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The Panda Promise, Pride in Performance Greenbriar West Elementary School 13300 Poplar Tree Road Fairfax, Virginia 22033 703-633-6700

Table of Contents
Principal’s Welcome ...................................................................................................... 1 Greenbriar West Elementary Mission & Goals ..................................................... 2 PTA Roster ...................................................................................................................... 3 Volunteer Procedures .................................................................................................. 5 TIPS for Volunteers ...................................................................................................... 7 Code of Ethics for Volunteers ................................................................................... 8 Health Requirements for Volunteers ....................................................................... 9 Characteristics of Children Ages 5-11 ................................................................. 10 School map..................................................................................................................... 11 The Top 15 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Greenbriar West ..... 13 Volunteering Is Good For Your Health! ................................................................ 15 Committee Descriptions ............................................................................................. 16

Principal’s Welcome
September 1, 2006 Dear Volunteers of Greenbriar West: Greenbriar West Elementary School has a strong belief in developing a positive family-school-community partnership that will help to foster the success of our students. Your role as a volunteer conveys a sense that all members of our community play a role in the support of education. When your children see you working throughout the building, you convey the importance of education and the belief that it is a very high priority. I thank you for taking an interest in our children and in expressing a desire to become a volunteer at our school. If Mrs. Granada or I can assist you in any way, please feel free to contact us. Please enjoy your time in our school. We look forward to having the opportunity to meet you personally. Cordially,

Mrs. Lori Cleveland Principal Lori.Cleveland@fcps.edu

Mrs. Patty Granada Assistant Principal Patty.Granada@fcps.edu


Greenbriar West Elementary Mission & Goals
Greenbriar West believes in our students’ unlimited potential to learn. We are committed to providing an environment that stimulates pride in performance, sets high expectations for all students and instills a desire for life-long learning. Cooperation characterizes our efforts. We strive to meet the educational needs of all students by maintaining a safe learning environment, one that fosters self-esteem, dignity and worth of each individual. We welcome the involvement of our parents, community members, business partners and parent liaisons as they assist us in meeting the needs of our growing and increasingly diverse student population.


PTA Roster

Position President Vice President Treasurer Secretary

Name Kate Sciorra Lisa Lagos Wendy Havens Kim Olson

Email katewing44@gmail.com lagosll@aol.com wendy.havens@verizon.net kfotrans@earthlink.net

Phone 703-815-3620 703-818-0681 703-802-3797 703-378-8597

Committees Committee 50/50 Carnival Raffle Art Displays Arts In the Schools August Volunteers Book Fairs Book Swap Cafeteria Carnival Challenge 24 Club Chess Club Cultural Arts Directory Entertainment Books Fall Fundraiser Family Fun FLEX Geography Bee Grounds Hands on Science Holiday Shop Honor Roll Bulletin Boards Hospitality Hospitality Human Relations International Night International Night Jr. Great Books Library Lunch Card Marquee Messages Math Counts Math Counts

Name Rita Updike Traci Park Renee Kinsey Meri Aanstoos Dede Johnson Theresa Skopowski Suzanne LeFrancois Beth Margarida Gail Ng Meg Mason Lisa McLatchy Alison and Darren McKnight Lara Rhodes Meri Aanstoos Patton Adams Radhika Rao

Email gstick@erols.com theparkcrew@cox.net Dr_MK@cox.net stoos@onebox.com wildsaver@aol.com tskopow@cox.net rick.lefrancois@cox.net Msgrida@aol.com GailNg@aol.com t.mason@cox.net lisamclatchy@aol.com fourmcknights@verizon.net lprhodes@cox.net stoos@onebox.com pattonadams@verizon.net rrao3@cox.net

Phone 703-818-3727 703-818-8455 703-502-9481 703-817-1634 703-222-7573 703-378-0535 703-263-3370 703-830-5670 703-266-6063 703-631-9030 703-968-8641 703-818-2788 703-266-0779 703-817-1634 703-266-0636 703-378-1257

Cindy Grisso Lisa McLatchy Beth Margarida Carlisle Raher Cindy Grisso Seema Laheri Dale Frizzelle Theresa Skopowski Gail Ng Theresa Skopowski Lance McClintock Radhika Rao Priya Krishnan

cgrisso@verizon.net lisamclatchy@aol.com Msgrida@aol.com brianraher@cox.net cgrisso@verizon.net slaheri@hotmail.com threekarins@yahoo.com tskopow@cox.net GailNg@aol.com tskopow@cox.net lcmcclintock@cox.net rrao3@cox.net

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Committee Membership Membership Odyssey of the Mind Original Artworks Panda Gram Panda Gram Photographer PTA Room Reps Publicity Read Across America Reflections Retail Fundraisers Retail Fundraisers Safety School Supply Packs Silent Auction Sixth Grade Ceremony Sixth Grade Ceremony Sixth Grade Social Sixth Grade Social Spirit Wear Sully Coalition Talent Show Talent Show Technology Coordinator Veteran's Day Activities Volunteers Volunteers Ways & Means Yearbook Yearbook Reps Position Cluster VII Rep PAC County Council PTA Rep Human Relations Chantilly Communtiy Coal Chantilly Pyramid Minority Achievement Committee School Position Principal Assistant Principal Teacher rep

Name Kerri Pratt Cathy Coleman Radhika Rao Jill Boddie Kim Olson Barb Erickson Karen McGrath Seema Rani Theresa Skopowski Christine McClintock Suzanne Maxseiner Lara Rhodes Elaine Zarnich Donna Volkmann Carlisle Raher Lisa Lagos Wendy Havens Julie Hiemstra Debbie Schmidt Nathalie Palmer Nancy Sharma Theresa Skopowski Nancy Sharma Lisa Lagos Lucy Smith Dede Johnson

Email KerriLPratt@aol.com rrao3@cox.net boddie@po.com kfotrans@earthlink.net DesignAray@aol.com bkmcgrath@cox.net seemaranee@yahoo.com tskopow@cox.net lcmcclintock@cox.net ron_maxseiner@cox.net lprhodes@cox.net elainebz@verizon.net dovolkmann@aol.com brianraher@cox.net lagosll@aol.com wendy.havens@verizon.net jahiemstra@verizon.net debbie@healthehabits.com OmniNat@earthlink.net TheSharmas@cox.net tskopow@cox.net TheSharmas@cox.net lagosll@aol.com lsmith@upstartvision.com wildsaver@aol.com

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Cindy Grisso



Shyama Mandal



Name Lori Cleveland Patty Granada Sharon Pihonak

Email Lori.Cleveland@fcps.edu Patty.Granada@fcps.edu sharon.pihonak@fcps.edu

Phone 703-633-6700 703-633-6700 703-633-6700


Volunteer Procedures
Greenbriar West welcomes visitors and volunteers! For safety and security reasons, all visitors must sign in upon entering the school building and must wear an appropriate identification badge during their visit. Thank you for using the following procedures when you visit Greenbriar West.

Sign In
All volunteers must sign in upon arrival and sign out upon leaving. The sign-in area is located inside the main lobby at Greenbriar West. There is a sign-in table just outside the door to the office on which the sign-in binders and procedures are located. Sign in using the volunteer sign-in book if you are volunteering in school, the field trip sign-in binder if you are volunteering for a field trip, and the visitor sign-in binder if you are visiting. You should also write the hours spent volunteering at home in the volunteer sign-in book. Sign in is important for two reasons:  In case of an emergency, the office personnel will know exactly where volunteers are located.  GBW submits a log with the total volunteer hours to the Cluster 7 Office each year.

Name Tags
Volunteer Badges or Visitor Tags MUST be worn in the building at all times. Badges are stored alphabetically in two plastic chests located just inside the entry doors to the building. The volunteer coordinator will make a Volunteer Badge for each volunteer who would like one. A sign up sheet is located on top of the badge drawers. If you do not have a volunteer badge, please wear one of the pre-printed volunteer labels found in the sign in book. It is preferable to request and wear a badge made for you for many reasons. Please request one if you don't have one. For safety reasons, it is imperative that you leave your badge in school.


Volunteer Absence
The GBW teachers and staff rely on the support of parent volunteers, but absences happen! If you are not able to volunteer on a specific day due to sickness or other reason, PLEASE call the GBW office at 703-633-6700 to report your absence. Also, remember to tell the office staff where you were volunteering so that the appropriate staff member can be notified.

A Kind Request
For safety, liability, and courtesy to the classroom and the teacher, infants and pre-school age children should not accompany volunteers during volunteer time at Greenbriar West. We appreciate your consideration of this request.

Copies/Laminator/Die Cut
PTA copies are to be made on the upstairs copier at the end of the 6 th grade hall. The office copier is strictly for use by office staff. Be sure when you are copying large amounts that you take turns, and let others also get their copying done. Be especially aware of teachers waiting. Learn how to interrupt your job so they can get back to what they need to do. Remember – supporting the teachers is why we are there in the first place! There is a list by the copier of classes and class sizes in school. If you are making copies for the whole school, generally 30 copies for class will be plenty, but there are a couple with more than 30. Be sure to record the number of copies made in the PTA book if you are making PTA copies rather than copies for the teacher. Becky Molitor at school is quite willing to teach volunteers how to use the copier, the laminator, binding machine, and the die cut machine. You can call the school and leave her a message, send her a note through your child or drop it in the school, or email her at Becky.Molitor@fcps.edu to set up a time.

When flyers are to be sent home in Thursday folders, they must first be approved by Lori Cleveland or Patty Granada. The best way to get approval is to email them the copy a week or so in advance. One of them will reply by email if it is ok, or if changes are required. You may also print a copy, attach a note requesting approval, and leave it in the main office for them.


TIPS for Volunteers
The National Association of Partners in Education published the following effective tips for volunteers:  Be warm and friendly! Learn the children’s names and show interest in what they are doing and saying. As a listener, you are very important to them!  Enjoy volunteering! GBW certainly appreciates you!  Encourage children to do their own thinking. Provide plenty of time to answer. Silence or delayed responses usually mean the child is thinking and organizing their thoughts.  Be honest! If you are unsure of an answer or what to do, simply let the children know that you will find out. Feel free to ask the teacher to clarify directions or information for you.  Be positive in your responses and comments. Seek something worthy of a compliment, especially when students are having difficulty.  Accept each child as he/she is! You do not need to feel responsible for judging a child’s ability, progress, or behavior.  Respect privacy! As a volunteer you may see or hear personal or confidential information about a child. Please respect this and regard it as confidential. If a friend or parent asks you about volunteering, avoid sharing personal information.  Be consistent with the teacher’s rules for classroom behavior, schedule, and atmosphere. Please ask the teacher to explain or clarify these for you if needed.  Keep your commitment! Volunteering is important work. The children and staff count on you!  Eye-to-Eye-meet children on their level. Sit on the floor or on a chair when working with the students. Adults can look very big when looking down from way above!


Code of Ethics for Volunteers
A Volunteer . . .
 Enters the school to assume a place on the educational team and acts accordingly to win the confidence and respect of the school staff.  Conforms to the established school procedures for reporting in and out, use of material, etc.  Supports the staff by following school wide or classroom regulations regarding student behavior.  Must be dependable and consistent in order to provide the maximum benefit of such assistance to the teachers and students at school.  Is there to increase the students’ confidence in them and avoids disparaging remarks that might undermine that confidence.  Deals impartially with students regardless of difference in background, intelligence, or physical or emotional maturity.  Never makes negative comments about a child.  Does not discuss the child’s progress or behavior with the parent, but refers parents to the appropriate teacher or principal should a question arise. Direct communication with parents about a child’s schoolwork is the responsibility of the school staff.  Does not discuss confidential information with anyone. Confidential information includes: o School or health records o Test scores, papers, or grades o Discipline problems or issues o Character traits of an individual child or class  Speaks constructively of all staff members, but MUST report difficulties or issues involving the welfare of students or school to the principal.  Consults with supervising teachers at appointed times so as not to interrupt the teacher’s schedules. Volunteer time is not to be used to confer with the teacher unless it directly relates to the volunteer responsibility.


Health Requirements for Volunteers
To meet the requirements of the Virginia State Board of Health Education and to reduce the risk of exposing children to tuberculosis, all Fairfax County School employees and volunteers are required to “submit to each program a certificate verifying absence of communicable tuberculosis prior to working.” This certificate shall be a one-time requirement in each particular school prior to a volunteer assignment. See regulation 4140.7 in section V1-B for details. Skin Tests are administered at all the following Fairfax County Public Health Centers. ‘readings’ which need to be done two days after the skin test. Centers require

Please place a copy of your completed skin test results in the Volunteer File located in the PTA file drawer in the PTA room. Joseph Willard Health Center 3750 Old Lee Highway Fairfax, VA 22030 703-246-7100 Test Times: Mon 8-3, Tue 8-6, Wed 8-3, Fri 8-12 Reading Times (48 hours after testing): same as test times + Thu 12-3:30 Health Center-Reston/Herndon District Office 1850 Cameron Glen Drive; Suite 100 Reston, VA 20190 703-481-4242 Test Times: Mon 8-3, Tue 8-6, Wed 8-3, Sat 7:30-12 Reading Times (48 hours after testing): same as test times Health Center-Falls Church District Office 6245 Leesburg Pike; Suite 500 Falls Church, VA 22044 Test Times: Mon 8-3, Tue 8-6, Wed 8-3 Reading Times (48 hours after testing): Mon-Thu 8-3:30, Fri 8-12 Health Center-Springfield District Office Cary Building 8136 Old Keene Mill Road; Suite A-100 Springfield, VA 22152 703-569-1031 Test Times: Mon 8-3:30, Tue 8-6, Wed 8-3:30, Fri 7:30-12 Reading Times (48 hours after testing): same as test times


Characteristics of Children Ages 5-11
Five and Six Most 5 & 6 year olds:  Eager to learn and explore.  Love to share thinking and learning.  Thrive on praise and encouragement.  Focus is on the self. Relates learning and activities to what they already know or have experienced.  Have a short attention span.  Have little concept of time, space, and distance.  Small muscle activities such as writing or drawing take more time.  Have incomplete eye-hand coordination. Copying from charts or the board is difficult.  Need movement or breaks during working periods of the day. While working, short stretch breaks or wiggle time is appropriate to provide. Seven and Eight Most 7 & 8 year olds:  Are eager to learn and explore.  Love to share thinking and learning.  Thrive on praise and encouragement.  Relate new learning to prior experiences or activities.  Are interested in people and things related to them.  Are curious-they want to know why!  Are imaginative.  Are anxious for adult approval.  Working to distinguish between fact and fantasy.  Can work for longer periods of time without breaks, but need time to process and explain thinking/ideas.  Enjoy experiments and discovery.  Enjoy sharing their ideas and thoughts.

Nine, Ten, & Eleven Most 9, 10, & 11 year olds:  Have boundless energy!  Gradually improve in muscle coordination.  Have longer attention spans.  Respond to challenge with a purpose to him/her.  Are curious about people near and far.  Desire to explore and experiment.  Can distinguish between fact and fantasy.  Enjoy group collaboration.  Understand the moral implications of right and wrong.  Identify specific interests.  Experience hero worship and imitation.

Nine, Ten, & Eleven continued  Like attention.  Engage in boasting and bossing.  Are unintentionally tactless and sometimes rude.  Desire peer and adult acceptance.  Have a tendency to choose same sex friends.  Are antagonistic toward the opposite sex, with more mature children showing an interest in the opposite sex.  Become more self-conscious.  Care about what peers think of them.


School map



The Top 15 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Greenbriar West
Q. What are the school hours: A. AM Kindergarten - Monday PM Kindergarten, Monday Grades 1-6, Monday 8:50-11:00 11:10-1:00 8:50-1:00

AM Kindergarten, Tuesday-Friday 8:50-12:00 PM Kindergarten, Tuesday-Friday 12:10-3:30 Grades 1-6, Tuesday - Friday 8:50-3:30

Q. What happens if my child misses his/her bus at the end of the school day? A. If your child misses his/her bus, you will be called to pick him/her up from the office. Please help your children remember what bus number they ride by writing this information, along with your name and phone numbers, on an index card that your children keep in their backpacks. Remind your children that patrols and adults are available to help them if they need assistance. Q. What do I need to do if my child is absent or has to leave school early or come in late? If they are sick, how do I get their homework? A. If your child is going to miss a day of school; you must call and leave a message on the attendance line, which is reached by calling 703-633-6767. If your child will be late to school, please call the attendance line or the school office at 703-633-6700 to notify staff. If your child will be picked up early, please send a note to the teacher, explaining what time your child will be leaving and who will pick up your child. Children will not be allowed to leave school early without a parent or parent designee. Encourage your child to have a „homework buddy‟ who they can call to find out about missed assignments. If your child does not have a „homework buddy‟, please call the office first thing in the morning so that homework can be prepared by the teacher and sent to the office for you to pick up. Q. Can my child walk or ride home with another student after school? A. Students can go home with their friends when they are working on a school-related project, but the school office must have a signed note from BOTH families with specific instructions in all cases. If the school does not have notification in writing from both families, students will not be allowed to go home together. Q. Is there a dress code at GBW? A. GBW follows the dress code in the Students Rights and Responsibilites. Note that short shorts, tank tops, midriffbearing shirts, oversized pants, and clothing with inappropriate designs or slogans are not considered appropriate attire. Sneakers or rubber-soled shoes are recommended for daily wear and required for P.E. class. Platform shoes should not be worn for safety reasons. Dress your child for the day. Find out when art class, P.E. class, etc. will be held so you can avoid special or hard to clean clothes on those days. Q. What happens if my child forgets his/her lunch? A. The GBW PTA has a lunch card with a small amount of money for children to use who forget their lunch or who do not have available funds on their lunch spending accounts. This is available only one time per child until money is sent in to pay back the lunch money used. When the card is out of money, the service will no longer be available, so remember to send in money to the PTA (separate from the cafeteria funds) if your child uses this card. The PTA also provides a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and water to children if the PTA lunch fund is not available to them. Lunch cards for spending accounts are provided for each child. To activate this for your child, send in a check or cash covering a specified amount of money. If you would like your child to use this account for lunches only, specify this on your check. If your child is permitted to use their lunch card for „extra snacks‟ like cookies, popcorn, or ice cream, please note this on your check as well. Monthly menus are available so that together you can plan lunch choices. Parents are encouraged to discuss lunch selections with their children daily. This avoids unhealthy selections as well as ensuring your child doesn‟t run out of money on their account card too quickly!


Q. Can I bring my child’s forgotten homework, lunch, lunch money, band instrument or project? A. Forgotten items must be delivered directly to the office. The office will notify your child‟s teacher that he/she has something to pick up in the office. Please tell your child to check with the office if they realize they may be expecting a delivery. Q. Can I bring birthday treats to my child’s classroom? What about party invitations? A. Birthday treats are always welcome. Please be sure to provide treats for all students. Please check with your child‟s teacher to schedule a date/time for birthday treats to be delivered. Your child‟s teacher can also provide you with information on any allergies or other special needs that individual students may have so that you can send in a substitute treat for a child who needs one. Birthday invitations may only be distributed at school if ALL students in the class are invited to attend. If selected members of the class will be invited, please don‟t allow your child to distribute invitations at school. This will avoid hurt feelings. The GBW directory provides addresses for all students at the school. Q. I will be picking up/dropping off my child at Kiss and Ride. Are there any rules I need to be aware of? A. Students will be dismissed to cars when they are at the pickup point in front of the school side entrance. Children are not to cross the parking lot at any time. We ask that no parent pass cars unless directed by school staff. Please observe the speed limit of no more than 5 miles per hour. When your child is safely belted in your car, please depart promptly. Please use right turns only coming into and leaving the school during kiss and ride times. Q. Am I allowed to visit my child’s classroom? A. Parents are always welcome at school! Please schedule your visit in advance with your child‟s teacher because of possible scheduling conflicts. If your child‟s teacher is planning to test students, it would not be a convenient time to visit. Remember that ALL parents must sign in upon entering the building for all visits. Q. Can I meet my child for lunch? A. Parents are always welcome to visit with their child at lunch. Please remember that fast food carry out is not allowed in the school cafeteria. Parents are welcome to bring their own lunch or purchase lunch from the school cafeteria. Soda during lunch is not encouraged. Please remember to sign in as a visitor. You do not need to prearrange lunch visits. Q. Can my child call me if he/she has forgotten something? A. Students can call home if the matter is of an urgent nature. Calls cannot be made for a non-emergency such as asking if a friend can go home with them. Q. What do I do if my child’s bus is late or if my child is not on the bus? A. Please do not call the school when the bus is late. The school will not know why individual busses are late. Often, it is due to traffic. If your child‟s bus is 10-15 minutes late, you may call the Fairfax County Transportation Office at 703-6585800 for more information. If your child does not arrive home on the bus, please contact the school office. Most likely, your child has missed the bus and is waiting for you in the office. Q. What happens if my child gets sick at school? What happens if my child gets hurt at school? When can I not send my child to school? A. If your child becomes sick at school, the child will be sent to the clinic. The clinic aide will take the temperature and talk to the child. If your child has a fever or is too ill to go back to class, you will be called to pick your child up. If a child gets injured at school, the parent may or may not be called. If the injury is serious, 911 will be notified and the parent will be called immediately. In most cases, an ice pack or a Band-Aid will make the child feel better. In minor injuries, parents will not be notified. If a student has a fever, DO NOT send him/her to school. Students must be fever free for a full 24 hours before they can be sent back to school. Q. Who do I call with questions? A. Your call is welcome in the GBW office, but you are encouraged to flip through your GBW material first before calling the office. Often, your answer can be found in the Panda Gram, Thursday Folder contents, or the GBW folder sent home on the first day of school. The GBW website and PTA website also have information for you. The PTA website is www.gbwpta.org and has a link to the GBW website. If the teacher is the only person who can answer your question, please write a note and send it to school with your child, send an email to the teacher, or call the office and leave a message for the teacher. Teachers cannot take calls during the school day since they are with the children. If you have a question for the principals, please call the office and leave a message. Your call will be returned as soon as possible. If you have a question regarding the PTA, please email or call the appropriate person directly. Names and numbers are listed in this booklet and on the PTA website.


Volunteering Is Good For Your Health!
National Association of Partners in Education
Volunteering can be good for your health, according to a study conducted by the Institute for the Advancement of Health in New York City. In analyzing responses from more than 1,700 people who were involved regularly in some kind of „helping‟ activity, researchers were surprised to find that more than two-thirds of the people reported an experience called „helper‟s calm‟. Described variously as „a high‟-„warmth‟-„increased energy‟-„an increased blood flow‟, the sensation was linked to relief from stress related disorders such as headaches, voice loss, and even pain accompanying lupus and multiple sclerosis. Following the „helping‟ activity, people reported experiencing greater calmness and enhanced self-worth. One woman compared her sense of fitness and well being to what she feels while swimming. Another reported that though her volunteer work leaves her tired, it is the kind of fatigue one experiences after a good game of tennis! Writing in the journal Psychology Today, Alan Luks, executive director of the Institute for the Advancement of Health, speculated that the increased strength and high may result from the release of endorphins, the body‟s natural pain reducing chemicals. Psychologist Jack Penksepp of Bowling Green State University, who has been studying social and emotional processes in animals, with a special emphasis on altruism, concludes that, “It is just about proven that it is our own natural opiates, the endorphins, that produce the good feelings that arise during social contact with others.” Harvard cardiologist Herbert Benson, who is known for his work on the relaxation response, suggests that altruism works the same way as do yoga, spirituality, and meditation, helping the person to “forget oneself, experience decreased metabolic rates, bood pressure, and heart rate.” Interestingly, Luks observed the same pleasure doesn‟t seem to happen from donating money, no matter how good the cause, or from volunteering without close personal contact. Said Luks, “Taking time to help, then, may be a basic step to protect health. Stress assaults us.” 70% of Americans say there is a lot or some stress in their lives. Yet only 25% volunteer regularly of those who don‟t say they are too busy or don‟t want to neglect important responsibilities. The health benefits they are passing up may be only part of their loss. At this early stage of altruism research, all those selfless people seem to have found ways into a wonderful glow.


Committee Descriptions
Elected Officers President: Ensures the general operations of the local unit conform to State and Local PTA standards, and provides support to individual committees. Vice President: Supports the President in all activities, serves as PTA contact for PTA Representatives, and provides support to individual committees. Treasurer: Maintains accurate records of financial transactions and conducts financial business on behalf of the organization. Oversees the adopted budget, ensuring that expenses fall within budgeted amounts. Secretary: Records & publishes minutes of meetings and other PTA proceedings. Prepares PTA correspondence. Purchases office supplies for the PTA & is contact for PTA copier needs. Committees Art Displays: Work with the art teacher in arranging ongoing changes to the many bulletin boards throughout the school. No art expertise necessary! Arts in the Schools: Parent volunteers provide monthly art enrichment program to the classrooms. August Volunteers: Organizes the stuffing of First Day Folders & volunteers coming to school the last week in August to clean, organize & spruce up at school. Book Fairs: Work on Fall and Spring Book Fairs. Book Swap: Collect new and gently used books from GBW students and faculty for a one day book swap. Cafeteria: Help make lunchtime a pleasant experience for all! Carnival: Fun filled Spring day for the GBW community, complete with games, activities, food, entertainment & more! 50/50 Carnival Raffle: Puts together, distributes and coordinates 50/50 raffle for the Spring Carnival. Challenge 24 Club: Works with teachers to oversee before school math club activities. Chess Club: Help with meetings held once a week in the cafeteria. Cultural Arts: Coordinates with teachers & administration to arrange performing artists & curriculum-based cultural assemblies for GBW students. Directory: Compiles an annual directory of names, addresses & e-mail addresses for GBW families. Entertainment Books: Organizes the Entertainment Book fundraiser. Family Fun Activities: The Corn Maize, Spaghetti Dinner and sporting events are examples of the great fun we‟ve had at GBW! Fall Fundraiser: Plans & organizes the fall fundraiser. Foreign Language Experience: Before school foreign language program through the Fairfax Adult Education Dept. Geography Bee: National Geography Bee @ GBW. Grounds: Beautifies the school grounds twice a year along with coordinating upkeep throughout the entire year. Hands on Science: Before school science enrichment program. Teachers are provided leader training & all materials with lesson plans by Hand on Science, Inc. Holiday Shop: Children purchase holiday gifts in the cafeteria without their parents. Honor Roll Bulletin Board: Updates the Honor Roll Bulletin Board in the cafeteria quarterly. Hospitality/Teacher Appreciation: Back to School breakfast for the teachers, Teacher Appreciation Luncheon in May, Teacher Appreciation Week, Honor Roll Reception 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarters. Human Relations: Organizes special recognitions. International Night: Annual International Night featuring GBW families displaying their cultural heritage. Jr. Great Books: Provide interpretive discussion & activities with literature to help all students learn to read for meaning & to think critically. Library: Help out in the library. Lunch Card: Lending students money for lunches, sends notices to parents for reimbursement, collects money and reimburses lunch card. Marquee Messages: Keep the community updated on events at GBW. Membership: Annual PTA membership drive & maintain the GBW PTA membership roster. Odyssey of the Mind: Parent volunteers coach teams of children to develop strategies & use props to solve fun challenges. Original Artworks: Works with the art teacher to place orders for magnets, t-shirts, bags, etc. made with students‟ original artwork.


Panda Gram: Monthly PTA/GBW newsletter. Photographer: Captures memorable moments throughout the school year. Displays photos in lobby & provides pictures to yearbook organizers and Publicity Committee to be used in local newspapers. PTA Representatives: PTA Reps are the liaison between the PTA and the parents in each classroom. Each classroom usually has one or two PTA Room Reps who may split the duties as they choose. Publicity: Works with photographer to submit/write articles & photos about GBW to local papers. Read Across America: Read Across America Day in celebration with Dr. Seuss‟ birthday on or around March 2. Reflections: An arts achievement program for students in literature, musical composition, photograph & visual arts. Retail Fundraisers: Apples for Students, Boxtops for Education, Campbell's Soup Labels Safety: Volunteers in the community apply to serve as “Safe Houses” and display the bold star in their windows, so children have a safe place to go should the need arise. School Packs: Coordinates with teachers to put together grade level school packs for the first day of school. Silent Auction: Coordinates Silent Auction & donations traditionally held in conjunction with another fundraiser. Sixth Grade Social: Evening social event in June with the sixth grade teachers for the “promoted sixth graders.” Sixth Grade Promotion: Promotion ceremony for the sixth grade class includes putting together the 6th grade video, promotion certificates and ceremony programs. Spirit Wear: Sale of t-shirts, sweatshirts, bumper stickers, etc. to foster GBW school spirit. Sully Community Coalition for Safe & Drug Free Youth: Activities such as Red Ribbon Week and FCPD K-9 presentations to prevent alcohol, drug & tobacco use by youth & to promote character development. Talent Show: Technology Coordinator: GBW PTA web site and coordinates other technology related initiatives for the PTA. Veteran's Day Activities: Special events and visitors for Veteran's Day. Volunteers: Communicate with and recruit volunteers for different needs throughout the year. Ways & Means: Gift wrap, Entertainment Books, McDonald‟s Night, Modell‟s Shopping, & Pizza Hut Night. Yearbook: works with art teacher to coordinate photos, layouts & orders for yearbook. Parent Representatives: Serve as parent representatives on committees which meet once a month with teachers & report to PTA as necessary. Cluster VII Parent Advisory Council: County Council of PTA’s: Human Relations: Minority Rep: