b5 is a highly integrated solution for multimedia communications

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                                             Superior video & audio performance makes face-to-face communication easy.
    B5 is a highly integrated solution for
                                               Supports the latest Polycom® Siren14™ audio technology, providing CD quality audio.
    multimedia communications that
                                               Automatic echo and noise suppression with full duplex digital audio technology brings you perfect audio quality.
    supports standard connectivity and
                                               Audio AGC allows different speakers to be heard clearly from different directions.
    offers a rich collection of special
                                               Supports H.264, Maximum Data Rate: up to 2M *
    features. B5 provides high quality
                                               Provides standard 3.5mm earphone and MIC port.
    video and audio performance over
    an IP network.
                                             User friendly operation and features
                                               User friendly easy to use remote control.
    B5 offers a stable, easy-to-use and
                                               Provides multi-language menus.
    price competitive multimedia
                                               Stores up to 400 addresses.
    solution which is ideal for a wide
                                               Supports remote control, telephone control and Web UI.
    variety of applications.

                                             Value-Added System Functions
                                               Supports NAT and Firewall traversal.
                                               Supports PPPoE.
                                               Supports rolling message and title name overlay.
                                               Supports USB camera Plug & Play.

                                             The perfect performance is supported by International Standard compliant design.
                                               Highly integrated, multi-purpose solution.
                                               Superior compatibility, the B5 is fully interoperable with other standard H.323 products.
         DSTMEDIA B5 Specifications

Supported Standard                                          Audio Function                                                         LED Lights
  ITU-T H.323 V4                                              Acoustic Echo Canceller (AEC)                                          Power LED
                                                              Automatic Gain Control (AGC)                                           LAN link LED
Other Supported Standards                                     Automatic Noise Suppression (ANS)                                      Wireless link LED
  H.225, H.245, H.235 AES                                                                                                            USB Camera LED
  H.281 FECC                                                Self-test Feature                                                        System LED
  H.239 (Receive only)                                         IP address conflict warning
  PPPoE                                                        Network status monitoring                                           Data Ports
                                                               Individual audio input monitoring                                     Console: RS232, DB9
Video Protocols                                                Audio mixing output monitoring                                        Camera control: RS232, DB9
   H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.264                                 Audio playback test
                                                               Video color-bar output test                                         PTZ Camera(Optional)
Bandwidth                                                                                                                            Powered by terminal
  64Kbps~768Kbps                                            Caption Display                                                          SONY D31/D100
  2M *                                                        Site name overlay
                                                              Rolling message overlay                                              USB Camera plug and play(Optional)
Video Resolution                                                                                                                     Logitech 5000 pro
   QCIF, FCIF, 2CIF, 4CIF                                   Security Feature                                                         Logitech 4000 pro
   SIF                                                        Encrypted password for Web                                             Logitech notebook
                                                              Ability to disable remote interfaces (Telnet, SNMP, HTTP)
Audio Protocols                                               Password input for the protected conference                          Directory
  G.722, G.711a/u, G.728                                      Support AES Encryption                                                  400 number local directory
  G.722.1 Annex C / Polycom® Siren14™                                                                                                 Speed dial list displaying video buddy list
                                                            Video Inputs
Frame Rates                                                    S-video×1, CVBS×1, USB×1                                            System Management
   12.5fps (64Kbps~320Kbps)                                                                                                          SNMP management
   30fps (384Kbps ~768Kbps)                                 Video Outputs                                                            RS232×1 diagnostic port
                                                               S-Video×1, CVBS×1                                                     Diagnostics and software upgrades via PC, LAN
Video Formats
   PAL/NTSC                                                 Audio Inputs                                                           WEB Management
                                                              Microphone: 3.5mm stereo jack×1                                        Built-in WEB server
Network Protocols and Interface                               Line in: 3.5mm stereo jack×1                                           WEB dial, diagnostics and management
  TCP/IP, DHCP, ARP, Telnet                                                                                                          Communication status statistics
  HTTP Remote Management                                    Audio Outputs
  10/100Mbps Base-T Ethernet, RJ-45 interface                 Speaker: 3.5mm stereo jack×1                                         Fonts Collection
                                                              Lineout: 3.5mm stereo jack×1                                           Supports Multi-language (Chinese/English/Japanese)
Network Features                                                                                                                     TrueType fonts
  QoS                                                       Telephone Port
  Gatekeeper registration                                      Connects directly to the telephone.                                 Power Supply
  Automatic Gatekeeper lookup/registration                     Telephone Audio input/output                                          External power adaptor: 12V DC, 5A
  TCP/UDP fixed-port firewall support                          Supports phone dialing/incoming call ringing                          Adapter Input: 100~240V , 50/60Hz, AC
  Network Address Translation (NAT) support
                                                            Microphone                                                             Environmental Specifications
User Interface                                                Frequency response: 70Hz~16KHz                                         Operating temperature: 0~40°C
  User-friendly graphical interface                           Sensitivity: -46dB±2dB                                                 Operating humidity: 10%~85%
  Handheld infrared remote control                            Output impedance: 100Ω ± 30%                                           Storage temperature: -40°C~70°C
  Built-in Web function, compatible with IE6.0 and above.     Power: 9V phantom power supply (Powered by terminal)                   Storage humidity: 10%~95%

Video Features                                              Other Ports                                                            Physical Characteristics
   Dual Monitors, display local and far-end images            USB 2.0×2, 480Mbps                                                     Dimension: 9.17”/7.28”/1.73” (233mm/185mm/44mm)
   simultaneously.                                            LAN: RJ-45×1, 10/100Mbps BASE-T                                        Pedestal: 8.94”/3.15”/1.18” (227mm/80mm/30mm)
   Dual monitor simulation                                    RS232: DB9×2
   Picture In Picture (PIP)                                   POTS: RJ-11×1                                                        Stability
   16:9 display                                               Power: 12V DC, 5A                                                       MTBF (hours) >50,000
   10 local / far-end camera presets                          Switch: SW1, On IR receiver on
   Far-End Camera Control (FECC)                                          Off IR receiver bypassed                                 Warranty
                                                                      SW2, On Microphone input                                       One-year Video Codec
                                                                          Off Headphone input
                                                                                                                                   *: 2M Optional, for all video protocols
     DSTMEDIA Technology Co., Ltd.
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                                                                       DSTMEDIA Co., Ltd.
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                                                                       Features and specifications are subject to change without notice.

                                                                                                                                                                      Rev.    18 / 12 / 2006

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