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This is the very finest product of its type on the market. These stands are unmatched for stability, quality of construction, functionality, versatility, and instrument protection. They offer features found on no other stand. There is simply no substitute. The secret of the design is the unique Bull Horn head and the extra wide base. The stands are constructed of very heavy anodized aluminum, and the hardware is the sturdiest available. If you value your instrument, remember that a SaxRax stand is far cheaper than a trip to the repair shop! Saxrax stands are a completely new design by my good friend, John Cook of East Coast Winds in London, England. John designed these stands to support your instrument securely, even on bouncy stages! The modular design allows you to mix and match components for your individual stage setup. Saxrax stands are TIG welded, not spot or tack welded, of heavy wall anodized aluminum tubing. The Bullhorn head is MIG welded, made of heavy steel rod, and covered with expanded rubber tubing. The hinge bracket is made from 2mm thick powder coated steel, and riveted with steel (not aluminum!) rivets.

ALTO/TENOR LOW This stand is the same height as other saxophone stands and is best used when the horn is being used from a sitting position. Multiple stands can be attached. Saxrax Low Alto/Tenor stand 180 Joiner (attaches two stands) $119.00 $ 27.00

ALTO/TENOR HIGH If you generally play standing, this is the one for you! It’s about 100mm taller than other stands on the market, so your horn is easier to reach. Multiple stands can be attached. Saxrax Alto/Tenor high stand $129.00

BARITONE At last! A truly stable bari stand. This has become the best seller of the line, and fits both low Bb and low A models. The baritone stand may also be joined to the high or low alto/tenor stand by means of the 180 Joiner, sold separately. A bass saxophone stand of similar design and construction is also available. Saxrax Baritone Sax Stand Saxrax Bass Sax Stand $189.00 $199.00

SOPRANO The problem has always been finding a soprano stand that grips tightly. The unique pig tail design of the SaxRax soprano stand solves this problem once and for all! Saxrax Soprano Peg $55.00 (includes stem adapter)

STAGE BAG Here’s a place to keep your cell phone, reeds, cocktails, and medications conveniently under your SaxRax stand. Fully waterproof, with a heavy duty zipper closure. Specify high or low Saxrax stand Saxrax Stage bag $60.00


The SaxRax duffle not only holds your Saxrax and accessories, but after sound check, it allows you to cover your instrument while it is on stage! Saxrax Stage Duffle $50.00

SET LIST STAND Duh! Tired of taping your set list to the floor? Get your list up where you can actually see it with our set list holder. Adapts to any SaxRax. Saxrax Setlist Holder $55.00 (includes stem adapter)

CLARINET/FLUTE PEG This system swivels and allows you to put your doubling instruments in the best possible position for your playing style. The set comes with stem adapter and two pegs. Saxrax Double Peg Kit $89.00

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