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ne purpose of elementary school is to prompt growth in students through a variety of educational experiences. By participating in the band program, your child will learn to play a musical instrument, a skill that will provide a lifelong source of learning, appreciation, and enjoyment. During the first two weeks of the school year, the Ames band specialists will present an instrument demonstration at each elementary building during the school day. Fifth grade students will have the opportunity to learn about the band program and explore band instruments under the trained supervision of the Ames band specialists.

Instrument Selection
• Band specialists in Ames have years of experience and are trained to react to your child’s special needs. • Physical characteristics and capabilities are essential factors to consider in matching students with band instruments. • When the above aspects are considered, the student will have a more positive experience and a greater chance of future success.

Instrument Demonstration
• The band specialists will discuss the organization and structure of the band program. • Students will observe the band specialists demonstrate instruments, and will learn how sounds and pitches are produced on each instrument. • The students will be given a “guided tour” of the instruments on display, and specialists will help them match instruments, capabilities, and interests. • Students will receive an enrollment form from their teacher to be completed, signed by parents, and returned to school as soon as possible.

Ames Elementary Band Instructors Paul Tallman and Tascha Hauber

Instrument Acquisition
• Music Stores - Rental programs are the most effective way to acquire beginning band instruments. Rental instruments are in good condition, and the instruments can be insured. Please check to verify that the instrument you are renting is one of the instruments listed below on the Ames Band Staff Instrument Recommendations. • Used Instruments - Used instruments purchased through a reputable music store do not need to be checked by an Ames band teacher. Instruments from other sources must be checked by a member of the Ames band staff two weeks before the first lesson. • Internet - Contact your teacher regarding reputable internet sources. • School-owned Instruments - The only instruments available are French horns, baritones/euphoniums, and tubas. A yearly rental fee is charged. These instruments are provided to students who are best suited to play them, and are willing to commit to a full year of playing.

Lesson Books
Lesson books must be purchased and brought with instruments to the first lesson. The required book for all instruments is: Standard of Excellence, Book One

Music Stand
We strongly recommend that you purchase a music stand for use while practicing at home. This will help establish a habit of correct posture while practicing.

We look forward to introducing your child to a memorable musical experience. Mr. Paul Tallman Fellows/Meeker/Mitchell Elementary Schools 239-3765 EMail: Mrs. Tascha Hauber Sawyer/Edwards Elementary Schools 239-3790 EMail:

Please plan to attend the 5th Grade Band informational meeting on Thursday, August 27 at 7:00 P.M. in the AHS Cafeteria/Commons. AMES BAND STAFF INSTRUMENT RECOMMENDATIONS 2009-2010
FLUTE Yamaha YFL200AD Yamaha – YFL 221 Gemeinhardt – 2SP CLARINET Yamaha YCL200AD Yamaha – YCL 250 Selmer – CL 300/301 ALTO SAXOPHONE Yamaha YAS200AD Yamaha – YAS 23 TROMBONE Yamaha – YSL 354 Yamaha YTR200AD Bach – TB 301 or TB 300

TRUMPET PERCUSSION (Snare & Bell Kit) Bach – TR 300 Ludwig – LE 2483R Yamaha – YTR 2335 Pearl –PL 800 C Yamaha YTR200AD Ames Band Staff Accessory Recommendations:

Flute: a cotton hankerchief or a 15”x8” piece of lint free cloth for swabbing the instrument, pencil. Clarinet: box of 10 Rico 22 reeds, a Hodge or GEM swab, chapstick-style cork grease, Claricord neckstrap if student has small hands, pencil. Saxophone: box of 10 Rico 22 reeds, a Hodge or GEM swab, American neckstrap and chapstick-style cork grease, pencil. Trumpet: Al Cass or Blue Juice Valve Oil, a wash cloth size rag for emptying waterkey, pencil. Horn: Rotary Valve Oil, a wash cloth size rag for emptying waterkey, pencil. Trombone: Conn or Bach slide cream or Rapid Comfort slide lubricant and a small superslick spray bottle, a soft cotton cloth to wipe the slide and a wash cloth size rag for emptying waterkey, pencil. Euphonium & Tuba: Al Cass or Blue Juice Valve Oil, a wash cloth size rag for emptying waterkey, pencil. SmartMusic is a computer-based program that all students/instruments can use. Visit to learn about it.

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