $ 427 Freight $ 384 Pet Expense $ 364

Cleaning Exp: Cleaning Product, $ 2830 Toiletpaper, handtowel Cleaning wages Computer Expenses R & M Computers Print cartridges $ 7422

$1344 $ 4727

Insurance: 2008/2009 2009/2010

$ 1962 $ 2025

Survey Cost Balance of Ministry Grant paid to Juliet Pope for work done for the DSG application Preparing architectural plans $ 9103 Repair & Maintenance Includes: Swing Upgrades: Climbing Nets Electrical Painting Lawnmower Rep Spider Control Sunshade Barkchips Signage $ 426 $ 389 $ 337 $ 1347 $ 89 $ 196 $ 878 $ 660 $ 104

Fixed Assets: Kitchen Upgrade: $ 6241.97 ($4000 Grant for Lion Foundation) Books: $ 685.71 Computer Equipment: Apple MacBook Pro 15” $ 3155 Digital Camera: $ 221.33 Laminator: $ 296.00 Office PC upgrade: $ 399.00 Office Printer: $ 115.00 Outdoor Equipment: Knotted Rope Swing, Shelter Station, Climbing Frames, Walk Boards, Jouncing Walk Board, large climbing frame Total: $ 3838.80 (Trolley Race Profit) Playroom Equipment: $ 2988.80

Budget 2009/2010
Income Bulk Funding Fees & Subsidies Interest Donations Fundraising Sundry Total Income Term Deposits Bonus Saver Building Ex Expences Budget $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 312,600.00 2,328.00 1,200.00 4,000.00 320,128.00 Comparison $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 312,600.00 2,328.00 1,200.00 4,000.00 320,128.00

Fixed Equipment Playroom Fixed Equipment Office Consumable Equipment Pet Expenses Worker Provisions Cleaning Expenses Power Telephone info-care Bank Fees Training & Seminars Lease QLCD Rates QLDC Advertising Subscription Stationary Repairs & Maintenance Ground Maintenance Teacher Salaries Admin Wages Insurance Bad Debts ACC Photocopier Fundraising Computer Expenses Legal Expenses Social Fund

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

4,000.00 8,000.00 8,000.00 400.00 1,200.00 10,440.00 4,000.00 1,200.00 700.00 200.00 13,000.00 900.00 1,300.00 1,500.00 800.00 1,000.00 2,000.00 900.00 227,000.00 11,400.00 2,200.00 500.00 2,200.00 1,200.00 5,000.00 1,200.00 1,000.00 311,240.00 (8,888.00)


$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ -$

4,000.00 8,000.00 8,000.00 400.00 1,200.00 10,440.00 4,000.00 1,200.00 700.00 200.00 13,000.00 900.00 1,300.00 1,500.00 800.00 1,000.00 2,000.00 900.00 227,000.00 11,400.00 2,200.00 500.00 2,200.00 1,200.00 5,000.00 1,200.00 1,000.00 311,240.00 8,888.00

Comments on the last financial year. The 20 Free Hours Government Programme put us in a very good financial position. This is the first time since ever that we had a substantial surplus. We receive from the government $ 12.26 (all-day teacher led: Centre-based Services) 100% registered ECE Teachers $ 7.72 ECE Subsidy, for children attending 20+ hours (lunch club)

COMMENTS ON OUR NEW BUDGET Government funding: working with last year subsidy table which was effective from 01.07.2008. The Government Budget will be released on Thursday and we will see what it will bring to the ECE sector.

Gerda received an email from NZCA saying: “So far, no details from the budget have been released, except the government‟s consistent message of fiscal restraint. The Minster‟s decision to meet with ECE groups suggests that there may be some hard messages for the ECE sector.” Gerda read this out. Now we can only wait and see, what it means to our fee and donation structure. Fees: Lunch Club Children (who attend more than 20 hours per week) Donations: Parent donations term donations

Fixed Equipment Office: Incl Apple MacBook Pro 15” screen approx. $ 3100 Laser Printer: between $600 and $ 1800 (commercial model) Digital Cameras: 4x approx $ 250/each Training Seminars: allowing for 4 Teachers to attend Reggio Emilia Seminar in Melbourne/Australia. Advertising: allowance to advertise for new teachers/new centre Computer Expenses: Print cartridges Legal Expenses: Constitution Review, New Centre Set Up Budget moved: Teresa Wallace and Tim Young

Teachers Purchase Wish List 2009
Outdoor equipment: Looped Walkway, Mini Soccer Goal Set, Ball Carry Net, Launching Board, Return Thrower, Climbing Boxes, wooden Planks Total Costs: approx: $2000 Wooden Instruments, Selected Instruments Replace Tin Garden Shed Total Costs: approx: $ 500 Costs: ????

Head Teachers Report:
Rolls have been consistently throughout the year and we have been offering a limited number of casual places to children on the Waiting list when we know children are going to be away. Over the last year the Waiting List has steadily grown and while this could be in part due to the publicity about the new Centre. It is meaning the starting age into both morning and afternoon sessions is increasing. This hasn‟t filtered through yet to afternoon starting ages as we have a number of children away an on extended holiday (currently 7) which has meant we can offer their places to Waiting list children. As of 8th June we will have no movement on the waiting list until September. ROLLS: Our rolls have been consistently full all year. We are planning to offer a 4 th afternoon session from the beginning of term 3. This will be in the form of a “Transition to Morning Group” - Session on Wednesday afternoons for the oldest 15 children (4 year olds) in the afternoon session.” For funding reasons, this will be a 2 hour session 1:15-3:15 pm, with the morning session finishing at 12:45pm to enable teachers to have lunch. Two teachers will work with the children at this session. STUDENT TEACHERS: We had one student teacher during the last financial year. Annie Café

(Otago University College of Education) spent 3 weeks with us on Teaching practicum, where she undertook assignments and gained experience working in our teaching team. While there is extra work involved in having students (i.e. mentoring/ writing reports) we enjoy having student teachers from different training providers and both children and the programme benefit from them spending time here. VISITORS: (regular) through the year have included Glenda Greig ( Southern Health Vision Hearing Technician) Debbie Jensen (Public Health Nurse),Karen Anderson (Group Special Education), Pip Pedofsky (Speech Therapist), Nic Taylor ( Sport Southland). HEALTH: Vision Hearing: Southern Health has continued to come each term and do Tympanometry (Glue Ear) checks for 3 year olds and Eye checks for 4 year olds (each child is checked once unless they need a follow up). This screening has worked very well, with the children receiving a more intensive growth/ development assessment when they turn 5 at school. The Ministry of Health has recently introduced a new screening system called “B4 Five” which means children are screened anytime between 4 years and up to 6 years of age. This means children will have the same checks as before, and also a basic hearing test at 4years old at Pre-School. Parents will be given an appointment to take children to the Public Health Nurse for the remaining part of the Assessment. All parents of 4 year olds will receive an information pamphlet with a permission form attached. While we think the “B4 Five” checks are valuable, we are concerned that there will be longer delays in picking up potential hearing problems for children.

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Teachers have had another busy year as we all strive to keep ourselves up to date with current teaching knowledge and practice. During the year we have attended and benefited from the following seminars/ courses/ work shops: Self Review: (all teachers) Kei Tua o te Pai Ministry of Education) Early Childhood Learning exemplars: We organised cluster group meetings with teachers from Frankton and Wakatipu Kindergartens where we discussed and shared ideas on the newly released Exemplars (Assessment) Attended by all teachers. IT Workshop (Computer): with the above teachers and computer “ whiz” early childhood teachers from Southland. Attended by all teachers. Music course: in Alexandra attended Sara, Vera, Kylie “All About Me”: We all attended this Course about the “Keeping Ourselves Safe Personal safety Module for Early Childhood Education Centres.” (facilitated by Child Protection Services. in conjunction with the Police) Planning Outdoor and Indoor Play by Gill Connell: Vera attended Reggio Provocations Course, Dunedin: Jane attended Centre Visits: Hawea Kindergarten, Wanaka Early Childhood Centres: visited by Vera Cottage Kindergarten, Alexandra Kindergarten: visited by Jane ABC Queenstown, Queenstown Pre-School: visited by Vera and Sara Te Reo Course Invercargill: attended by all teachers. Appraisal Course: attended by Jane We are all very excited about our upcoming week long Study Tour to Melbourne in September to gain more insight into the Reggio Emilia philosophy of teaching and learning. We are very lucky to have the opportunity for us all to go together. These study tours are highly regarded and

becoming more popular with early childhood teachers… we look forward to coming back with innovative and inspiring ideas to enhance learning opportunities for children!!! Self review During the year we have continued to review areas of our programme. These have included: Settling children/ families to Pre-School, Buddy Programme Healthy Eating / Active movement. At present we are reviewing how well we promote and enhance Te Reo and Tikanga Maori within our programme and children‟s assessments. Transition to School Our Transition to School programme continues to work very well in preparing children for school (Arrowtown School in particular) as we undertake reciprocal visits each term ( Room 3 coming here once a term and us visiting room 3 each term) We also continue to liaise with and support families in transition to other schools in the area. ERO: In February we had our 3 year educational audit from the Education Review Office. We were very pleased with the majority of the subsequent report; however we were challenged on our “Buddy Programme” which was part of the programme on the day the reviewers were at PreSchool. They felt it made our overall morning programme too adult initiated. (We only have “Buddy time” on a Wednesday morning for approx. 45 minutes)We have since reviewed the Buddy Time and after consulting with parents and making our own observations, decided we will continue with it as it provides valuable opportunities for children to widen their areas of interests and form new working relationships with different children. As a result of our review we have eliminated the large group time in the middle of the morning. COMMUNITY: During the year teachers continue to encourage and organise opportunities to connect links within the community … including 6 “History Alive” events, , Autumn Festival Parade, Festival Variety Concert performance, ABC Montessori reciprocal visits, Museum visit , Frankton Kindergarten Swap Day, Jade Shop Visit, School visits including contributing an item for Assembly, and various local walks to explore our community. PARENT / FAMILY EVENTS: As part of our big programme focus over the last year on Healthy Eating, Healthy Heart we arranged a shared lunch and afternoon tea for both groups of children and parents. We also tried (on two occasions!) to invite parents to an informative evening on the Active Movement Programme with Nic Taylor from Sport Southland, however had to cancel both times due to lack of interest from parents .The Christmas Party and a family barbeque (to celebrate Vera getting married) was very well attended however and everyone seemed to have a great time.!  NEW EQUIPMENT: New equipment purchased through the year included books, puzzles, outside climbing equipment, gardening equipment, sunshade, digital microscope , music/ drama/ movement equipment, family corner equipment, puppets, games, drying rack for paintings ( our best buy!), maths equipment, computer equipment. PROGRAMME INTERESTS: Our programme continues to focus around children‟s strengths and interests, along with Teacher Initiated Interests. Through the year child initiated interests have included dance/ hip hop/ baking/ Mobilo/ Knex/ Science/ Animals (caring for our pets) Soccer/ ball games/ light / science

Teacher initiated interests have included Active Movement, Healthy Eating, Caterpillars, gardening, paper mache, science, animals, stained glass windows/ rainbows/ light/ swings, recycling, sustainability, Olympics.

At this point I would like to take the opportunity to thank parents, committee members and everyone else involved in the Pre-School community. Your continued support during the year in many ways, including parent helping, maintenance, gardening, cleaning, organising and helping at fundraising and social events helps keep Arrowtown Pre-School the attractive and high quality working environment that teachers value. Our Governance Committee of Gerdi, Carole Watts, Rhonda Frew and latterly Yvonne Culling continue to do a great job in ensuring Pre-School meets Regulations and in supporting teachers. Carole in particular does a great job, often in the background quietly supporting, advising and encouraging teachers and Gerdi as well as helping to organise different fundraising projects. We really value and appreciate the commitment and the Governance team put in. Our wonderful Gerdi does a fantastic job of efficiently organising and ensuring all our administration meets Government Regulations (and making our jobs easier). She has had a few challenges this year, adapting to a new computer software programme which was supposed to make life easier!! Well Done Gerdi!! Philosophy Review: Arrowtown Pre School is a community based Pre School run by the Management Committee. The Committee, with the co-operation of the Teaching team and Parents/Whanau will achieve the Pre School‟s philosophy by developing a sound programme and by providing efficient management of the Pre School.

Pre School Philosophy “Our Priority is to provide quality education and equitable opportunities to all. We believe that qualified staff working with small groups of children, using the best resources available will provide a high quality curriculum in a stimulating environment. We will maintain excellent reciprocal relationships with parents/Whanau as partners in their child‟s learning.” Vicky Patton suggested following sentence “We will maintain excellent reciprocal relationships with parents/Whanau as partners in their child‟s learning.” should include wording like “nurturing, caring or supportive” as it is very evident in this centre. After quite a lots of ideas and discussion and a vote by hand 20/8 it was decided to leave the philosophy as is. Thanks Vicki for your ideas.

Gerda explained that the Governance Committee received concerns regarding the clarity of elections at the AGM. After a close look at the Constitution the Governance Committee felt that the Constitution needs an overhaul to set some paragraphs out more clearly for members.

Gerda therefore will be calling a Special Meeting to talk about changes and approving them after the changes have returned from the lawyers. A notification of Constitution Changes is the same as for an AGM and information and invitations will go out 21 days prior to the meeting. Gerda will meet with lawyers on Thursday and will send out information about changes for parents to familiarise themselves with or suggest changes to .

New Centre Update:
Juliet informed the committee about the New Centre. Juliet announced that she had a positive feedback via Clive Geddes from the minister about our application. She is hopeful that the centre could be up and running for term 2010. All full steam ahead now.
Arrowtown Community Preschool new centre report for 2009 AGM Written by Juliet Pope

Overview The new centre project involves three main parts;
Part 1 - building the new centre Part 2 – equipping the new centre Part 3 – administering the new centre All the work and focus to date has been on obtaining funding for building the new centre – Part 1 as listed above. Part 1 - building the new centre - progress report In April 2009, we reapplied for capital funding through the Ministry of Education’s Discretionary Grants Scheme. This application followed our unsuccessful 2008 application. The key differences between the 2008 and 2009 applications were as follows;

   

Growth - has exceeded the 2008 projections Participation - has deteriorated further Waiting Times - have deteriorated further The age group of greatest need has shifted. The 2009 data shows that new places for children in the 2-4 year old age bracket are most critical. This is not because more places for under two year olds have become available, it is simply because the situation for 2 -4 year olds has deteriorated more rapidly in the last twelve months.


The 2009 Quantity Surveyor‟s report, which was the basis for our funding value, was adjusted to reflect the current construction market.

We have been advised that the DGS assessment process will be complete by August 2009. We have been given strong indications that our current application will be successful and I have prepared an updated programme based on this knowledge that covers all work required to opening the new centre in term one 2010. I am very hopeful that many more parents will become involved with this exciting project once capital funding for the building has been secured. Refer attached page for the proposed programme of work.

1) Carole Watts – President 2) Jane Thew - President 3) Reece McChlery 4) Teresa Wallace 5) Deborah Husheer 6) Yvonne Culling 7) Tim Young 8) Kelly van Venrooy 9) Chris Clarke 10) Sue Parnell 11) Nathalie Lecaze 12) Vicki Morrison 13) Adrienne Agnew 14) Bridgitte Jones, fundraising 15) Vikki Patton 16) Fritha Beaton 17) Colleen Flemmer 18) Barbara Griffin 19) Jo Maglaras 20) Juliet Pope, new centre 21) Tammy Clegg 22) Chris Jack, honouray member Carole invited everybody to vote for the parent member on the Governance Committee first. Our Governance Committee will consist of: a) Person Responsible = Head Teacher: Jane Foster b) President c) Vice President d) Office Manager & Licensee e) Parent Member Yvonne Culling was voted on to the Governance Committee at the last Parent Meeting, before the AGM. Carole nominated Yvonne Culling again, and invited anybody else to stand for this position. As there came no other nominee forward, Yvonne Culling was voted on to the Governance Committee as Parent Member.

The meeting proceeded to vote for the Committee Members. Carole and Gerda explained that the sub committees will be formed at our first Committee Meeting (Parent Meeting) to allow members to think about their role. Sub-Committees: Fundraising Grants Officer Social Events Maintenance New Centre

Gerda read out the list of nominees. The nominees were voted in by all members present. As there are two candidates standing for President (Carole Watts and Jane Thew) it was decided to elect the President by ballot vote. Eight Proxy Votes accepted (as per Constitution) Yvonne Culling read out the presidential candidates personal statements and explained that Jane‟s child will leave PreSchool in September and Carole‟s child will leave PreSchool in March. Chris Jack did the honour of counting the votes, with following results: 19 votes for Jane Thew 10 votes for Carole Watts Jane and Carole were than invited to come back to the meeting and Jane was welcomed as the new president and Carole as the new vice president. Both gave statements about the outcome of the vote and that they would happily work together for the good of the PreSchool.

General Business:
Children taking Holidays, while enrolled at the PreSchool This year we are experiencing quite a number of parents taking their children on extended holidays. While this is temporarily helpful for the waiting list it is a bit of a struggle to accommodate everyone when children return from their holidays. (as either the child‟s place is taken by the child moved up during their absence or we need to keep a space). This means a loss of income for PreSchool or a wait for the child returning. After discussion it was moved by Colleen Flemmer and Bridgitte Jones, that children taken out of PreSchool for a longer holiday (exceeding 3 weeks) should either pay for their space ($12.26/hour) or return as a casual until a place becomes vacant. Fundraising Expectations: Bridgitte asked whether we had included a statement on the enrolment form and on our website that fundraising is an expectation and parents will be rostered onto a fundraising roster. It was decided to change our web site accordingly and include it with our enrolment pack. Moved by Bridgitte Jones and Kaye Adamson.

Special Meetings regarding Constitution Changes will be advised

Next Committee Meeting:
Tuesday 16th June 2009 at 7.00 pm Everybody Welcome!

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