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Week 1 Term 2


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									Week 1 Term 2  Tuesday 15th – Friday 18th April 2008

through the efforts of a great team of people working together. Thankyou to our wonderful staff, in advance, for their efforts this term. (Wakakiri, I hear you saying – what’s that? More information coming soon). A particular thankyou this week to Miss Leah Quattromani, one of our new teachers, who is leading the whole school implementation of the ‘You Can Do It’ program. (See her article later in this newsletter). We are most fortunate that Leah has used this program in a previous school and has seen its benefits first hand. She has put in a lot of time and effort preparing resources and running additional training for the whole staff. A big thankyou also to Elaine Toohey, one of our teacher aides and her band of helpers for manning the photocopier and laminator in order to have everything ready for the teachers. Another great team effort. Ask your children what change they noticed in our school since the holidays that caused so much excitement on Tuesday morning? Thankyou to Mary Hauck, our Business Services Manager, for her persistence in ensuring that Mt Gravatt East State School received $50 000 from the Federal Government Green Voucher, towards the installation of tanks in our school. How many tanks are there? How much water will they collect? Perhaps that’s a Maths Investigation that some of our students could take on? To add to the list of things to keep us busy this term, we will also be implementing a new school management system: One School. One School is the flagship of the Department’s Smart Classrooms strategy. One School, Release One is being implemented in all Queensland state schools in 2008. You are able to view the One School website to find out more information about the program at http://education.qld.gov.au/oneschool/

Welcome back to Term 2. Students and teachers are already applying themselves to the business of learning in all of our classrooms and it is great to see the enthusiasm across the school. A warm welcome to Kathryn Leo, who will be teaching 6S, whilst Mr Stilianos is on extended leave for Terms 2 and 3. On Monday, the Pupil Free Day, the staff were involved in a range of professional development with a particular focus on differentiation in the curriculum, or to put it another way, tailoring teaching and learning to meet the needs of all students - ensuring that all are challenged to achieve the best outcomes possible. Teachers also worked collaboratively in planning their units of work for Term 2. All round a very valuable day of learning for our staff. This week I will be speaking to all of our students about the rules at school – both in the classroom and the playground and the consequences, both positive and negative, of those rules. At the end of this term we will again hold a disco for our Gold and Silver students to acknowledge their good behaviour at school. At the same time, please be assured that parents of those few students who do break our rules will be informed either in writing or by phone. I believe that in this way, parents and school working together, we are more likely to ensure that students will maintain better behaviour in the future. Thankyou in advance for your support on this very important matter. This term is indeed a very busy one encompassing things such as Anzac Day, Bookfair, Year 3,5 and 7 tests, Year 2 Net, Life Education, Maths Team Challenge, Education week, Sports Day, School photos ,Arts Council, Wakakiri and more! We manage all of this successfully, only

I will explain more about this system in the coming weeks, so that you as parents are aware of what this means. Finally this week a word about the pool development. As you have probably noticed over the school holidays work was completed on the entrance from Newnham Road into the school grounds. Currently the connecting road is being established in preparation for Phase 2 of the development, which will mean the Wecker Road entrance will be blocked off and all staff and parents will access the school from Newnham Road. Legally you will have to turn left into the school, therefore if you are like me and approach the school from the other direction start planning an alternate route now. I believe this change is likely to take place in the next month; I will keep you informed as I learn more. It is getting exciting to see so many big machines working furiously towards those pools! Thankyou for your ongoing support. Regards Robyn Wilton.

Each student has been given a flyer with information about the Book Fair. Please come and support this event. A small percentage of the sales is returned to the school for the purchase of library books. A lay-by system will be available, please enquire at book fair.

The school will hold its ANZAC Day Observance on Thursday 24th April at 10:30am in the School Hall. Parents, friends and members of the community are most welcome to join the school for the occasion. We would be grateful for any donations of cut flowers for the decoration of the wreaths on Thursday 24th April, please send them to the library. ANZAC badges will be on sale Tuesday 22nd – Thursday 24th April, cost 50cents.

Our annual Book Fair arrives in two weeks time, 29 – 30 April preview days. There will be many great books to purchase. Sales will be taken on Tuesday 6th, Wednesday 7th, Thursday 8th and Monday 12th May. To celebrate the event three competitions will be held for our students: Lower School Prep – 2 Colouring competition Middle School 3 – 4 Collage Upper School 5 – 7 Dioramas Students will be able to collect their entry forms from the library. Entries must be returned to the library by Wednesday 23rd April at 3pm. Prizes of 1 x $10 and 2 x $5 for each age group will be awarded.

I am really excited to introduce the ‘You Can Do It Curriculum – Program Achieve’ to Mt. Gravatt East. You Can Do It education supports and seeks to embed the notion that the social and emotional wellbeing of students is imperative to academic success and achievement. The core purpose of the program is the development of young people’s social and emotional capabilities, including  Persistence  Organisation  Getting Along  Confidence  Emotional Resilience Program achieve is a fun and exciting program. Students will be given the opportunity to engage in a series of lessons and activities designed to help students develop strategies to self regulate their own behaviour and strive for success in all areas of their lives. The program will be taught across all year levels and students who show improvement or aptitude in one of the 5 key areas will receive a certificate on assembly. Watch this space for more information on parent information sessions. Leah Quattromani.

Focus for the week:

EATSIPS (Embedding Aboriginal
& Torres Strait Islander Perspectives in Schools)

As part of our curriculum renewal process, Education Queensland is committed to incorporating the history, culture and values of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander into all schools’ curriculum frameworks. Our agreed core curriculum, known as Essential Learnings and Standards, is to be accessed by all students Years 1 – 9. Improving the educational outcomes of Australia’s indigenous people is a priority and we recognise their diverse, complex and multi-layered needs. Teachers are becoming equipped with appropriate skills, knowledge and understanding to teach, both Indigenous and non-Indigenous students with skill and confidence. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives are an important component of Australia’s history and cultural heritage. Let’s celebrate this within our school community and further a field to unite us together. What do you know about our history? Happy researching! Bronwyn Smith Head of Curriculum

In the next week order forms will be going home to parents of Year 7 students for year 7 shirts. We are anticipating that the polo shirts will cost approximately $30 and can be worn by students in place of their Mt. Gravatt East uniforms. Keep your eyes out as only one order will be placed this year. Natalie Parker, Year 7 Teacher.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff for their wonderful vacation care ideas and hard work in planning activities. Well done, vacation care was a great success. Thank you also to the families for their support over the vacation care period. We hope all children enjoyed themselves and the surprises throughout the week, including ‘High School Musical’ sing star, a dance party – complete with disco balls and new dress-up clothes for the event and the new edition to the School Age Care community – ‘Princess’ and ‘Cocoa’. Princess and Cocoa are our pet Goldfish and are thoroughly enjoying their new home at Mt. Gravatt East Waters. During vacation care the children transformed the school age care room into an under the sea aquarium, it looks fantastic, I am very proud of the effort and time children put in on this day and invite parents to come and check out under the sea at Mt. Gravatt East! We are looking forward to a new term with the first week’s activities involving outdoor play, ball games and an obstacle course, inside we will be creating more sea creatures to add to our aquarium, harma beads, textured art work and play dough. We would greatly appreciate donations of any coat hangers, old clothes (for dress-ups) and pre-loved games that families maybe able to spare. Susan Delaforce, Co-ordinator.

Thank you to those families who have given a P&C donation, it is much appreciated. The annual Mother’s Day Stall will soon be open. If you have any craft items, toiletry goods etc. for donation, please leave them at the tuckshop or office.

Fish I like fish And I like gold fish I like Oscars I like Convicts I like Feeder Fish I like Cat Fish I like fish. Orange fish Yellow fish Black fish And white fish I like fish. I like cute fish I like fat fish And I like little fish. By Chris Bakalakis

All uniform orders ARE AVAILABLE NOW. Payments may be put into the P&C Box at the office and orders can be taken to your child’s class. Please let me know if you do not want your order, so I may sell the items to other families – the uniform shop is open Wednesday mornings 8:30 – 9:30am. Thank you. Sue de Brueys, Convenor.

Next Wednesday 23rd April we have an ‘ANZAC Meal Deal’. Orders and money are required by Wednesday 23rd April, by 9:00am. Angela Moiola, Tuckshop Convenor

Dogs I like dogs. Long dogs Short dogs Loud dogs Quiet dogs I like dogs. Spotty dogs Stripy dogs Fast dogs Slow dogs I like dogs. Brown dogs Black dogs White dogs Silver dogs I like dogs. Fat dogs Skinny dogs High dogs Low dogs I like dogs. By Noah Pratt

I like wombats. Big wombats Fat wombats Baby wombats I like wombats. Brown wombats Black wombats Grey wombats Hairy wombats I like wombats. By Larry McLachlan Goannas I like goannas. Short goannas Long goannas Venomous goannas Non-venomous goannas I like goannas. Baby goannas Girl goannas Boy goannas Mum goannas I like goannas. By Tennesa Nipperess


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